Reverse Dejavu?

Wednesday, 03.05.08 Posted By Millie

I came across something interesting in the video section of There is an archived video in which John covered McCain’s endorsement after Bush had secured the party’s nomination eight years ago.


Check out John back in 2000, as he was wrapping up the above story.



I wonder why he was just identified as a “CNN Correspondent” instead of the White House Correspondent?

I still remember very vividly John’s reporting of McCain dropping out of the race in 2000. He aired this “breaking news” from Sedona, Arizona.


I remember watching this live back then, and how he was talking about the breathtaking backdrop amidst the sudden news of McCain’s departure from the race… Wow, that was 8 years ago but I tell ya, it still seems like just yesterday.

I didn’t get to watch last night’s results live on TV, I was listening to it via computer stream, but I must admit I was absolutely tickled pink every time John mentioned either El Paso, Houston, El Paso County or Harris County!

Switching gears now…

Mebz usually posts her Friday videos, but today I decided that for the middle of the week hump day, we need a perk up too!! Here’s a funny video to share that kept me in stitches, I’m sure it will keep you laughing too. The guy’s facial expressions are priceless!



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16 responses to “Reverse Dejavu?

  1. mebz72

    Oooo vintage! Kudos, Millie.

  2. Millie

    Thank you, thank you very much. *bows to the applause*

  3. acanderfan

    Millie, nice pics of John. It is a beautiful background behind him (in the Arizona pics) but it looks even better with him standing there.

    Did anyone see 360 last nite??? The shot of the day was about someone streaking at a cricket game. Anyhow Anderson goes on to say that maybe 360 needs a streaker. Now of course my first thought was that Anderson himself should streak. I mean it is his show and I doubt too many people would mind if he did. You all know I would love it if he did…LOL!!! But Anderson can be shy and modest sometimes so then I thought maybe John should be the 360 streaker…

  4. Honestly "J"

    Not to sound critical, or like I don’t have a sense of humor, acanderfan, but John has far too much class to even consider him for that…AC and Erica made it funny…I like Erica’s sense of humor.

    Anyway, I know I’m the outsider, here…I just say it like I mean it.

    I’m surprised you all hadn’t made comments about Tuesday night regarding Campell Brown’s statement, which was hilarious about ‘everyone being in love with John’s map’, and then someone else on the panel (couldn’t tell you, it went by so fast without a good camera angle) commented about ‘everyone being in love with John’…it was great!!! Then, ‘ol Gloria Borger had to comment…’ooohhh, this is toooo much’. Poor Gloria, just doesn’t get it, does she…maybe she should go hang out with the bunch at McLaughlin Group…she fits there a whole lot better. She’s too much.

    Then, last night, Anderson made the statement going into the segway about what was coming up…that John will be doing the map that ‘everyone loves’…but, he said it ‘loaves’…I guess that was a play on the word love, but it was funny, too.

    That was the best panel last night…very interesting, and substantive.

    This will be the best campaign season ever with CNN’s top notch folks, like John…I’m not crazy about all, though…not because of their viewpoints, but rather, their egos…Gloria is first on that list. I get tired of hearing her monopolize conversation…maybe it’s just me, ‘if you will’.

    Maybe someone can find the video from Tuesday night…I’d love to see that again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Honestly "J"

    Oh…and Millie, thank you for the archive moments. As I may have said before, I went through this entire blog to get caught up, but I couldn’t spend as much time as I would’ve liked on it.

    It’s great you all have so much knowledge about Mr. King.

  6. Millie

    Hi Honestly J, glad you could make it back. I guess that took some time going through the whole blog!!!! Really, I don’t have that much knowledge about John… I rather think of it as luck, networking with other John fans, and dedication to finding out whatever I can

    It does takes a lot of creativity and imagination to come up with the things to blog about!! As you will see, yes we have a serious side when it comes to discussing John in a professional and respectful manner, but the regulars who come here also have a silly side, too. For example, our Primary Parties are… well… a tad… oh I am at a loss for words. But you get my point.

    Now, AC, bless her heart, she’s in her own little world but I love her to pieces because she has been a regular here since almost the beginning and she never fails to come and post. She does make me laugh a lot!! Yes, she can sometimes say things that might sound rather shocking (eehghad! John streaking!) and at one time I had to *censor* her (AC you know what I am talking about, haha!!!!!) but really though, she means no harm. She has a LOT of respect for Anderson Cooper and a LOT of respect for John, she just just sometimes gets carried away with her very vivid imagination, LOL!

    But I think it is great Honestly J, that you can come here and share your opinions in a nice and respectful way. Everyone who comes around here is that way, which I am very proud of.

    Thanks for posting!

  7. Millie

    Oh man! ATA has a video posted today of an old AC360 segment of streaker behind reporter Keith Oppenheim!! And the first time the video is seen it is raw footage, if you catch my drift! Oh my!

    Then Anderson comes back and explains that the streaker was arrested, but he (Anderson) noted that judging by the guy’s condition it was pretty cold outside.


  8. acanderfan

    Honestly “J”, I don’t mean any harm when I say things like John should be the 360 streaker. Like Millie said I have alot of respect for Jonh and Anderson. I think Jonh is a FANTASTIC jounralist and he is really the only reason I do not go insane watching all this political covergae. I just like to have fun and make people laugh and as Millie said, I am in my own little world with my very vivid imagination. And yes Millie, I do remeber when you censored me…LOL!!! I have been trying to tone it down lately 😆

    Millie, I love that video of the streaker from red 360. The best part of it is that Keith Oppenheim is so serious and AC is giggling like a little boy…LOL!!!

  9. mebz72

    I love the trip down red 360 memory lane. AC, you HAVEN’T gone insane with all the political coverage yet? Wow, I’m impressed, I done past that point a long time ago.
    Remember when Anderson was covering Prince Charles’ wedding and there was a streaker there too. What is it with naked people just running around?! And why don’t they do it around me?
    We can all agree that Lou Dobbs should NOT be the 360 streaker, right?

  10. Honestly "J"

    You all are a hoot!!!!

    I’ll get with the program…lol Thank You All for your warm welcome, here!!!!

    And, did anyone notice that great suit JK was sporting last night?

    I know I’m in the best of company!!!

    So, no one has responded to my take on Tuesday night…sorry I couldn’t attend the party…:(

  11. Millie

    Crikey! just the thought of L.D. as the 360 streaker makes my face (and the rest of my body) wince.

    It was, after all, Anderson’s own idea that 360 needed a streaker!! And then you hear Erica in the background say something like, “Watch what you wish for” and Anderson turns and gives her this really strange look… it is just for a moment but it is hilarious!

    Honestly J (may I call you HJ for short?) I can ask Cyn if she might have those clips you were mentioning where “everyone is in love with John”… that would be cute to see. I don’t have video-clipping capabilities otherwise I’d do it myself…

  12. acanderfan

    Mebz, I vaguely remember the streaker when Anderson was covering Pirnce Charles wedding. It seems like when Anderson is around people want to streak. No, I did not streak when I met Anderson…LOL!!! If Lou Dobbs is the 360 streaker I will send 360 a nasty e-mail.

    Mebz do you prefer red 360 over the way 360 is now??? I do. For a while back in Decemeber I thought I was watching red 360, then January came and we were back to the same old 360…

  13. mebz72

    Yes, I so miss red360. I miss the music, I miss snarky Anderson, I miss the Nth Degree, I miss how fast paced it was.
    You are not alone, I think they were even playing the old theme song a while ago. 360 now is far more like the old NewsNight, then the original 360.

  14. acanderfan

    I miss the fast pace of red 360 too, Mebz. Snakry Anderson was the best, every so often we get to see snarky Anderson. I think you are right, 360 does seem more like the old NewsNight, which is sad. I miss the red 360. Especially the Nth Degree. That was always the best!!!

  15. Millie

    Is the streaker during the Royal wedding somewhere on youtube perhaps? I’ve tried looking but to no luck.

    While we are talking about streaking, I’ve mentioned a few times that I am a HUGE Seinfeld Junkie. George Costanza was the best. There was an episode where he streaked a NY Yankess game in order to get fired from the ball club… but he used a body suit!!

    Maybe someone on AC360 could do a streak with a body suit???

  16. acanderfan

    A body suit would work. Good idea, Millie 😀 however if Anderson is the one doing the streaking then I want the real thing not some body suit…LOL!!!

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