The Madness Moves To Michigan

Monday, 01.14.08   Posted By: Millie

Well, tomorrow is another big primary day, this time in Michigan. Will there be another pizza party this time around to celebrate the occasion? I don’t think so, because unfortunately… well, unfortunately we are still plumb tuckered out from the events of the last one!!!


Maybe we’ll have to wait on holding our next big shing-ding until the November 4th election…

Tomorrow is Michigan’s turn in the campaign primary spotlight. Because the results from Iowa, Wyoming and New Hampshire left the standings in the race so wide open, Michigan should be another nail-biter. In fact, I get the feeling that every state will be a nail-biter… all the way up to Super-Duper Tuesday next month, when the bigger picture should finally solidify somewhat.

John has been reporting from Michigan in the last few days, covering the candidates as they stump across The Great Lakes State.

Here he is in Grand Rapids, Michigan, among a throng of people awaiting the arrival of Mitt Romney:



We don’t have to go far to get some insider information about the issues at hand in Michigan. Our very own Joan lives in Michigan and she blogged back in October about her state’s economic problems, as well as some of the treasures it has to offer.

You can check out her previous post here.

We’ll have some highlights of the Michigan primaries here at Johnthenewsking as soon as the results come in. Until then, have a great start to your workweek and check back with us later on in the week for posts from our new contributors!




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7 responses to “The Madness Moves To Michigan

  1. mebz72

    I think I’ll be ready for another party come Super Tuesday. Maybe Chinese this time?

  2. Millie

    Hey that sounds interesting! Yeah, we can order some Chinese take-out… problem is, who will the manager of the Chinese place send over as the delivery person????

    But this time, we’ll have to hold it at your place Mebz. I’m still having to clean out bits and pieces of pizza from nooks and crannies I didn’t even know existed!!

  3. Millie

    OMG Mebz I just realized you changed your avatar! Too cute!

    Aha, I know why you changed it – so as not to be readily identifiable in any future screengrabs showing your presence as you hide out in the CNN studios!! hmm??

  4. mebz72

    Maybe by then the pizza delivery boys will have switched jobs to the Chinese takeout place.
    Sure we can have it at my house, easier to hold people captive… err I mean entertain, yeah that’s right.

    I did change my avatar, it’s in honor of the Drunken Monkeys over at Cyn’s Wareabouts. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it. I miss Puss, he was part of me.

  5. Well I am dissapointed that we aren’t having another pizza party. I was looking forward to seeing pizza boy Anderson again.

    Millie, how many times are you going to have John over to look at the pizza stain on your floor??? I think he is over there everyday. The least you could do is get him some knee pads so when he is kneeling down looking at it his knees won’t hurt lol 😆

  6. Millie

    I think we must have scared Johnthepizzaboy and Andersonthepizzaboy off. They probably have my address on their delivery blacklist, lol!

    That’s another reason why I suggested we move the party on over to Mebz’s pad, next time around.

  7. Um…I think pizza boy Anderson has a restraining order against me…so at our next pizza party can I have pizza boy Glenn Beck???

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