A Pizza Party Tale – The Aftermath

Thursday, 10.08.08

Well, the New Hampshire results came and went… and the pizza party is over. It was an interesting night indeed. However, due to the excessive amounts of intoxicating liquids consumed, it seems that everyone turned in early… except for Katie. (More on that later)

To recap, the ladies at one point or another disappeared on me throughout the night! I thought we would all end up hanging out together the whole evening, but noooooo… these women had other things planned. And it seems like the New Hampshire race was one of the last things on their minds!! To find out exactly what I mean, you’ll just have to read their *ahem* comments.

But I digress…

Shortly after meeting pizza delivery boy Anderson at the door, Mebz vanished for several hours… She didn’t resurface until 8:00 in the evening. Upon returning, her official story was, “I had to run off an actually real-life man from my house. It’s almost like he didn’t realize I would rather spend my time talking to my internet friends.”

However, after some careful sleuthing, I discovered that what really happened was, Mebz followed Anderson back to the Election Center studio!

How do I know this, you might ask? Well, while watching the results come in, a certain “something” caught my eye. Fortunately, I had been recording the program to my DVR, so I rewound the program to a suspicious point in time and saw a familiar face peering from the side of the screen. Take a look for yourself:


Don’t see her? Let me draw a white box around the incriminating evidence:


Still don’t see her? Allow me to show an enlargement:


Aha! She thought she could pull a fast one on us, huh? Little did she know I was recording the whole thing and would be able to catch her in the act!

Meanwhile, back at my place, ACAnderfan, Katie and I continued to be amazed at the cheese and tomato stain on the carpet – the only tangible evidence that John had actually delivered us pizza:


Later in the night, Katie also mysteriously disappeared after sending her on a mission with ACAnderfan to get some more ice. ACAnderfan nonchalantly sauntered back in the door just before 9:00 pm. Katie, on the other hand, did not return until midnight… but at that time we had already all been passed out for a few hours!

Now, there is some conflicting information about exactly where ACAnderfan and Katie were throughout the night.

ACAnderfan said, “On the way to get the ice I ran into Anderson, and let’s just say somehow we ended up in the naughty chair”.


I don’t exactly believe her tale, because when she returned at 8:54 to be precise, Anderson Cooper had already been on the air for some time. So her story is a little fishy to me. Still don’t know exactly what was going on there when she originally set out to get the ice.

She did the next day tell us of some pretty wild things happening with Lou Dobbs, but since she is known to have an over-active imagination, I think it is safe to say that her credibility is questionable here. Maybe we will never know what REALLY happened… we probably will never get the whole story out of her. I guess only she and Anderson know the real truth.


As far as Katie’s disappearance is concerned, that also leaves me scratching my head. She did not sneak back into my place until after midnight!! And she never really gave a plausible explanation the day after, either! I have a funny feeling, though, she was going around town chasing down every vehicle that looked similar to this:


Unfortunately, I was never able to capture any evidence of her whereabouts that evening…

Anywho, here is the squalor from my kitchen the morning after:


In addition to having to clean up this sordid mess the next day, I realized I was having some computer problems! It seems that a gremlin or two hacked into my ‘puter overnight and screwed few things up.


I thought my computer had crashed on me, but luckily, after several hours of fiddling around, I finally got things back in place. So alas, it was not until today that I could get around to writing up this little summary to the tale of our first ever primary pizza party.

Will this past Tuesday night’s pizza primary party be repeated?

I don’t know. These ladies just plumb wore me out. Maybe we should host a party at Mebz’s place the next time. Whatcha all think?



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10 responses to “A Pizza Party Tale – The Aftermath

  1. Mebz, let me just say just say that I love the debate conclusion. I knew it would be funny, but I had no idea it would be this funny!!!

    I don’t know why you don’t belive that I was with Anderson. Here is what really happened. I was with Anderson at the CNN election center, but he had me up in his office. He wasn’t on the air the entire time so when he wasn’t on air he was with me in his office.

    And Millie don’t pretened to be so innocent in this whole thing. From what I hear you have invited John back to your place numerous times to “look” at the pizza stain on your carpet…LOL!!!

  2. Millie

    So who squealed that John came back to look at the pizza stain????

  3. I cannot reveal my sources…lol!!!

  4. Millie, exactly how many time has John been back to your place to look at that pizza stain??? I mean from what I’ve heard he’s practically moved in 🙂

  5. Millie

    Never give idle rumors any credence, my dear!

  6. But why is it that everytime I try to go to see the stain he is there???

  7. Millie

    *places index finger over mouth* Shhh… I told you not to say anything…

  8. mebz72

    Oh man, you saw me. I thought I was sneaky.
    AC, I don’t appreciate you slandering my good name with your dirty Lou Dobbs rumors. I have to go take a shower now, excuse me.

  9. katiechan

    Millie where I was that night is something that only John and I know the answer to, lol… Thought you had him all to yourself did ya? 😀

  10. OK OK Millie, I won’t say anything more about John constantly being at your place to view his pizza stain. 😆

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