May The Force Be With You

Wednesday, 04.23.08 Posted By Millie

Ok so another Primary has come and gone… and the question begs to be asked, well now what? This is really getting to be like a weird episode of the Twilight Zone… seriously, can the Dems keep on going like this for the next several months? I am no political expert and I am just giving my humble opinion, but it seems like someone, somewhere, could come to a “gentleman’s agreement” on how to move forward. Ok let me be politically correct as there is a woman running for President: “Gentlepersons Agreement”…

AC pointed out a great link yesterday from a New York Times Article about John. It was a intresting article, because we rarely get to read something about John that delves into a bit more detail. Of course from the very beginning on, we’ve always known John is a very private person, but it is still nonetheless interesting to find out a little more about our favorite CNN reporter/substitute anchor/magic map master.

And check out the picture posted along with that article:

This would be a great submission for “Beat 360”. My caption would be, “Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.”

I’ve mentioned in passing before that I LOVE Star Wars. ANY reference to Star Wars just puts a smile on my face. So I was tickled pink when the NY Times author wrote “his bosses paired him with a device that would become the C-3PO to his Luke Skywalker.” John, May The Force Be With You!!!

Mebz stated in the comments of yesterday’s post that she does not follow American Idol so she has no idea who Jason Castro is. Well, Mebz, there are only two singers whose crooning voices give me goosebumps.


and B:

Here is a YouTube video of Jason’s performance last night… after which he later made a mad dash in his limo to catch our primary party. Let’s hope he gets sent to the “safe” chair tonight!

Happy Wednesday everyone and take care!



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5 responses to “May The Force Be With You

  1. mebz72

    Okay, his voice was good. But I was distracted by two things 1) he was singing a song from Cats and 2) what the hell is up with his hair?
    I must be the only person who doesn’t understand the appeal of American Idol. Sorry, Simon.

  2. acanderfan

    Mebz, I too do not understand the appeal of American Idol.

    So that article I found yesterday, I liked it becuase very rarely do we get any details about John that aren’t about his job. It’s nice to every so often read a little detail about John’s personal life.

    Millie, I agree that, that pictute would make a great Beat 360 pic. My caption would be: “So I had a pizza this big, but then Anderson came in and ate it all.”

  3. Millie

    Well it was “Andrew-Lloyd Webber” night so all the contestants had to sing a song from broadway. At first his hair is a bit of distraction, yes, but hey, it makes him unique without looking like a freak (ie Sanjaya from last year)

    Mebz since you don’t follow American Idol, just search google and/or youtube for Sanjaya’s Bathwater performance, you will see what I mean.

    Hmm… I wonder if John can carry a tune???

  4. acanderfan

    That would be interesting to know if John can can carry a tune. They need like CNN Idol. That would be fuuny, seeing whoch CNN personalities can sing. Anderson would lose. He can’t sing. There was a clip on youtube (sadly it has been removed), but you could hear him singing a line of that song “Tiny Bubbles”. I believe this was from season 02 of The Mole.

  5. Millie

    Whew, Jason was not eliminated tonight!! 🙂

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