Tuesday, 03.04.08 Posted By: Millie

Ok guys, here’s the barnyard hall I rented out for today’s Primary party. Sorry it doesn’t look like much, but I’m an on extremely tight budget here.


However, you know the old saying, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, so please take a look at the inside accommodations:


Not bad, huh? Here is our BBQ spread for the evening:


Oh and look who just showed up!





Yay!!! Josh Groban is here!!!! And he just agreed to start off the BBQ with a song! I asked a special request if he could please sing my all-time favorite song… He has so nicely obliged. Thank you Josh, let’s listen in…

Applause applause applause!!!!!

And now, he’s agreed to sing “My Heart Was Home Again”. (Embedding has been disabled, so you will have to click on the direct link right here.)

Yeesh, I am getting goosebumps! Thank you Josh for those performances!!!

And now, to switch musical gears a bit and to get in the mood for our Texas BBQ, here is Alabama with, “I You’re Gonna Play In Texas, You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band”

Well, I’m off to go cast my ballot, I will be checking in later to see how the BBQ is going. AC, please make sure that the guests are comfortable. Mebz, I did happen to see this guy hanging around in the back of the barn, I don’t know who he is, he was not invited on the guest list, so when I get back I don’t want to hear about any hanky panky from you young lady!




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16 responses to “Yee-Haw

  1. mebz72

    Hello Cowboy!
    You all (or Y’all- since you’re in Texas) can keep Josh Groban, Leo and George, but Johnny Depp is mine.

  2. Millie

    I’m back from casting my ballot.

    The food’s still being kept warm under the burners, so even if we have some late arriving guests, they will still get a hot meal.

    Thank you Mebz for allowing me to keep Josh Groban

    *Millie slips away for a private seranade with JG*

  3. Millie

    I wonder where AC is? And I hope other regulars will stop by too!!! Come one, come all!!!

  4. mebz72

    I’m about to leave for a meeting *crossed fingers* I really hope that it doesn’t go too long. My j-o-b really cuts into my c-n-n time.

  5. Millie

    Ok come back soon. Johnny specifically asked that you hurry back!!! Oh dear, Leo and George are starting to yawn… I hope the other ladies arrive soon!!!

  6. Millie

    Some numbers are barely trickling in for Texas and so far Obama is ahead… but that it with only about 1% of precincts reporting.

    I haven’t seen AC all day. Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that I just saw the cardboard anderson strewn about next to a large haystack in the back field??

  7. mebz72

    Ok, I’m back. Grrr, people kept talking. Don’t they know that I have a primary party to get to?
    AC probably putting band-aids on all of her paper cuts from cardboard Anderson.

  8. Millie

    Hmm.. that could be a theory of why she has not shown up yet, she’s probably at the first aid station down the road.

    BTW, Mebz you have some BBQ Chicken stuck in your front teeth. I think I have some floss laying around somewhere.

    I am off to make some small talk with George Clooney. BRB.

  9. mebz72

    Oh I don’t need floss, I’ll just find Johnny back, he’ll get it out 🙂

  10. acanderfan

    I am back from the first aid station. Don’t worry just a few paper cuts. I apologize for the staw cardboard Anderson and I borught back. Why is Leonardo DiCaprio only weaing some napkins??? Where are his clothes??? Mebz do you have anything to do with that???

  11. mebz72

    Don’t look at me! I could care less about Leo.

  12. acanderfan

    Perhaps I have had too much to drink…

    Where is cardbaord Anderson???

  13. acanderfan

    I am going to bed, and I am taking cardboard Anderson with me. I will check back in the morning. Good Nite everyone 🙂

    Sweet John dreams 😆

  14. Millie

    Last I saw, George Clooney was picking out the pieces of straw from cardboard Anderson. Leo has disappeared somewhere… all I see is just a pile of crinkled napkins laying near the barnhouse entrance door. *Mille scratches head* Ummm… Mebz, just where exactly have you and Johnny Depp been all evening, eh???

    Well, Mebz, since AC has already turned in, I guess it is just you and me, girl!!! Unless some of our other regulars my come on over at the last minute??

    Josh had to leave already… it was such a treat to have him sing for us tonight!!!

    I don’t know about you guys, but I am stuffed.

  15. Millie

    Well it is quarter to midnight here and there still is do decisive winner here in Texas. I’m pooped. There’s a nice comfy corner near the fireplace where I am going to spread out my sleeping blanket and call it a night. George, Leo, and Johnny all left a while ago anyway, so I’m gonna call it a night.

    Not a lot of action at tonight’s party but, oh well.. at least we tried. There’s a lot of leftover food!

    See you tomorrow.

  16. acanderfan

    Good morning everyone. I hope everyone had as wonderfrul a nite as me and cardboard Anderson did 🙂

    Great BBQ Millie. It seems like Mebz behaved pretty well last nite. Although from what I understand she may have George Clooney tied up somewhere…

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