Just Another Manic Monday…

Tuesday, 04.01.08 Posted By Millie

Update: John is hosting TSR again this afternoon.

John made a couple of appearances Monday on his regular tour of duty: first, he guest-hosted The Situation Room.


He began the show with the news about a new economic overhaul proposal, the largest of its kind since The Great Depression. THE GREAT DEPRESSION!!! OMG! That in itself should tell you how dire things are really getting. I’m not an economist, and much of it just goes over my head, but at least those in charge are realizing that something needs to be done to fix our current economic woes.

I just saw a report this morning on CNN about how independent truckers are really being hit hard, with diesel now averaging over $4.00 a gallon! Jiminy Cricket! Rusty Dornin interviewed some truckers who pay over $1,000 just to fill up their tanks. No wonder some of them are going on strike…

Here are a few more video caps of John hosting TSR Monday afternoon:




I’ve mentioned this before, but it is worth repeating. Candy Crowley is looking very good! Especially in the above picture. Kudos to her for the weight loss and sharp-looking appearance!

Next, John was a commentator on AC360 later Monday evening, along with David Gergen, for more political analysis about the elections.



I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m all politically tuckered out when it comes to watching CNN’s coverage of the election lately. Sorry CNN folks, even though I think you guys are doing a fantastic job as always, I seem to lately tune out the political talk and analysis because at the moment nothing really is changing from day to day. I hate to admit it, but “I’m just not that into it”.

April 22nd seems like a LONG way off!!! Hopefully after that Primary date, things will be more clear as to the outcome of the Democratic contest… and then watching CNN election coverage will become interesting again!

And of course, as ya’ll know, I always try to plug my hometown of El Paso whenever I get the change (lol), so here’s an article from The El Paso Times titled, “Obama Camp Investigates El Paso Convention” Seriously folks, when will all this madness end??

In closing, here is a music accompaniment to the title of today’s blog, sung by none other than The Chipmunks! Enjoy your Tuesday everyone and take care!



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6 responses to “Just Another Manic Monday…

  1. Millie

    Mebz, at first I was going to upload a regular video of the Manic Monday song, but when I happened to come across the Chipmunk version, I knew I had to post it especially for you!!!!!

  2. mebz72

    Awe, Millie, I’m touched that when you think of small rodents, you also think of me.
    Nice caps my dear.

  3. acanderfan

    John is anchoring TSR again. But Golden Girls is on too so I am watching both.

    I too am sick of all this political crap. It’s all that’s on. Sometimes it is almost painful to watch 360. However last nite was good, and I enjoyed John’s commentary as always. I swear if it wasn’t for him I couldn’t watch any political coverage.

    Millie that is so sweet of you, that when you think of small rodents Mebz comes to mind. Mebz you must feel honored.

  4. Millie

    Oooh, Golden Girls! Which episode aired today?

  5. acanderfan

    It was an episode where and investigator came to talk to Sophia about the fire at Shady Pines. They all thought she was going to go to jail.

  6. acanderfan

    Third day in a row that John is anchoring TSR.

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