You’re Invited!

Tuesday, 02.05.08ย  Posted By: Millie

What: Super Duper Tuesday Party

When: Today

Where: ACAnderson’s pad

Food/Drink: Mexican Take-Out and BYOB

RVSP: Not Necesssary

Theme: Fiesta Time!


Disclaimer: Millie is responsible for the invitation and party decorations only. She is in no way responsible for the behavior (or lack thereof) of any guests, including, but not limited to ACAnderfan, Mebz, Katie, Joan, Jodie, Jean, or JeanMarie or anyone else who might show up.

Millie is also not responsible for the whereabouts of any persons who might go AWOL at any time during the party.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I sent out an invitation at the last minute to this guy…


And this guy…


Let’s see if they show up. See you all at the fiesta!



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45 responses to “You’re Invited!

  1. Millie

    Man, I’m starving. Where’s the food? By the way, AC, your place is pretty cool. A lot bigger than I had thought.

  2. mebz72

    Partaaay! I voted! I voted! I voted!
    AC, what is up with the life-size Anderson cut out in the bathroom?! And the closet full of ice-blue ties??

    If Macaulay Culkin shows up, I’m running him off.
    George, however, I’ll save you a seat!

  3. acanderfan

    Mebz, I am not sure why I have a life-size Anderson cut out in the bathroom, I guess he likes to watch me put my makeup on…LOL!!! As for the blue ties, I want to be prepared for Anderson if/when he shows up…LOL!!!

    Millie, I am glad you like my place, the food should be here shortly. The delivery boy (who sounded an afwul lot like Leonardo DiCaprio) said it should be here around 2pm.

    I am going out to vote so I will see everyone later. Enjoy the fiesta!!!

    Now is John or Anderson attending this fiesta??? I hope they are ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. acanderfan

    Mebz, does the life size Anderson cut out in the bathroom freak you out??? Do I need to move him??? I’ll put him in the kitchen next to the salsa and tacos.

  5. mebz72

    No, no! No need to move him, it will get me something to cuddle with when I pass out in the bathtub later on.

    Richard Quest is on right now! I LOVE Richard Quest! We should always get the foreigners to cover our elections.

  6. acanderfan

    I am back from voting!!! Did the food get here???

    I’ll leave him in the bathroom then. I forgot about you passing out in the bathtub…lol!!! I am sorry there is no John cut out, but I could not find one. However, I bet Millie has one… ๐Ÿ˜†

  7. mebz72

    I bet Lou Dobbs doesn’t show up tonight. The Fiesta theme isn’t really his *thing*.

  8. Millie

    hahaha Mebz, good one!

    LD was not on the invitation list anyway!! lol!

  9. acanderfan

    Mebz, you are too funny. Good. I hope he dosen’t show up. We don’t need him here anyway. Lou Dobs would be no fun anyway.

    What time is John and Anderson showing up???

  10. Millie

    AC, we’re still waiting for the food, you said someone sounding like Leonardo DeCaprio told you it would would be delivered it about 2:00…. well we’re waiting, still no food. Maybe we should try a different take out place??

  11. acanderfan

    OK, I just called the place they apologized and said they’d send someone over right away. Apparently John works for mexican take out part-time…lol

  12. acanderfan

    OK the food is here

    *passes out food*

  13. Millie

    Hmmm… this is some of the best chips and guacamole I’ve ever tasted! Yum!!!

  14. mebz72

    *Mebz walks in with a pitcher of Margaritas and Pina Coladas*
    Now it’s a party!!

  15. acanderfan

    OK who spilled salsa on the floor??? Mebz???

  16. mebz72

    Wasn’t me!
    *Goes back to drinking out of the pitcher*

  17. Millie

    Has anyone seen Katie or Joan or Jean or Jodie or Jeanmarie?? They sure don’t know what they are missing.

  18. acanderfan

    I have no idea where they are. Did I just see John seaking around to the back door???

    *goes to let John in*

    Mebz, stop drinking out of the pitcher. Leave some for everyone else…lol!!!

  19. mebz72

    Leave me alone! I don’t have a problem, YOU have the problem!

  20. Millie

    OMG! Look who just walked in! It’s Macaulay Culkin!!!!!!!!!

    *Millie speaks to MC* “Hey, you know, you look a little short in real life.”

  21. acanderfan

    Mebz, you drank it all. Go get some more.

    *brings John in to distract Millie from MC*

  22. acanderfan

    Oh good grief. What is with Anderson??? That man is worse than a women when it comes to colthes. He changed from what he had on during the special at noon??? I bet the dry cleaners love him… ๐Ÿ˜†

  23. Millie

    *millie kicks back on sofa and watches John as he is discussing results live on CNN*

    Love your big-screen TV, AC! Please pass the chips and queso.

  24. acanderfan

    *Passes food to Millie*

    John’s tie is very pretty ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. mebz72

    I’m back with the Tequila! What’d I miss?

  26. Millie

    John is talking about his home state of Mass. and how Clinton is just projected as the winner.

    Is it just me or does he seem like he is talking 90 miles an hour about this????

  27. acanderfan

    Mebz, lay off the Tequila. Pretty soon you’ll be passed out in the bathtub with the life size Anderson cut out.

  28. mebz72

    My apologies to Mr. Cooper- but when Wolf just said “Anderson Cooper and the Best Political Team on Television” I said “Anderson Cooper and the Best Political Ass on Television”
    Maybe I should put down the Tequila.

  29. acanderfan

    Yes, I think you should put it down. Would you like a coke instead???

    OK who ate all the tacos??? Millie???

  30. mebz72

    Any nachos left?

  31. acanderfan

    No, you spiled the beer on them Mebz, rememebr??? LOL!!!

  32. mebz72

    I’m going to the bathtub!

  33. Millie

    *mutters with a mouthful of nacho cheese* The nachos are almost gone, Mebz.

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist eating almost all the tacos AC, they were ymmmy.

    Boy, I am going to need the pepto bismol soon.

  34. mebz72

    JK’s talking about my state! Go MO!

  35. mebz72

    *thinking about dumping salsa on Millie*

  36. acanderfan

    Mebz it’s only 11:13pm east cost time and your already in the bathtub??? ๐Ÿ˜†

    I am going to bed now, and I am taking the cut out Anderson with me. Mebz, you’ll have to make do with some rolls of toilet paper to keep you company in the bathtub.

    Good nite all. I will check back in the morning to see what I missed and to see how messy my place is.

  37. mebz72

    Millie, Macaulay Culkin is passed out, naked in the kitchen, Do Something!

  38. Millie

    OMG I forgot all about him!!! He must have gotten into the booze cabinet somehow. AC, donโ€™t you keep that thing locked up??

    Geez, once John started showing up on TV with his analysis, I completely forgot there was another man in the house who needs attending to.

    *elbows Mebz* You go do something!!!!

  39. katiechan

    How did he get in here in the first place?

  40. Millie

    Katie’s here!!! Whooo!!!

    Well I invited him and he just showed up. But now I don’t know what to do, he’s laying there passed out in the kitchen. I think I saw some paparazzi hiding in the bushes, so what now, guys???

    I am very disappointed that George Clooney didn’t make it to our party.

  41. katiechan

    Do you think Mebz will mind if he joins her in the bathtub? And where’s John? I haven’t seen him.

  42. Millie

    Well, at 6:13 pm AC said John was was sneaking around the back door but I suspect that she was a bit drunk and confused MacCaulay for John.

    John’s been over at the election center all day so there’s no way he could have snuck over here.

    Wolf just announced a few seconds ago that Hillary has won California.

  43. Millie

    Mebz has been away for about an hour. Hmm. She went to check on MacCaulay Culkin in the kitchen and she hasn’t come out yet…

    *cocks an eyebrow*
    Very suspect, if you ask me.

  44. Millie

    Well, that’s it for me guys. I am going to curl up under the blankets on the futon in AC’s guest room.

    See you all in the morning.

  45. acanderfan

    at 6:13pm I was nit drunk. I had only had diet coke. I guess someone put something in it. Mebz??? Anyhow I really did see John sneak around the back of the house. And yes he is in the house now, however it is 2:44am and I think he is in with Millie and the futon. And Anderson is here too, but he is with me in my room. As for Mebz and Culkin, I have no idea what is going on in that bathroom.

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