Behind The Scenes And A Little Spoofing

Tuesday, 02.26.08  Posted By: Millie

CNN’s All Access highlighted a snippet of John speaking about what goes on behind the scenes during a Presidential debate, namely last week’s debate in Austin. John was briefly interviewed by the all access reporter and he (John) described this secret room a.k.a. the “vault”.


What makes the room so secretive? Well, let’s just say it’s the paperwork he was holding in his hands.


Yup. The questions for the evening’s debate. John remarked, “If I shared them, I’d have to take you hostage… or worse!”


Mebz sent over a delightful little find, an SNL spoof off the Austin debate. Apparently the original was already taken off of You Tube, but good ol’ resourceful Mebz was able to locate it at a different site. Check it out.

Mebz video-capped some shots of Jason Sudeikis portraying John.





On a last note for today, MCWFan sent in a note to me about this past Sunday’s Late Edition:

“John is subbing for Wolf. He’s doing a great job. John interviewed Chuck Hagel and they discussed Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. How amazing CNN is having some international discussion. If you read Cyn’s ATC post of yesterday, you’ll see many of us are complaining about all the endless campaign coverage and the lack of international news of late.”

Thanks for rightfully pointing out that there still is other news out there besides the elections, MCWFan!

Have a good Tuesday folks and see you soon.



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8 responses to “Behind The Scenes And A Little Spoofing

  1. acanderfan

    The SNL spoof of the Austin debate was hilarious. When I saw it saturday nite, I couldn’t stop laughing. Jason Sudeikis makes one ugly Jonh. I am glad the real John is better looking…lol!!!

    Did anyone see Huckabee on SNL??? That was funny too.

  2. Millie

    I agree AC, Sudeikis does make one ugly John! haha

    Hey the Texas primaries are coming up (duh!!!) maybe we should have another party, this time a cowboy-themed event??? I can host since I live over round these parts….

  3. mebz72

    He doesn’t even look like JK. A constipated Jeb Bush, maybe, but definitely NOT John King. With that said it was very funny. “Are you sure we can’t get you anything Senator Obama?”
    I’m up for a party!
    Speaking of non-political news I had a rant over at Ware-abouts that I thought I’d share:

    I would like to start by saying that I really respect AC and the 360 staff. I think AC360 is by far the best news program out there. But sometimes I get so frustrated with their programing. Grrr. The political coverage wouldn’t take over the broadcast unless someone let it! They aren’t slaves to the election coverage. Whomever has the editorial say-so around CNN really needs to take a step back and look at the OVERWHELMING amount of politics they are showing.
    Yes, I understand that this election cycle is bringing in more ratings.
    Yes, I understand that not everybody watches several hours of CNN a day and therefore does not see as many repeats of stories as I.
    Nonetheless, I expect a little bit more.
    More variety, more integrity, more journalism. It has been sorely lacking of late.
    The coverage (I feel) has been mostly what Obama and Clinton are saying about each other. Sometimes it’s about what Obama, Clinton and/or McCain “think” about an issue.
    Hey, CNN, I have an idea- COVER THE ISSUE. Without telling me how it plays in red states or blue states or if Hispanics over 45 like or dislike the color of McCain’s tie…
    Tell me the news and the facts, I’ll take it from there.

    I’m done now.

  4. Millie

    Thanks for airing your opinion Mebz. MCWFan wrote in to me about this very same issue and wanted me to point out that on Sunday, John did a great job hosting Late Edition… which included some non-election news for a change!!!

  5. Millie

    Yes it will be THE party of the season. After all, we’re talking Texas here, and it just may very well end up sealing the deal!!!

    Ok, I’m working on our invitation list. Any suggestions so far? (I’ve already contacted MacCaulay’s spokesperson and he said Mac has prior commitments already for that evening) Aw, shucks, I know JUST how disappointed you are about that Mebz.

  6. acanderfan

    YAY another party!!! Millie, what kind of food are we having at this party???

    For the guest list can we invite Leonardo DiCaprio??? And I assume George Clooney will be invited also???

  7. mebz72

    Oh yeah, I’m broken-hearted over that, let me tell you…
    I say we invite all the Best Actor nominees:
    George Clooney
    Daniel Day Lewis
    Johnny Depp
    Tommy Lee Jones (optional)
    and my favorite- Viggo Mortensen.

  8. Millie

    Well it will be a Texas party so we’ll have BBQ, corn on the cob, spicy pinto beans and potato salad. I’m still a little uneasy about hosting at my place (since it got trashed the last time) so I’m looking into renting out a party room at a nearby ranch. As soon as I have the details, I’ll fill you in.

    I’ll see if I can get a hold of Leo’s scheduler. Last time, George C. promised he’d be there but he ended up being a no-show, so I don’t know how dependable he might be this time.

    Ladies, I’m thinking this might be our last primary party. A little sad that they will have to come to an end….

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