“Deep in the heart of Texas…”

Friday, 2.22.08 Posted by: Mebz

Greeting from the ice-covered Midwest (Laugh it up out there in Hawaii, Katie) and Happy Friday, one and all!

What a night, last night! In case you haven’t heard, there is a Election Primary going on right now. Not sure if you were aware of that- and last night was Democratic debate #137 (approximately). The first 136 were just warm ups for the real show-down in Austin, TX. Now, I’m not talking about the candidates, they were okay. The set decoration was nice. The audience was gracious. What was it that set last night’s debate above the others?


Oh, that’s right. John King did a terrific job in the role of questioner. Granted we at JohnthenewsKing are somewhat bias, but nonetheless I thought he was professional, assertive and showed the journalistic skills that caused this site to be created. Bravo, JK! And I thought CNN made a wise choice in putting him in that role. Thank you, CNN.

Please enjoy the following pictorial essay of last night’s festivities.









If you missed any of Thursday’s debate, it will be replaying over the weekend. Also ATA posted some BIGGER, HI-RES pics, check it out here. (Millie, I did it!)

And as a treat for our friends over at Ware-abouts, I’d like to welcome back from vacation everyone’s favorite Aussie war correspondent. We’ve missed you, Michael.

Welcome Back, Michael!

Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video

What is it?!?! Is it a lemur?! An alien?! I just don’t know-but every time I watch it is sucks away a little bit more of my soul.

*Soul-sucking sound*

Lastly, our Weekend Discussion Question: Do you share your love of CNN reporters with others, or is it your “little secret?” Discuss!



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6 responses to ““Deep in the heart of Texas…”

  1. acanderfan

    I tohught John did and amazing job last nite. Then again when hasn’t he done a good job…lol!!! Maybe next time John can be the moderator.

    Mebz I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed the pictorial essay 😀

    As for the discussion, it depends on who the person is. Sometimes I share my love of CNN reportters. My best friend thinks I am totally nuts…lol!!!

  2. mebz72

    Yeah, my best friend finds it highly amusing as well. I actually had a friend who was going to call me during AC360, but checked the TV, to see if it was safe, he saw that JK was on, and he decided not to call! I found it funny, but I concede that others might find it sad.

  3. Millie

    Outstanding post and caps Mebz! John was superb last night. I agree with AC, CNN should let him moderate in the future…

    Well, as far as my interest in CNN reporters… I do share!!! hahaha! My family knows that anytime JK is on they must be silent so I can listen! Also at work I have told a few people as well.

    And of course, by setting up this blog, the whole world knows too. lol.

  4. Millie

    p.s. Good job Mebz on getting that link to work. Those are pesky, aren’t they? But once you get the hang of it you can do it in your sleep.

  5. Millie

    Holy crap, what the heck was that beast in the video?????????

  6. mebz72

    Exactly! What is it?? Creepy….
    Yes, I got the links to work. Hurray!
    I make my family/friends be quiet too so I can hear. I have been known to say, “Ssshhhh, ______________ is talking.” (Fill in the blank with: John King, Anderson Cooper, Michael Ware and/or Peter Bergen.)

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