The Primary-O-Rama Goes On… And On…

Tuesday, 02.19.08 Posted By: Millie

Tonight is another “results night” in the land of primaries and caucuses! Wisconsin, Hawaii and Washington State to be exact. That means we’ll be seeing more of this…


And this…


And this…


And this…

I’d like to buy a “A”, Pat.

Ahh, but who am I to complain??? I really am looking forward to the Texas Primary Night, when John will be zig-zagging his fingers all over our state. Who knows, maybe I will show up on one of his google image maps when he zooms in to Harris County!! I just hope nothing embarrassing shows up if he goes to street view, LOL!

On an interesting note, Obama is currently stumping just a few blocks away from me, at the Toyota Center right here in downtown Houston.


And Bill Clinton is also at a downtown hotel this evening campaigning on behalf of Hillary. Lots of traffic at the moment ’round these parts. I’m actually hearing helicopters buzzing overhead as I type this!

Now for some non-election news… John was involved with the All-Star Summit in New Orleans over the weekend. I’m not exactly sure when he was there or what his schedule was like over the last few days because he had been filing reports from the CNN studio throughout the weekend as well. Anywho, here are some pictures from the All-Star Summit Website. These were from last year’s event (There are no 2008 pictures on their site yet.)



Enjoy and have a fun night tonight watching John play at the magic wall!!!



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6 responses to “The Primary-O-Rama Goes On… And On…

  1. mebz72

    Millie, do you have vacation time saved up? I think you should take a roadtrip to Austin and do a little liveblogging Thursday.

  2. Millie

    Believe U Me, that thought crossed my mind but unfortunately I will be working next Thursday! Only a certain number of people in our office can be off on any given day, and unfortantely the vacation calendar for that day is already full…. argggh!

    The helicopters are starting to get louder now…

  3. Millie

    John is workin’ the maps right this moment!!!

  4. mebz72

    The debate is THIS Thursday, not next. Huh?

  5. Millie

    For some reason I kept thinking it was next Thursday!!!! I just checked, and this Thursday is unavailable on the vacation calendar, too. 😦

  6. acanderfan

    Good grief, what is up with Anderson’s outfit to night??? The shirt/tie combo does not look nice, and his suit looks too tight for him, especailly in the arms and across his back. I think someone got dressed in the drak today…LOL!!!

    I could watch John play with the Magic Wall all day. It’s interesting and he seems to really know what he is talking about.

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