Out In The West Texas Town Of El Paso…

Tuesday, 02.12.08 Posted By: Millie

Good afternoon all, thanks for stopping by.

Today I am excited because part of the the national campaign spotlight is on my hometown of El Paso! Whoo-hoo!! Hillary Clinton is there today and she will speaking at a rally this evening in the Don Haskins Center at the UTEP campus.


My alma matter! Go Miners!

She will then be hosting a private fundraiser after her speech tonight in “The Don”. The cool thing is that her stay in West Texas will be more than just a little blurb on CNN, due to the fact that she will be in El Paso tonight as results come in from the “Potomac Primaries”. That means, CNN will likely be broadcasting her post-primary speech live from El Paso!

Here are some of the pre-speech festivities…



It is about time that El Paso got some attention on this campaign. Believe it or not, El Paso itself is one of the larger cities in the country (pop 750,000) but because it is geographically isolated from other large cities and because it does not have much urban sprawl, it’s significance (culturally and socially) is often overlooked when compared to other cities with similar size and demographics.

El Paso makes up one of the largest international populations in the world (2 million combined) with sister city Juarez just across the river… In fact you can see parts of Juarez as you are driving right along I-10.

Due to many important election issues such as immigration and trade, as well as the cultural ties with Mexico and the Latino vote, I think it is brilliant for Hillary to start her Texas campaigning in El Paso. She will be stumping in other parts of The Lone Star State later on in the week because the Texas Primaries are coming up soon and a good share of delegates are at stake.

I’m just tickled pink that CNN is broadcasting from my old stomping grounds! Susanne Malveaux already reported earlier this afternoon live from outside the Don Haskins Center. The beautiful West Texas Franklin Mountains could be seen in the backdrop.


Thanks to Cyn for the screencap! But I wonder what is up with that school bus?Β  Couldn’t CNN have at least picked a better angle for this shot??

Watching Suzanne Malveaux this afternoon actually made me homesick, as it has been five and a half years since I moved from El Paso to the gulf coast area…

But I digress…

Tonight, John will be in the election center of course, but he will be tossing it over throughout the evening to his colleagues covering Hillary’s campaign. I will definitely be checking out the results on CNN.

And, since you probably came here today not to hear me gush about El Paso and how much I miss my hometown, I will leave you instead with some miscellaneous JohnJoy…

Enjoy and see you soon!






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30 responses to “Out In The West Texas Town Of El Paso…

  1. acanderfan

    Millie, that’s great that Hilary is in your hometown. Well now you have two reasons to watch CNN tonight, John and El Paso πŸ˜€ Enjoy!!!

    Those pics of John are really nice. Does he evver take a bad picture??? LOL πŸ˜†

  2. mebz72

    “… I fell in love with a Mexican girl” Now I’m singing that song, I hope you’re happy.
    That’s cool that your hometown is in the spotlight, the chances of CNN coming to my hometown are between slim and none. Unless, some sort of feud breaks out between rival pig farmers.
    One can only hope.

  3. Millie

    That’s so true AC, those are 2 good reasons… John and El Paso. lol.

    I love that Marty Robbins song!

  4. acanderfan

    Well Mebz, for your sake I hope a fight breaks out between two rival pig farmers…LOL!! Then maybe Jonh will come an report on it. *pictures John wearing overalls, a straw hat, and boots*

  5. Millie

    I can just picture it now – Breaking news from Missouri!!!

    Anderson Cooper: “CNN’s Chief National Correspondent is live on the scene. John?”

  6. mebz72

    Hey, we are not a politically insignificant state. We’ve got that going for us. And the Arch, do you all have a big-ass steel arch? I didn’t think so.

    Y’all want to come over to my house for the Potomac Primary tonight? I’m thinking pancakes.

  7. acanderfan

    Yum…pancakes. Yeah I’ll be there. Can I bring cut out Anderson too???

  8. Millie

    Count me in for the “pancake party”!!!!

  9. mebz72

    OK, you can bring Anderson along, but if he gets covered in syrup, it’s not my fault.

  10. mebz72

    Magic Wall! John King! Pancakes! Yeah!

  11. katiechan

    It’s just all a girl could ever want.

  12. Millie

    Hi Katie, thanks for stopping by.

    Mebz, please pass the syrup and the butter. Do you have any whipped cream in your fridge?

    Actually, perhaps I should ask AC instead *ahem* if she might have the whipped cream. And she probably doesn’t keep it in her fridge, if you catch my drift! LOL!

  13. mebz72

    Are you sure you want some of that? You don’t know where it’s been…

  14. Millie

    You are right Mebz, on second thought, I won’t ask her. Mind of I raid your fridge instead??

  15. Millie

    I just capped a few video shots from the pre-speech activities at the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, and added them to the blog.

    They had some very colorful dancers on stage.

  16. mebz72

    “Me casa su casa” Millie. While you’re in there, grab the ice cream and some spoons.

  17. Millie

    Sure, would you like some sprinkles to go along with that?

  18. mebz72

    We are going to have to wrestle them away from AC, she disappeared with them, the whipped cream and cardboard Anderson a while ago.

  19. acanderfan

    I am back. Sorry, but I got a little distracted with the whipped cream and cardboard Anderson…sorry πŸ˜†

  20. Millie

    umm, AC, that is really TMI!

  21. Millie

    Sit up and scoot over Mebz, you’re hogging the couch. I wanna watch Hillary as she’s speaking in El Paso, but I can’t do that with your feet in my face!!

  22. acanderfan

    Mebz is a furniture hog…LOL!!! Since there is no room on the couch cardboard Anderson and I will sit on the floor.

  23. mebz72

    AC, I want at least a foot between the two of you.
    Ok, quite pushing.

  24. acanderfan

    Mebz started it!!!

  25. Millie

    There McCain goes again, saying War-shington instead of Wa-shington. Uggh, that really grates on my nerves. How can we elect a president who can’t even pronounce Washington correctly??

    *stares at AC in disbelief*

    Hey, AC, why are you wearing nothing but strategically-placed pancakes stuck to your body?

  26. mebz72

    Eww, I’m going to have to get the carpet cleaned now!

  27. Millie

    Ok that’s it for me ladies, I’m turning in. Thanks Mebz for making up the waterbed in your guestroom for me to crash out on.

    Hopefully I won’t have any dreams of AC draped in pancakes and syrup.

  28. acanderfan

    OK OK, let me explain. I spilled syrup on my clothes and they were sticky so I had to do something. I spiled the syrup when I saw Anderson on the TV. He just looked so good, that I did not relaize I was spilling the syrup on myself. I guess I will be sleeping in the bathtub tonight.

  29. mebz72

    Night ladies, AC, try not to get syrup all over my bathroom.

  30. acanderfan

    I’ll try Mebz πŸ˜†

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