This is my “I couldn’t think of a title” title.

Friday, 03.28.08 Posted by: Mebz

It’s Friday, y’all! Your ambassador to the weekend is here to help shepherd you into Saturday.

My money’s one the second one.

That’s’ not what I meant.

Anyway, it’s been a quiet week on the John King front. Of course, I haven’t been watching too much CNN lately. I’ve been trying to get one of those… what do you call them? A life. Oh, that’s right. It’s been a mixed success. Regardless, I have a few things to share:

In Johnthenewsking’s endless quest to bring you the best in JK information I stumbled across TyeBriggs’ blog Favorite Hunk & Other Things, earlier this week he counted down his top 5 CNN men. Guess who came in #2? Give yourself 2 point if you guessed John King. Now, without looking, try and guess #1, Anderson Cooper? NO Michael Ware? NO Peter Bergen? NO David Gergen?!?!? YES! What ever floats your boat, man… BTW, if you want to check out the rest of the blog- be warned it is NOT work appropriate. I repeat NOT WORK APPROPRIATE! Don’t come crying to me if you get fired. I warned you.

The only other tidbit I have for you is this:

That person in front is distracting.

It’s from Why Tuesday’s flicker photostream. I hadn’t seen it before. So right-click, save picture as- now! Even if JK is a little blurry.

Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video

If this doesn’t make you laugh, you aren’t human.

Weekend Discussion Question: What is your favorite show to watch in reruns? Discus!



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10 responses to “This is my “I couldn’t think of a title” title.

  1. acanderfan

    Mebz, I love the picture of the sheepies <—it’s what I call sheep. Yeah I am weird.

    YAY for John coming in at #2. Anderson isn’t even on that list. What the…??? How can you not have Anderson on a list of CNN men. He’s the best jouranlist at CNN (John is the 2nd best) and Anderson is the best looking too. OK I just did a search for Anderson on that blog and apparetly this person dosen’t like Anderson’s banter with Erica. With the heavy subject matter covered on 360 the lighthearted moments are a welcomed distraction. Here’s the link to what that perosn says about Anderson:

    How can one put David Gergen above John??? *is very confused by this*

    What show do I like to watch in re-run??? Well I have two. M*A*S*H* anytime it’s on I’ll watch. M*A*S*H is the best show ever. The other show I love to watch in re-run is Home Improvemnet. That is one of the funniest shows ever.

  2. mebz72

    Yeah I saw that about Anderson as I was going thru the rest of his posts (hey, I’m not a work!) The whole David Gergen thing confused me as well. But to each their own. I know my best friend can’t comprehend my fascination with Peter Bergen.
    My favorite part about that blog are the pictures of Rugby players with their shorts falling off or with insane wedgies.

    I love M*A*S*H in reruns too! Long live Hawkeye! Golden Girls are still awesome. The X Files I watch all the time still.

  3. acanderfan

    I love Golden Girls too. Sophia is the best. Her comments are hilarous!!!

  4. mebz72

    I’m SO going to become Sophia in about 50 years!

  5. Millie

    Thank you Mebz for this great Friday post!!

    That was a nice find, where John is listed as #2 on the blog favorite. Also, thank you for the warning, because I almost made a mistake at work!! lol!!!

    Hands down, my favorite re-run show is SEINFELD! I have seen each of the 180 episodes at least several times over, and can STILL sit through a Seinfeld marathon any time and enjoy the episodes as much as the first time I have watched them. George Costanza IMHO is the funniest and greatest sitcom character ever!!

    I also love Golden Girls, yes, Sophia is the best. My favorite line is when Dorothy tells the girls that Stan must have slipped her something the night she got pregnant and Sophia quips, “Apparently!!!” LOL!

  6. acanderfan

    Millie, I love that line too. It’s so funny.

    I love when Drothy says “Shady Pines, Ma” when Sophia won’t listen to her.

    I also crackup when Sophia says something embarrassing and Dorothy says, “You’ll have to excuse my mother. She had a stroke which rendered a complete burden.”

  7. mebz72

    My purposal: In 40 years we all move to Miami. What do you say? Cardboard Anderson can have his own room. 🙂

  8. acanderfan

    Mebz, I think that is a wonderful proposal. I am gald you’ll allow me to take Cardboard Anderson with me to Miami.

    Great youtube video. I love Rose’s stories.

    One of my favorite sceens:

  9. Millie

    Hahahaha Mebz!

    I’d be Rose because I’m the naive and demure one of the group, AC (with all your naughtiness) would DEFINITELY be Blanche and no doubt you Mebz would be wisecracking Sophia. I guess that leaves cardboard anderson as Dorothy??????

    Another favorite scene of mine is when Blanche buys a “naughty” cake and Dorothy goes “WHOA!” when she opens the box… and then Rose thinks the cake is in the shape of Florida. ROTFLMAO!!!

    Of course there is also the hilarious scene where they check into a “clothing optional” hotel and one of the staff “points” the way upstairs to their room!!!!!

  10. acanderfan

    I love the clothing optional episode. They opt not to wear their clothing to dinner and then the waiter informs them that at the hotel everyone wears clothes to dinner.

    I like the episdoe where Rose and Blanche start that Elvis fanclub…too funny.

    One of my favorite lines of the show is when Stan shows up and says “Hi. It’s me Stan.”

    Mille, that’s great that you cast us as the Golden Girls. I am PROUD to be Blanche…LOL!!!

    Cardboard Anderson as Dorothy…I like it. Or he could be Stan…LOL!!!

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