Memory Lane: 2000 Election Edition

Friday, 03.14.08 Posted by: Mebz

This week in the John King-dom (Ha! Darn, I’m good! Sorry…) we had two nights of Larry King fill-ins, the Mississippi primary and a shout out on The Daily Show- for JK, not for us, OMG I’d wet myself if that happened. So, now that it’s Friday, I thought I’d take us on a little trip to that far away land called the year 2000.


John wrote a Reporters Notebook while covering Al Gore’s campaign eight years ago. Enjoy a little reading:

WASHINGTON — The Al Gore campaign is taking a bit of a gamble in banking on the continuation of manual recounts in Florida, even after Secretary of State Katherine Harris certifies the results.  The gamble is that there will be new votes for the vice president, and that Harris will accept the amended returns. She has said publicly that she feels she is not required to do so. The Gore people were very disappointed that a state judge refused to order the secretary of state to extend the deadline under which counties had to report certified results from the general election. Harris now has the authority to certify the election results, and statewide counts show Texas Gov. George W. Bush winning. So along with the hope, there’s also a sense of worry on the Gore side that there will be another public declaration from a Florida state official that Bush won the presidential race in the state. If the tally from overseas absentee ballots is finished over the weekend, there could be just such an announcement, with the Gore campaign still raising its hands, saying, “Wait! Wait! We want another recount” or, “We want the recount to be finished.” And if the American people keep hearing “Governor Bush has won,” Gore’s people believe the American public may just decide that it’s time to bring an end to the disagreement.  There has been talk in both campaigns, among the political people more than the legal people, asking, “Is there some way to have a joint proposal — a compromise that we will do ‘X’ and both campaigns will accept the results.” The problem is the two camps aren’t really talking to each other in any serious way, and there is a great deal of bitterness between the two. If the manual recounts show Gore pulling ahead, and if the Florida secretary of state agrees either to accept those results (or was ordered by a court to accept those results), then the Bush campaign would certainly raise its hand and say, “This process has been unfair to us. We did not request any recounts. Now we want to.” At that point, some people see the only way out as a statewide recount. But they’re not there yet, and the Bush side is banking on never getting there.


If you want to read this in it’s “natural habitat” go here.

Mebz’s Weekly No-Good RELEVANT YouTube Video

That’s right- this one IS relevant!

Weekend Discussion Question: Where were you in life eight years ago during the last Presidential election? I was a sophomore in college. Discuss!



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7 responses to “Memory Lane: 2000 Election Edition

  1. acanderfan

    Nice reporters notebook find Mebz. I love reading this John has written. He has a way with words and makes you want to read more from him.

    8 years ago durning last presidential election I was in 9th grade.

  2. Millie

    Yay! The comments are working now! Yesterday I kept trying to post a comment but it wouldn’t show up after I hit enter… Go figure.

    Nice archives Mebz!!!

    Wow, 8 years ago… whooo… that really is a story in and of itself. I was 28 and teaching my second year of 4th grade in a small community just outside of El Paso. My students and I followed the election very carefully.

    We had some great civic lessons at the time, history in the making! I had a really bright bunch of kiddos… and even though they were only 10 at the time, they understood and followed along what was going on with the battle in Florida (but of course they understood, they had ME as their teacher! LOL!)

  3. Millie

    So what were YOU up to 8 years ago Mebz????

  4. Millie

    Duh… I just re-read your post and you mentioned you were a sophomore in College…

  5. acanderfan

    Aww.. I am the baby of the group. I feel so young. Everyone else was an adult last election and I was still a kid…lol!!!

  6. Millie

    LOL! I was just about your age when Clinton got elected the first time!

    I still remember being in 3rd grade when Reagan was elected the first time and every kid in our class was worried sick, because we thought with him in office, we were surely going to face a nuclear war with Russia!!

  7. mebz72

    Oh stop rubbing it in AC. I’m only 6 years older than you.

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