My Fellow Americans

Friday, 1.25.08   Posted By: Mebz

Update (1:24pm) Oh Great Googly-Moogly I found it!! Remember the long lost “John in front of the White House” Daily Show interview? Here it is! It is elusive no more! Gratitude in the form of flowers and jewelry will be accepted.

First things first, this is for Millie, she knows why:

Toothaches are a b**ch!

FYI: Saturday is the Democratic primary in South Carolina, Tuesday is both Florida primaries. My guess is that there will be some special political coverage both nights. But did you know there is a “significant” political event on Monday? It’s the State of the Union-given by, you know, the President we already have. And based on the amount of coverage I’ve seen about it, I can only assume that we as a society have collectively decided that President Bush doesn’t matter all that much anymore. Any other year the SOTU would get top billing. But this isn’t any other year is it? It’s an election year. It doesn’t bother me too much, but I feel sorry for the little man who stands in the back of Congress and yells: “The President of the United States!” I mean, this is his one moment in the spotlight! What does he do the other 364 days of the year? Do they keep him in a closet and only let him out one day in January? I think for his sake, we should all tune in and listen to a man with an excellent health care plan, insurance coverage, ’round the clock security, retirement, housing, and financial future tell us Americans what the state of our union is. No, I’m not bitter…

Where’s Waldo?

As I started working on this post I came to the conclusion that I have about reached my limit of politics. A sad realization to come to when there is still over six months until the conventions. And this is coming from someone who likes a lot of political coverage. Therefore, I just couldn’t bring myself to write about John covering the debate in Florida last night. I will say this: How odd must it be to cover a debate held by another network? So anyway I thought I’d rummage through the archives for a little inspiration and came across some old(er) screen caps and thought I’d share. ‘Cause if there is one thing I learned in Kindergarten it’s that sharing is good. Not sure who they belong to, although I’m guessing Millie and/or Kitten.




You’re welcome.

This last one’s for me. I’ve just started re-reading Peter Bergen’s first book Holy War, Inc. For the fourth time. For those of you who think that any book on Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda can’t be entertaining as well as informative, you would be wrong. I recently read an older interview where Peter said they actually cut some of the more light-hearted travelogue scenes out of the book, directly following 9/11. This kinda bums me out, since those are always my favorite parts. Anywho, even now six years after 9/11 I highly recommend it. So raise your hand if you want a Peter Bergen, John King, Reza Aslan pic!

Pick Me! Pick Me!



Now, on to what you’ve all been waiting for:

Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video *wild applause*

Leading to our weekend discussion question. Clowns: beacons of goodness and joy or horribly frightening agents of the dark lord? Discuss!



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8 responses to “My Fellow Americans

  1. Millie

    Awww! Mebz, you know the old saying, laughter is the best medicine, huh? Well I got plenty of laughter from your choice to add a grapefruit pic to the top of the page!!!

    Love the otters responding to your question of the day!!!

    Clowns.. hmm… I think they are beacons of goodness and joy. The only time they are scary is when they are purposely used for fright such as in a movie. No disrepsect to the recently-passed Heath Ledger, but his role as the Joker in the new batman movie is an exact example of what I mean. That movie is taking a “clown” to a whole other freaky/scary dimension.

    I’m gonna have nightmares seeing him as the Joker.

  2. Millie

    BTW, I loved the bit with the clowns “a la Matrix” style!!!

  3. Oh yes that is right, Howdy Doody has to give his last state of the union address. When he walks out to the podium they should play the Howdy Doody theme song.

    I am getting tired of this political coverage. The only good thing about saturday nite is that Anderson should be on…lol!!! Yes, I will sit through hours of boring political coverage to see Anderson…LOL!!!

    Millie, are you feeling any better??? I hope you are 😀

  4. Mavis

    Mebz, Where did you find the old Peter Bergen interview where he said some of the light hearted travelogue scenes were left out? I would love to read that interview. Thanks!

  5. mebz72

    Hey Mavis! I found it when I was rummaging around his site reading some old articles. Unfortuanly it doesn’t recount any of the stories that were cut. But I would love to someday read them. I’m such a fan of his writing style and humor.
    Here’s the link:

  6. katiechan

    Hey AC, I saw your video over at ATA and I loved it.

    Mebz, that interview was like the ENTIRE See’s Candy Store… without the calories! It seriously made my day.

    Millie, hope you’re feeling better…:D

  7. Millie

    Thanks guys, I am feeling much better now, the swelling has gone down to a reasonable point where I am not embarassed to traverse out in public again, lol!

    Mebz, OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! You found it!!! WOW!!!

    Thank you soooo much for posting it at the blog!! How on earth did you find it?????

  8. mebz72

    Searching for JK never seemed to work so I just went through all of the clips that were tagged “CNN”. I finally found it on page 7. What can I say, I’ve had a lot of free time this weekend. Glad that you enjoyed it. But I assumed that that was a given. 🙂

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