Philly, Vegas, Wisconsin, Oh My!

04.16.08 Posted by Millie

Here’s a little hump day jingle to get us started off today. Just click on the image below.

Here are some pictures of the NAB-RTNDA conference from Las Vegas yesterday. You can just barely make out where John is:

I drew a yellow arrow indicating where I think he is standing on the right side of the picture, just in front of the other guy. Here is an additional image from the conference, although it looks like some type of reflection on a large screen.:

Thanks AC for passing on that TVNewser link yesterday! Some of you might have already checked that article out, but if not, there was a mention of funny quote from John about his luggage having been lost on this trip.

“At the start of the discussion, John King made note of his attire: a new sport coat, shirt and tie and jeans. ‘To celebrate the Delta-Northwest merger they sent my bags somewhere else.’ A CNN staffer convinced the hotel to reopen the men’s store around 11pm last night so King could buy the shirt and tie. Before leaving Las Vegas for Wisconsin (to cover the McCain campaign), King sat down for an interview with TVNewser. We’ll have that on Friday.”

(Hint, hint Mebz, they said they would have an interview posted to their site on FRIDAY.)

John has been doing quite some criss-crossing lately… From Philadelphia to Las Vegas to Wisconsin all within a week. And of, course, as we all know the Pennsylvania primary is less than a week away, so we should be seeing him back in their neck of the woods soon.

I missed having our primary parties…. I think I will be good and ready for AC’s Italian-themed event.

AC do you live near any canals, rivers or streams? We could take Cardboard Anderson out for a ride in the Gondola I am going to rent for the occasion.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!



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3 responses to “Philly, Vegas, Wisconsin, Oh My!

  1. acanderfan

    I bet John has alot of frequent flyer miles with all the traveling he has been doing lately. I hope his luggage has been found.

    Sadly I do not live near any water, but maybe we can find something else to do.

    I can’t wait to read the interview on friday. It should be interesting.

  2. Millie

    I guess we can float the gondola in your bathtub, place Cardboard Anderson in it (with swimtrunks of course) and paddle him around.

  3. acanderfan

    Aww…I was hoping Cardboard Anderson wouldn’t have to wear swimtrunks…LOL!!!

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