Next Up At Bat: New Hamspire

Monday, 10.07.08

It goes without saying that tomorrow will be another important milestone in the race for the presidency. If Iowa’s results had not been such a surprise, then maybe what happens tomorrow in New Hampshire wouldn’t be so intriguing at this point. It is certainly interesting to see what will develop after the final counts are in, especially if certain candidates drop out after these early election indicators.

Did you catch this weekend’s ballot bowl? I got to see a few snippets, and I really liked watching the candidates interact for the cameras in this manner. However, was this novel presentation of information (along with all the other events and debates going on over the weekend) enough to sway voters one way or another?

John and Bill Schneider had an interesting discussion about how the poll numbers have changed in just a few days. Interestingly, Obama is picking up additional support in this home stretch to the NH primaries.

John hosted live from Portsmouth during the bowl.


Here is is talking about the poll numbers with Schneider:


And here are the poll number fluctuations they discussed:



Interesting that even over a span of a few days, the numbers have shifted, even if ever so slightly. A few points (in any direction) can make a huge difference when the race is so tight as it is at this point. Of course anything can still happen, but the raw data is nonetheless worth looking over.

And now, on to a bit of non-election news…

Some of you might know that there has been news in recent days that John is engaged to be married to to Dana Bash. We at johnthenewsking have pledged not to get into John’s personal life; however we did want to acknowledge that their upcoming plans have been announced, and as always, we wish John and Dana the best!



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26 responses to “Next Up At Bat: New Hamspire

  1. I am actually going to try and pay attention to CNN’s coverage of the New Hampshire Pirmary. I got to see like a few seconds of the ballot bowl. Poor John, the man is going to turn into a human popsicle. He’s always outside in the freezing cold.

    Congratulations to John and Dana!!! I wish them all the best and hope they have a very happy life together.

  2. mebz72

    Millie, I’m proud of you.

  3. Millie

    Hi ladies! Hope all is well in your necks of the woods… see you soon for the pizza party!

  4. Well I want to know who is delivering my pizza since Mebz says Anderson is too “busy” lol!!! Will John be delivering my pizza??? I would be happy if he delivered it.

  5. mebz72

    Hm? Who won’t be busy that night? Lou Dobbs? Would Lou Dobbs be alright, AC?

  6. No no no. Lou Dobbs is not alright. That man drives me nuts. Well if Anderson and John are too “busy” to deliver my pizza how about Glenn Beck??? He’s better than Lou Dobbs. Besides it mught be interesing to have a conversation with Glenn Beck.

    I am still dissapointed however that Anderson will not be delivering my pizza…lol!!!

  7. Forget Glenn Beck, I thought of someone I actually like. Dr.Drew Pinksy. Not only is he hott, he is very intelligent and I always like to hear what he has to say.

    Is it bad that I like pale skinny guys with gray hair??? LOL!!!

  8. Millie

    ok, ok…. AC, now calm down there a bit. Whew! Guess what, I might have a little surprise for you tomorrow so be on the lookout!! lol!

    I really don’t care much for Lou Dobbs except for one issue I appreciate he stands up for: The Compean-Ramos border patrol case. That incident happened literally 1-2 miles away from the rural farmhouse I grew up in, right along the US-Mexico border near my hometown of Fabens, Texas. Here is some background on the case:

    I disagree with Lou most of the time, and normally I think he’s way too opinionated to deliver the news, but this is the one exception where he has my support on the issue.

  9. Millie, thanks for the link. I read it and as much as I hate to say it, I do agree with Lou on this one. That’s just worng. It’s like they’re being punished for doing their jobs.

    YAY a surprise for me tomorrow 😀

  10. mebz72

    Oo, a surprise, what could it be?
    My guesses:

    1. Anderson-shaped pizza
    2. New Hampshire shaped pizza
    3. A puppy.

  11. Millie

    Well let’s see, it is a suprise that BOTH you ladies should enjoy!!!

  12. mebz72

    I knew it. It’s totally a puppy!

  13. Puppy!!! I love puppies 🙂 Althought I wouldn’t mind an Anderson shaped pizza. Mmm…Anderpizza 😆

  14. mebz72

    Perhaps it’s a Anderson shaped puppy! But “Mebz” you say “such a thing does not exist.”
    Oh, contraire!

    Gray hair, blue eyes, I give to you the Anderpuppy!

  15. Millie

    Sorry to disappoint you ladies but the surprise is not a puppy!!!

    Rather, it’s just something Katie and I conspired to put together for everyone participating in the pizza party tomorrow night.

    hehehehehe… *rubs hands together* I love keeping you guys in suspense…

  16. mebz72

    Not a puppy?
    Well, then I’m out of ideas.

  17. Mebz, the Anderpuppy is adorable 😀 That has to be one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen.

    Millie, you have me so curious as to what the surpise is.

    Poor John out in the cold again. Everytime we see he’s outside in some cold area. Anderson is in the cold too, but I am not concerned about him. John is going to turn into a human popsicle…lol 😆

  18. Katie

    It’s definitely not a puppy, but it might be just as cute. 😉

    I just saw John on 360 and no coat + no gloves + no hat = frozen John. I can see their breath, yet the only person who I have seen that is wearing a coat is Randi Kaye and her green creation.

  19. Could 360 be anymore borring??? I don’t get it. I just cannot understand the fasciantion with politics. Yeah Howdy Doody is leaving, but some other clown is taking his place.

    See everyone at the pizza party tomorrow!!! 😀

  20. Not a puppy, but just as cute…now I am curious…lol!!! Someone needs to tell John to dress warmly. We don’t want him getting sick.

  21. mebz72

    I’m afraid I haven’t been able to watch much 360. I’m under a tornado warning right now, so I’ve been watching the radar and I’m afraid to go to sleep.

  22. mebz72

    Ok, watching the repeat.
    John, Anderson, you have proved your point. You are both very manly. Now put on some coats, mabe some gloves!
    Truth be told, I’m not worried for JK, but AC has like, 1% body fat, he can freeze so easily.

  23. Millie

    Yikes!! A tornado warning! I hope you are ok. That’s scary stuff.

  24. Mebz, you are right about AC, he does have like 1% body fat lol!!! I hope everything is OK where you are.

  25. Millie

    Ladies, I think we’ve hit an all-time record for number of comments at johnthenewsking! Whoo hoo!!

  26. YAY!!! We’ve hit a record!!! Go us!!!

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