“It’s Heeere!” *said in poltergeist voice*

Tuesday, 04.22.08 Posted by: Mebz

The day of judgment has arrived!! Two Democratic Presidential candidates go into Pennsylvania-only ONE comes out! Let’s get ready to rumble!! Okay, so maybe tonight won’t be as exciting as a professional wrestling match (if you like that sort of thing) Update- AP headline: Clinton, Obama and McCain on WWE’s ‘Monday Night Raw’ -Maybe it IS like a wrestling match. And I seriously doubt that tonight’s results will decided anything definitively. Nonetheless, we have come here to party. Word on the street is that AC’s fixing Italian.

I’m not so sure that Cardboard Anderson will survive another Primary Party. (Especially if AC starts hitting the Vino.) Won’t you join us in the comments this evening and find out?

Moving on to your daily dose of John King- since we kinda like him ’round these parts.

COOPER: Senator Barack Obama campaigning in Pennsylvania. The polls open just hours from now, and tomorrow night we’ll have live coverage of the returns all night long, along with expert analysis from the best political team on television. You’ve heard that phrase before. Right now we’re going to look ahead, beyond tomorrow to the battle for delegates nationwide. For that we turn again to John King and his magic map — John.

Yes, I know my pictures are always in gallery form. That’s all it will let me do. Curse you, WordPress! See you guys tonight.



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48 responses to ““It’s Heeere!” *said in poltergeist voice*

  1. acanderfan

    My guess is that tomorrow we won’t be any closer to having a democrat nominee than we are today.

    Yes, we are having Italian tonite, and I think Millie mentioned something about bringing sutffed manicotti…YUMMY!!!

    Better keep me away from the vino, don’t want anything happening to Cardboard Anderson.

    Nice pics of John at the Magic Wall. You can tell he’s really hving fun when he’s messing with it.

  2. Millie

    Yum, the table spread looks deeeeelisssh!! I will save up my appetite by not eating all day so I can pig out tonight.

    I remember about 6 weeks ago thinking, man the PA primary is such a LONG way off… and I was all tuckered out from the political coverage… but now lo and behold the Primary is finally here. Even though the race will still probably be neck and neck after tonight, perhaps one candidate will end up having more momentum than the other, causing either one to rethink staying in the race for the foreseeable future… who knows?

    I’m just happy to have another Primary Party. I kinda missed having them. You know, for the November election, we are going to have to top ourselves with an all-out bash…. probably like reserving a cruise ship solely for ourselves!! lol.

    I hope you don’t mind but I invited Jason Castro from American Idol. He said he’d come on over as soon as he finishes performing tonight. He is such a sweetie pie, not to mention adorably humble.. Ahh, his voice is so unique!!! *Millie gets goosebumps*

  3. acanderfan

    I have missed our primary parties too. We’ll have to start planning the November one early so we can make it the best party we’ve had.

    Invite whoever you want. Do we know who Mebz is invting??? She is coming isn’t she??? Haven’t heard anything from her for aw few days.

  4. Millie

    Ahh, I see the delivery van has just dropped off CNN ice sculpture. Shall I place it over here by the stuffed manacotti, AC?

    Hmm, the top part of the C has already melted off!! It looks like a sideways J.

  5. mebz72

    Yeah, I’m around! I’ll becoming solo tonight- someone has to protect cardboard Anderson.

  6. acanderfan

    Mebz, are you implying that Cardboard Anderson is not safe with me???

    Looks like our CNN sclupture won’t make it through the nite.

  7. mebz72

    I didn’t mean to imply that Cardboard Anderson was not safe with you-I actually meant to say it plainly.

  8. acanderfan

    Well he’s probbaly not safe with me anyhow…LOL!!!

    Interesting article about John and his Magic Wall:


  9. mebz72

    AC, I LOVE you, that article was wonderful! Great find.

  10. acanderfan

    Yeah it was a great article. Probably one of the best I have read.

  11. acanderfan

    The food has finally arrived and the party can begin.I think Cardboard Anderson wants some vino.

  12. acanderfan

    I must say John is looking very good tonite 😀

  13. mebz72

    I’m here! I’ve brought the garlic bread!
    Why does our ice sculpture look like 3 ice cubes in a puddle?

  14. mebz72

    Well, duh, AC. When doesn’t John look good?

  15. acanderfan

    You have a ponit Mebz, he always looks good. But Anderson isn’t on yet, so John is looking extra good now.

    I don’t know what happend to the ice sclupture. Maybe it melted when Cardboard Anderson fell on it.

  16. mebz72

    Was Cardboard Anderson on fire, when he fell on it/

  17. acanderfan

    Yeah on fire wirh passion… 😆

  18. mebz72

    Whoa there cowgirl.

  19. mebz72

    Where is Millie?

  20. acanderfan

    I am not sure where she is. Maybe Cardboard Anderson and I should go look for her.

  21. mebz72

    Oh, no you don’t Missy. If you leave with Cardboard Anderson, I know you aren’t coming back. You sit right there.

  22. acanderfan

    You know me too well, Mebz

  23. acanderfan

    Mebz, how much wine have you had tonite?

  24. mebz72

    Only one glass *shifty eyes* Why do you ask?

  25. acanderfan

    Where is Anderson??? No one wants to listen to/look at Campbell Brown.

    *chants: We want Anderson!!! We want Anderson!!! We want Anderson!!!*

  26. acanderfan

    Becuase Mebz, I found 3 pieces of garlic bread in the bowl of spaghetti, and I heard you mumbling about passing out in the bathtub tonite.

  27. mebz72

    hey, I’m not the one with alfredo on my face.

  28. mebz72

    yeah, where is anderson?

  29. acanderfan

    oops, I guess I do have alfredo on my face.

    I wish Anderson was on. I am going though Anderwithdrawal tonite.

  30. acanderfan

    Anderson!!! Damn it where is that man???

  31. Millie

    Hi guys!! Here I am! Sorry, I was being held up by, erm, the delay of Jason Castro’s limo arriving…. umm, yeah… that was it… a limo delay… *whistles innocently*

    Man I’m starved!!! Where is the stuffed manacotti??

  32. mebz72

    maybe at 10?

  33. Millie

    CNN projected that Hillary wins. Great, that makes only a small dent in her attempt to catch up. This is still nowhere near to being resolved.

    I still haven’t found the stuffed Manacotti! AC what have you done with it???

  34. Millie

    Ohh, doesn’t the sound of Jason crooning out on the front porch just melt your heart??

  35. acanderfan

    Mebz runined the manicotti when she spilled the wine on it.

    Why is Campbell Brown still on??? I want Anderson!!!

  36. Millie

    Oh great. I cannot eat stuffed manacotti that’s been swimming in wine! Let me go check on Jason and see what he would like to eat…

  37. acanderfan

    I have turned into a very impatient Anderfan. This primary nite has been a bust.

  38. acanderfan

    Well Anderson is finnaly on. He looks like crap and he is putting me to sleep. He’s far too boring tonite.

  39. acanderfan

    Why does Anderson have to moderate this pannel. Put John on let him do it. At least he can keep me awake.

  40. acanderfan

    And another thing Anderson shouldn’t be in HD. He looks bad in HD. His nose looks too big (my mom pointed this out) and I think his face looks entirely too red.

  41. Millie

    Is your Mom an Anderfan too AC? Yeah the results night has been kinda dull… no real surprises in the outcome… just confirmation that this thing is going to keep dragging.. and dragging…

    Hey where is Mebz? She better not be off canoodling with Jason!

  42. acanderfan

    Yeah my mom likes AC too. But he looks down right terrible in HD.

  43. Millie

    Goodness, if you feel he looks terrible in HD then I wonder how you feel about him in person! Oh, let me not forget you had the opportunity to meet him in the flesh!

  44. acanderfan

    He looks hott in person, he just dosen’t look good in HD. If they don’t get John on here soon I am going to fall asleep.

  45. acanderfan

    There should be a law against being so borring on TV this late at nite. I don’t know what it is but AC is not holding my attention at all. Where is John??? Haven’t seen him in a while.

  46. acanderfan

    YAY!!! John is on. Finally something interesting. Seriously, he has to be the best political reporter. He is the only person who can hold my interest when talking about politics.

  47. Millie

    Well I checked with Jason and Mebz was not off canooldling with him *whew* but her dissapearance has sparked a bit of a scandal, don’t you think?

    Well, that’s it for me tonite. Jason and his limo are out front waiting for me. Don’t wait up for me ladies, I will see you sometime when the sun comes up!!

  48. mebz72

    Man! That was a party last night! I can assure you, Millie, I had nothing to do with Jason. Probably because I have no idea who he is. I don’t watch American Idol. If if isn’t on CNN, Travel Channel or Food Network- chances are I’ve never seen it.

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