Crop Circles And Pizza Pies

Friday, 01.04.08

Well by now you have probably already found out that last night the big winners in Iowa were Obama and Huckabee.

Surprising? To some, perhaps, but maybe not to others. I personally wasn’t surprised with Obama’s win, but more so with the fact that that Hillary came in third. If anything, with an Obama win, I would have figured she would have come in a very close second. But she didn’t. Will this trend continue? We won’t have to wait long, as the New Hampshire Primaries are just around the corner!

Since I am not a political expert, I won’t spend any more time rehashing last night’s results. Instead, let’s check in with someone who is an expert, shall we? John’s recap, entitled “From Iowa to New Hampshire”, can be viewed here.

He was on “American Morning” today with John Roberts. Umm.. like, when did he sleep?? Did he have a little cot under a desk somewhere to catch some zzz’s?? Or maybe he pulled an all-nighter, who knows? How and when John King finds time to sleep is as mysterioso as the formation of crop circles – he’s there the next morning, and you’re just left scratching your head wondering how he managed to pull it off! lol!

But anywho, here is is talking to Roberts this morning:




Even though New Hampshire is still a few days away, I am taking orders for the grub we’ll be munching on throughout the event. Last night’s fare was popcorn, and next up on the menu is pizza. Send me your orders and I will make sure they get delivered there on time!! (I’ve already got Mebz’s and AC’s requests).


And to all the Anderfans out there, no, he won’t be making the deliveries that night. He’ll be too busy manipulating simulated pizza pies at the election center in NY.

Happy Friday to all!



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7 responses to “Crop Circles And Pizza Pies

  1. I saw John on American Morning, and said to my mom, “he must be a very tired man.” John is like the energizer bunny, he keeps going and going and going…LOL!!!

    Now since I didn’t really watch CNN last nite, I am hoping John will be on 360 tonight to give a recap of what went down last nite.

    So what you’re trying to tell me Millie, is that Anderson will not personally come to my home and deliver my pizza??? I thought he was CNN’s resident pizza delivery boy…lol!!! He sure looked like one last nite.

  2. Katie

    I only got to catch the tail end of the caucus coverage last night, but the pizza thing was hilarious. I can’t believe that this is only the beginning of election season. All of the reporters looked totally exhausted. I bet some of them were disappointed that there was less of that lag between Iowa and New Hampshire that John was talking about.

    Darn, and I thought that I was going to get a pizza from Anderson Cooper and it was only going to be ten dollars because that was all that John was handing him… I even missed seeing the infamous pie chart, lol. 🙂

  3. Katie

    Oh, and (I forgot this part) was it just me or was that a new tie last night?

  4. I am very dissapointed that Anderson will not be personally deliving my pizza to my house. I wanted to invite him in for some dessert. I think I need the naughty chair now…lol!!! 😆

  5. mebz72

    AC, I see that we are back to “liking” Anderson again.

  6. That would be correct Millie, we are back to liking Anderson. As long as no breaking news happens I like him. Actually I kind of feel bad for how mean I was to him on my LJ. I should have been nicer to him. So because of that post where I tore him apart for his coverage of the assisnation of Ms.Bhutto, I have made a new year’s resolution to be much much much nicer to him.

  7. mattie

    Did you see the news of Johns engagement to Dana Bash on Huffington Post, and TV Newser. Congrats to them

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