A Pizza Party Tale

e’re having our first ever primary pizza party! Wow, the final results aren’t even in yet, but it has been an interesting day nonetheless… some amazing things are happening!

Here’s a rundown of what’s been going on so far. Truly incredible stuff. I kid you not.

Time: A few hours before the primaries close

Location: Millie’s place.

Millie is busy setting out the chips, dip, sodas and napkins on her living room coffee table when all of the sudden,

*ding dong*

“Oh! The is pizza here!” thinks Millie to herself. “Wow, they’re a little early, and Mebz, ACAnderfan and Katie haven’t arrived yet, but that’s ok, we can heat everything up later.” She makes a mental note.

She opens the door and is astonished to see a strange-looking figure standing before her.


“Umm, who is this character???” she ponders. “Excuse me one moment, sir” she tells the odd-looking man as she heads to her kitchen.

Millie dials up the pizza parlor.

“Yes, I think there must be some mistake. I ordered some pizzas but the guy who is at my door is, umm.. a cartoon character!” The manager apologizes for the mixup and promises they will send over someone else right away.

30 minutes later……

*ding dong*

Millie heads once again to answer the door.


She feigns a weak smile and quickly retreats back to her kitchen to place another call to the pizza parlor manager. “Ummm… ok, he is bit more realistic, but come on! When are you guys gonna send over a real person with some real pizza!!!”

30 minutes later……

*ding dong*

This time, a more familiar face shows up at the door.


“Why thank you, Lou, I’m honored you stopped by to personally deliver the pizzas for our Primary Party!”, Millie exclaims. She is soon perplexed when she realizes he did not bring everything that was ordered. “You know, we also requested some breadsticks and cheezybites… boy, you guys have really messed things up. Sorry, but I’m calling Pizza Hut instead. Maybe THEY will get it right.”

Millie heads back to her kitchen to place another call. “This is getting ridiculous” she mulls over in her mind. “Three times, they send someone over, and three times they screw it up!”

She dials up Pizza Hut in frustration. After placing her order, they promise the pizzas will be delivered in under an hour.

45 minutes later…

The phone rings.

It’s ACAnderfan. “Hey Mille, I’m on my way, should be there in about 15 minu-” The conversation is suddenly interrupted.

*ding dong*

“Excuse me AC, pizza’s here, just a sec. Don’t hang up,” Millie says into the receiver and walks to the door.


Holy cow! Millie passes out cold. The phone falls from her grip and plops to the ground. ACAnderfan hears the mysterious thud while still waiting on the other end of the line.

“Millie??? Hello Millie?? Hello????” Panicking because she does not get any response, ACAnderfan dashes to her car and high-tails it over to Millie’s place to make sure everything is ok.

When she arrives, she is astonished to see Millie passed out in her doorway and John bent over her head, slapping her face over and over in order to revive her.

Luckily, John’s fast actions help Millie recover from her fainting spell rather quickly, but in the process the pizza box slips out his hands and the entire pie lands face down all over the carpeted floor.

John looks down to what was once a perfect pie, stammers and apologizes for the mishap. “Sorry ladies… let me send out a text message out for a backup delivery… Excuse me one moment.” He scurries outside.

While he is busy working his blackberry, Millie and ACAnderfan stare at each other in disbelief and quickly decide they must call up Mebz and Katie to come on over, pronto! They weren’t due for another hour, but Millie and ACAnderfan know both ladies would arrive in a heartbeat once they learn who just showed up to deliver the pizzas.

John returns back to the door, apologizes again, and says he is sorry for the inconvenience. He tells Millie and ACAnderfan that Pizza Hut will deliver a new pizza order free of charge and that they will pick up the tab for steam cleaning the carpet.

He hops on his bike and speeds away.


In the meantime, Millie and ACAnderfan compose themselves and call up Mebz and Katie, letting them know what just happened. They also call Joan, Jeanne, and JeanneMarie. Everyone is astounded!!!

Sure enough, Mebz and Katie show up in no time… they ooh and ahh over the pizza stain on the carpet. They cannot believe the story that is recounted to them!

Millie, ACAnderfan , Mebz and Katie head on over to the TV room, sit down and begin munching on the chips. They eagerly start discussing what they think will happen during the primaries.

Their chatter suddenly comes to a grinding halt.

*ding dong*

Mebz rushes to the door….





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103 responses to “A Pizza Party Tale

  1. Millie, I did not realize so much excitement was going on before our pizza party. How is your head from passing out??? Is it hurting you at all??? Do you need an ice pack???

    I see that Mebz gets to Answer the door when Mr.Cooper shows up with the pizza. I am gald it is to be continured though…lol

  2. mebz72

    Now I’m crying! That completely made my morning! I’m glad that I survived the storms last night, it would have been horrible to die before reading this. My favorite part was me and Katie oohing and ahhing over the pizza stain.
    This is going to be the greatest primary ever!

  3. Mebz, I am glad you survived the nite and that everything is OK. Who knew a pizza stain could be so interesting…lol

  4. katiechan

    I finally got one of these so I can have a cool pic like you guys…
    So glad you’re ok Mebz.

    But, AC, it was made by John! That would make ANYTHING interesting!

  5. Millie

    Mebz I hope you mean you are crying with laughter!!!!

    Thanks AC, the icepack you made for me helps me feel much better. But my face is still feeling a little stingy from all the slapping around it received.

  6. Katie

    OMG Millie, I loved it! I was laughing the whole time.

  7. mebz72

    Thanks for the good wishes. My area of Missouri came through okay. Yes, Millie, I was crying with laughter.
    May I just say, I don’t think Anderson “GQ” Cooper, would be caught dead in those pants.

  8. Millie

    You know, anyone reading this story who did not see yeterday’s comment thread would think we are totally off our rockers!!!!

    Mebz, I didn’t select Anderson’s delivery outfit. That was Katie’s fine work. She was also responsible for the dashing picture of John. I can only take credit myself for outfitting Lou Dobbs.

    So ladies, shall we head back to the living room and turn on my 60″ HD Plasma TV so we can watch the results on CNNHD?

  9. I like Mr.Cooper’s pizza delivery outfit. He looks cute. Good work, Katie!!!

    Mille, since your face is still stinging from being slapped maybe John needs to kiss it and make it better…LOL!!!

  10. katiechan

    Thanks AC, it was fun.

    I picked that guy for Anderson because he was the only pizza guy that was skinny enough….

  11. Anderson is not as skinny as he looks. Back in May when I met him, I had my picture taken with him and I had my arm around HIS waist and he was not as skinny as he looked on TV. But I do love the pizza guy you picked for Anderson, Katie πŸ˜€

  12. katiechan

    Thanks again! I wasn’t totally happy with Anderson’s head, but it’s hard to find a shot with a lot of neck that would have worked for this.

  13. katiechan

    Wait! You met Anderson ?!?!?! You are so lucky!

  14. Yes, on May 19,2007 I met Anderson at his Atlant book singing and I had my picture taken with him as well.

    Here’s my LJ entry about meeting him:

  15. katiechan

    I am SO in awe of you. I probably would have been to scared to touch him!

  16. I wasn’t scared at all. I was quiet excited. Anderson has a way of making you feel very calm and relaxed. I have the pic of me and him in my photobucket, if you ever want to see it I can e-mail it to you. I put my arm around him before he even said hi to me…lol!!! I think my mind was telling me to go for it. I mean when am I ever going to get the chance to touch him again??? lol!!!

  17. Millie

    Hi ladies! Well, in a little more than half an hour we’ll be getting some results in. Is everyone comfortable? Can I serve anyone a drink at the moment?

  18. Millie, what happend to the diet coke??? And what about pizza delivery boy Anderson??? What’s going on with him???

  19. Millie

    One diet coke, coming right up. Will that be with or without ice?

    You will have to wait till tomorrow’s blog to find out what happened to “delivery boy” Anderson!!!

  20. Without ice, please.

    Tomorrow is so far away. However I cannot wait to find out what will happen with delivery boy Anderson.

  21. I am actually watching the New Hampshire coverage. Don’t aks me what they are talking about though. Mr.Cooper’s handsomeness is far to distracting…lol!!!

  22. Millie

    10% of the precincts are in, and Hillary has just a 2% lead over Obama.

    Where’s Mebz? Has she not returned from answering the door?

  23. katiechan

    I liked John’s screen/toy thing. Wow, the Democratic race is going to be close…

  24. Millie

    Cute Avatar Katie!!

    Hmmm… maybe Mebz has run off with the pizza boy??

  25. Well she had better not run off with pizza boy Anderson…he’s MINE…LOL!!! She can have pizza boy John…lol!!!

    I don’t particulary like Hilary but she is better than Obama so I hope she wins over him.

  26. Millie

    Mebz? Mebz??? Where are you? Oh my gosh, maybe she is passed out at the door after seeing Anderson!!! I shall go check on her!

  27. Millie make sure you tell her Anderson is mine. I will share anything but him lol πŸ˜†

  28. Millie

    No, I just checked… she is not at the door. No trace of her. No trace of Anderson either. Well, duh, of course, he had to make it back to the Election Center after he came by to deliver the pizzas.

    But where is Mebz?????????

  29. I bet Mebz is hiding out in his CNN office πŸ˜†

  30. mebz72

    I’m here, I’m here! I had to run off an actually real-life man from my house. It’s almost like he didn’t realize I would rather spend my time talking to my Internet friend.
    He’s gone now, I’m all yours.
    Warning. I just finished my 3rd beer. I’m a little loopy.

  31. Millie

    Yay! Mebz is here!!!!

  32. mebz72

    Let the party begin!

    Does anyone think that McCain’s wife has had some work? That color hair only comes from a bottle.

  33. mebz72

    OH and AC, thanks for rubbing in the whole “I’ve had my arm around Anderson” thing. πŸ™‚

  34. Millie

    I’m only listening to the audio stream on my ‘puter, so I can’t see anything. What is up with her hair? Details please!

  35. Millie

    OMG in his victory speech McCain keeps saying “Warshington” instead of Washington!!!!

  36. mebz72

    Her hair is insanely blond.

  37. Millie

    All right ladies, I’m heading to the fridge. What drinks can I get you? Another beer Mebz?

  38. mebz72

    Why is McCain still talking….

  39. mebz72

    Gin and Tonic?

  40. mebz72

    Nothing like drunk blogging to make a girl feel embarrassed the next day. I take no responsibility for spelling and/or political correctness.
    I’m always worried when John McCain says “My Friends”

  41. Millie

    Coming right up! McCain’s voice somehow reminds me of that Baz Lehrman song where the guy is dispenseing advice to graduates about wearing sunscreen.

  42. mebz72

    I want one of those smart board thingys that John’s playing with.

  43. mebz72

    JK is sporting a very pretty tie.

  44. Millie

    Well Christmas is over so you’ll just have to ask Santa for a smart board next year! What happened to ACAnderfan and Katie??? I sent them out over an hour ago to get some more ice and they still haven’t returned!

  45. mebz72

    But who could possibly come over and teach me how to use it? hmmmm

  46. mebz72

    Ron Paul is kinda creeping my out right now
    AC and Katie have obviously gone to the pizza parlor and ordered in.

  47. I am back. On the way to get the ice I ran into Anderson, and let’s just say somehow we ended up in the naughty chair…LOL!!!

    Mebz, sorry to birng up that I have had my arm around Anderson.

  48. Millie

    Why is RP creeping you out Mebz? AC, so you just abandoned Katie for Anderson?? Didn’t you tell her to return with the ice before it melts??

    So Katie is AWOL now. Goodness. First Mebz then AC and now her. Just keeping track of you ladies during a party is a logisitical nightmare.

    Next time, I’ll just go get the ice myself.

  49. mebz72

    This is nothing, wait until tomorrow morning, when you have to kick us out of your house!

    Katie! My gin and tonic is getting warm. Where are you?

  50. mebz72

    JK is back to playin with his map…

  51. Yes Millie,I abandoned Kaite for Anderson. He was there and said something about gonig back to his hotel room….and I’ll just leave it at that…:lol:

  52. JK is looking very good in HD. I didn’t watch the Iowa one in HD. I should have though…

  53. mebz72

    AC, how much have you been drinking?

  54. Um…I don’t know. Anderson and I had some wine at his hotel room. Why do you wonder how much I have been drinking??? lol

  55. mebz72

    Oh I don’t know, drinking, a sharp blow to the head, either one.

  56. Millie

    The question is, Mebz, how much have YOU been drinking? I’m feeling just jolly on my 4th can of Dr. Depper.

  57. Did Kaite ever come back??? Maybe I shouldn’t have left her when Anderson showed up…

  58. mebz72

    What are you implying, Millie? I haven’t even begun to embarrass myself yet!

  59. mebz72

    Remind me to always have cab fare, when going out with AC. ‘Cause if Anderson shows up, AC is kicking our asses to the curb!

    If I have to hear John Edwards tell me this same story about the girl who died because the insurance company didn’t pay, I’m going to shoot something.

  60. mebz72

    Is that James Denton, behind him?

  61. I love you girls, but Mebz is right. If Anderson shows up you asses are kicked to the curb…LOL!!! πŸ˜†

    I too am sick of John Edwards talking about the girl dying because her insurance did not pay.

  62. I am off to bed now. I am sleepy and I think I am geting a cold. I’ll check back here in the morning and see what I missed.

    Good Nite πŸ˜€

  63. mebz72

    I’m tired too. I think I’m going to go to bed as well.
    Aw, JK couldn’t get the board to work, that was cute.
    Man, I’m tired, my judgment is wacky.

  64. Millie

    Good night ladies……..

  65. Katie

    Awww, you all left? But I got the ice!

  66. mebz72

    *Wakes up and steps over beer bottles, day-old pizza boxes and the sleeping bodies of Mille, AC and Katie*

    Man! What a party! I can’t wait until Super-Duper Tuesday.

  67. Kite, I apologize for abandoning you when we went to get the ice. I just couldn’t help myself. You saw the way Anderson was standing there and then he asked me to go back to his hotel room…how could I say no??? LOL!!! πŸ˜†

  68. katiechan

    That’s ok. I probably would have done the same thing if it was John. πŸ˜€

  69. Kaite, I am glad you’re not mad at me. I did not mean to abandon you. By the way I like your avatar, it’s cute πŸ˜€

  70. katiechan

    It’s fine! I mean the way he was looking at you, lol…

    Thanks, the avatar was an idea that had been floating around in my head for a while.

  71. Yeah the way he was looking at me…I could tell he wanted me…LMAO!!! SO I gave in and went back to his hotel room with him. Let’s just say that I had to spend some time in the naughty chair after what he and I did last nite πŸ˜†

  72. mebz72

    AC, Katie, I STOPPED drinking last night. Maybe you should try it. lol πŸ˜€

  73. Are you bragging Mebz??? LOL!!! I stopped drinking last nite too, but I’m not so sure about Katie.

  74. katiechan

    I don’t drink… And AC started it! :p

  75. mebz72

    Now, now girls. I know it’s easy to get swept up in the fantasy Anderworld but…
    I’m just upset that AC would pick Anderson over us. 😦

  76. mebz72

    Now, now girls. I know it’s easy to get swept up in the fantasy Anderworld but…
    I’m just upset that AC would pick Anderson over us. 😦

  77. Mebz, I am sorry that me picking Anderson over you girls is upsetting. I did not mean to upset you. Next time Anderson wants me to go back to his hotel room with him I will tell him no.

    Katie, I did not start it, you did…:lol:

  78. mebz72

    Where’s Millie at? Did anyboby wake her up?

  79. katiechan

    Hmmmm… maybe she’s trying to hunt down pizza guy Anderson to write the continuation. I hope she comes back soon.

  80. mebz72

    This is Millie we’re talking about, She’s hunting down pizza guy John.

    Just a thought, we could also have pizza guy Michael Ware, but it would be very cold by the time he flew in from Australia.

  81. Millie gets Pizza boy John, I get pizza boy Anderson. I guess Mebz can have pizza boy Lou Dobbs…LOL!!! Katie who would you like as your pizza boy.

    Pizza boy Michael Ware would be cool, but I think you are right Mebz, it would be cold by the time he got here πŸ˜†

  82. katiechan

    I want…..hmmm…….. Can I share with Millie? πŸ˜€

  83. Millie

    Here I am! Whew! You would not believe the day I had! After waking up with a Dr. Pepper hangover, I realized that somehow overnight gremlins overtook my computer!! Can you believe that I could not boot anything up until just a few minutes ago??

    I was panicking that I would not be able to get into my files, but luckily everything is now back to normal.

    It was a scare I had today!!

  84. katiechan

    That is scary, glad you fixed it!

    So, will you share pizza guy John?

  85. Millie

    I’m like a two year old when it comes to sharing. My vocabulary consists of two words: “no!” and “mine!”

  86. Millie, I am the same way about sharing…LOL!!!

  87. katiechan

    Ooooh, that hurts me deep inside my little heart Millie. πŸ™‚

  88. Kaite, maybe Mebz, will share pizza boy Lou Dobbs with you

  89. mebz72

    I’ll do more then share with you Katie, I will let you have ALL of Lou Dobbs. He’s yours. I’ll hang out with Mick Ware and the cold pizza or the door-to-door terrorism analyst Peter Bergen. (Do you hear that Jodi?)

  90. mebz72

    By the way, we totally have to break the 100 comments mark on this post! We can do it.

  91. Millie

    Man, Mebz, I was just thinking the same thing about reaching the 100-comments mark. A new milestone for johnthenesking!

    BTW, come back tomorrow for the conclusion of “A Pizza Party Tale”

  92. mebz72

    I can hardly wait for part II. What will happen? Does pizza boy Anderson use Mebz as a human shield against AC? Does Lou Dobbs start raving about illegal immigrants and the neighbors have to call the cops? Is there jello wrestling? The possibilities are endless.

  93. Mebz, I must say you have a very active imagination. Oh and if pizza boy Anderson usues you as a shield against me…yeah it won’t be pretty…LOL!!!

    Now Mebz, I know you are bing nice by giving all of Lou Dobbs, but have you considered his feelings??? Maybe he wants to spend some “quality” time with you πŸ˜‰

  94. mebz72

    Well, when you put it like that… NO, still not going to happen. His flesh-colored hair creeps me out.

  95. Now Mebz, you are being harsh. Now when I ditched Katie so I could go with Anderson back to his hotel room he told me something. I am not supposed to tell you this, but I am gonig to anyway. Anderson told me that Lou Dobbs is sipmly in love with you and would like to take youb ack to his hotel room sometime. Will you reconsider now that you know that??? And if you ever do go back to Lou Dobbs hotel room with him I hope you have as much fun as Anderson and I did πŸ˜†

  96. mebz72

    AC, I hate you. πŸ™‚

    I feel so dirty right now.

  97. Mebz, does the thought of you being in Lou Dobbs room make you feel like you need a cold shower??? LOL!!! πŸ˜†

    And it’s not my fault you feel dirty just at the thought of being in a hotel room with Lou Dobbs πŸ™‚

  98. mebz72

    *sticks fingers in ears*
    not listening

  99. *yells over Mebz’s LA LA LA LA LA LA* Don’t blame me. Blame Anderson. He’s the one who said Lou Dobbs wanted to take you back to his hotel room.

    One more post and we’ve hit 100!!!

  100. Millie

    Ok I am hitting this one over the top… 100 comments!!!

    Ladies, your imagination is really working overdrive at the moment. try to tone it down, will ya??? LOL!!!

    Still working on the draft for part two, it should be finished sometime later this evening. I promise I won’t dissapoint.

  101. mebz72

    *throws confetti*
    100+ comments Woo Hoo

  102. I just saw John on TSR and he was looking very good. At least he isn’t going to turn into a human popsicle in South Carolina. We also got some giggle out of him… πŸ˜†

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