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Wednesday, 1.16.08   Posted By: Katie

Hey I’m Katie and I’ll be doing Wednesdays here at johnthenewsking.

John’s quote of the evening: “Can you be on the best political team on television when you keep saying, I don’t know what is going to happen?”

So here we are in Michigan, the fourth event of the 2008 Presidential Election… I can’t believe there are still 46 more. As Millie previously posted, John was in New York reporting from the CNN Election Center.


He started at the interactive board during the Larry King hour, moved to the roundtable during AC360, then joined Wolf Blitzer, Ali Fleichser, and Laura Schwartz for an analysis during the second hour of Larry King.


Mainly, they spoke about the mumble-jumble that the Republican race has turned into. Topics included a campaign money crisis, Romney’s change in attitude, the impact Michigan would have on South Carolina, and the biggest question: What happens next? According to the panel, if there is a different winner in South Carolina, there might not be a clear nominee until the convention.

What stood out most for John was the margin that Gov. Romney won by. Even though Romney is from the state and his family is very well known, McCain took a “trouncing”. He mentioned that Romney was using a new message, one of……wait for it…. change! He went on to say that it would be interesting to see whether Romney would keep up with this message, as he was usually seen a a “Social Conservative”.

Ok, I’ve been TRYING to keep it in until the end of the post but, it wants out! Behold, the eyeroll!


I’m better now. John was on this evening in the 8 p.m. hour with John Roberts to talk about the John McCain campaign. Needless to say, it was a bit of a tongue twister.

We skipped the pizza party this time, but there’s still buzz about the New Hampshire party. One of the most interesting rumors is that pizza guy John has been over to Millie’s house to “look at the pizza stain” several times. These rumors weren’t confirmed, so I didn’t think much of it. So lo and behold, imagine my surprise when I was rewatching the coverage last night and I saw this.


So, Chinese next time?



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6 responses to “Our Map Man

  1. Millie

    Hi Katie, that “thinking bubble” almost made me fall out of my chair because I was laughing so hard!!!

    Welcome to the blogging world of johnthenewsking!!

  2. katiechan

    Thanks, it was fun. Hey, I couldn’t keep it ALL serious. And John thought it, I just found it. 😀

  3. Jeanmarie

    I’m not sure I would be willing to say McCain sustained a “trouncing” here in Michigan. There were so many out of the ordinary factors at play here in Michigan that I’m not sure the results can be really defined. The fact that Romney has ties to Michigan and the fact that the Dems really didn’t have a contest and could cross party lines I think skewed the results. While the results do mean Romney gets the delegates he needs, I’m not sure the result on either side mean alot for national trends or what people really want here in Michigan. We really didn’t have a true primary this year.

    BTW – great first outing Katie.

  4. mebz72

    Hey good job Katie. I love the eye roll pic.

    I just found out that I have a meeting on Super Tuesday! Can you believe that? Its like they don’t recognize it as the holiday it should be. It’s early evening, so I will have to postpone my primary result shenangans until later in the evening.
    You all are still welcome at Chateau-Mebz for an evening of Kung Pao Chicken, egg rolls and fortune cookies. Just try not to break anything until I get home.

  5. Kaite, good job with your first post!!! I was a bad Anderfan and John fan on tuesday. I didn’t watch 360. Too much political coverage for me.

    Good giref Millie, how many times has John been to your house to see that pizza stain??? I mean John was supposed to be at work and he’s thiknig aboput you. LOL!!! I bet Anderson thinks of me when he’s at work too lol!!!

    OK so the super tuesday party will be at Mebz’s house. What ever the next big election day is after that we can have the party at my house.

  6. Millie

    “Chateau-Mebz” hahaha good one.

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