Politics and Religion

04.14.08 Posted By Millie

Good Monday morning everyone.  You know, the really good thing about Mondays is that they only have to happen once a week, lol!

This past weekend John was on the air to provide analysis of the Compassion Forum, held in  Grantham,  Pa on the campus of Messiah College.  There had been some hype leading up to this event, but to be honest, I was disappointed overall once I sat through some segments I had DVR’d.

Ok, I admit, the highlight of the weekend was getting to watch John (tee hee) but really, though, the substance of the forum just didn’t move me one way or another as far as who I think is a better Democratic candidate, Clinton or Obama.

I guess in general though, religion and politics just don’t exactly tickle my fancy as far as political coverage is concerned.    Yes, it would be nice to have  a president who has faith in God and does attend church regularly, but ultimately, it is more important (for me at least) to have a candidate who is all about serving our country to the best of their ability.  I don’t care if our eventual candidate is Christian, Buddhist, Jewish or even atheist.  As long as the future President is well equipped to handle the job, I really don’t see religion as a factor in which I would use to determine who I will eventually vote for.

That said, let’s get to some screencaps of John giving analysis after the forum.

John has spent the last several days in Pennsylvania, and I’m sure we’ll see more of him in the Keystone State in the upcoming days until April 22nd.  I have a feeling, though, that after the 22nd we will be no closer to having a nominee that we are now.

Here are some more screengrabs of John in and around Pennsylvania over the last few days.

And, because we could all use a Monday perk me up, what better way to do so than watch the spontaneous and infectious laughter of a cute kid??

See you all back on Wednesday.  But in the meantime don’t worry, you’ll get Mebz’s dose of johnthenewsking tomorrow!!!



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5 responses to “Politics and Religion

  1. acanderfan

    I didn’t even watch that compassion forum last nite. I have had more than enough Campbell Brown for one week. Nor did I watch John’s coverage atfer it. I did however watch John on satuday nite, and I must say that program really held my attention. Ususaly programs about politics do not hold my interest, but this one did. My mom even watched it with me becuase she is originally from Pennsylvania and she wanted to see what they were saying on the program.

    If there are anymore of those compassion forums I hope Anderson or John dosen’t moderate them, because if either one does, then I’ll be forced to watch it and be bored out of my mind…LOL!!!

  2. acanderfan

    Off topic, but that last screencap of John. He looks like Anderson. I’ve seen that same look on Anderson before.

  3. Millie

    Ehhh I can slightly see the resemblance AC. lol!

  4. acanderfan

    I am in serious Anderwithdrawl so I see the resemblances everywhere…LOL!!!

  5. mebz72

    I am in love with you for those screencaps. I watched part of Route 2008 on Saturday night, but missed it Sunday. I was watching Living with the Kombai (I can’t help it, I love Mark and Olly)

    I better get crackin’ on something for Tuesday.

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