Coming Up Manana: The Texas Two Step And Our BBQ!

Monday, 03.03.08 Posted By Millie

As we say out here in Texas, “Howdy pardner!” I guess it goes without saying that Texas (along with Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont) will be in the spotlight tomorrow, but I’ve just said it, so that’s a moot point, haha!


I am a proud Texan through and through. I lived just under 30 years in El Paso and the last 5 1/2 years here in Houston… (with a brief stint elsewhere but that’s another story for another day…)

Wow, all I can say is that I now know how the folks up in Iowa and New Hamsphire felt when all the political eyes were on them as they were the first states to hold their primaries and caucuses: all the candidate visits, the television and radio ads, the telephone polls, the mailers, fliers, banners, etc etc etc. I won’t say it is overwhelming but I must say it is interesting. Just this morning I answered a series of questions on for a telephone poll. But I won’t tell you who I verbally commited to otherwise I’d have to…

*ahem* moving on…

Things here in The Lone Star State are especially interesting since we have the so-called “Two-Step” coming up tomorrow.


I admittedly myself know very little about the combination of these two processes. The primaries don’t confuse me, because I know when and where I will vote tomorrow. The caucuses are what I am not so sure about. Even though I know do know a little bit about how they (the caucuses) are supposed to work, I still don’t know how all the magic numbers from the primaries and caucuses are going to finally be figured out when all is said and done, and how the delegates will be distributed accordingly.

Hopefully John will be sorting out all this “Two-Step” stuff during tomorrow’s results program.

Now, the good folk over at CNN have sent many a reporter here to Houston specifically. Let’s see, Jessica Yellin was here in town over the weekend, Dana Bash was at a Hobby Airport rally a while ago as well, Candy Crowley was covering Obama’s big speech about two weeks ago, Mary Snow is currently here… hmmm… who is missing from this picture???


How come John never attended any state fairs over here???

Drat! Oh well…

I do know that back in 2000, though, John was in Texas often during the Bush campaign. And he had been subsequently sent out a lot by CNN to the Crawford ranch between 2001 and 2005 when he was still the W.H. reporter.

Speaking of 2000, by the way, here’s a little something I found:


John appears in a DVD about CNN’s coverage of the historic election and historic legal battle over the vote re-counting. The DVD review information is available here.

And now, in 2008, of course we will be able to see John tomorrow night once again at the magic map!!!


Our location for the BBQ has not been publicly disclosed, which is a good thing, because then John can’t accidentally show a google image (street view) of us engaging in our usual Primary Party behavior… well let me rephrase that, “us” does not include “me” because I’ve always been a saint during our parties, it is the OTHER people who show up who should be worried, lol! (Just kidding guys…)

Don’t forget to stop on by tomorrow for the good ol’ Texas BBQ!





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7 responses to “Coming Up Manana: The Texas Two Step And Our BBQ!

  1. acanderfan

    Mille, you must be very excited that your state is in the spotlight. Maybe CNN dosen’t like you and that’s why everyone but John has been there…LOL!!! The highlight of CNN political coverage is John playing with the magic wall. I could watch him play with it for hours. It looks like fun.

    Do you need me to bring anything to the BBQ tomorrow???

  2. Millie

    Well all the food is taken care of… maybe you could bring some CD’s so we can listen to music????

  3. acanderfan

    Sure, I can bring some CD’s. Does everyone like Scissor Sisters??? I also have some Josh Groban CD’s, and I’ll see what else I have.

  4. Millie

    Well Josh confirmed with me today that he would be coming, so we will get to listen to him LIVE!!! Whooo!!! I just ADORE Josh Groban. He is one of the few singers who gives me goosebumps every time I hear his singing voice…

  5. acanderfan

    I love to hear Josh sing. I am so jealous of one of my friends because she has seen him in concert before…lol!!!

    I will bring cardboard Anderson over. I am sure Mebz will wile to see him, and she can cuddle with him when she passes out in the bathtub. Mebz, please try to stay away from the alcohol tonight…

  6. mebz72

    I make no promises AC. It’s cardboard Anderson that gets all “handsy” when he’s drinking.

  7. acanderfan

    Cardboard Anderson dosen’t get all “handsy” with me. *is jealous of Mebz*

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