The Laziest Post Ever

Friday, 05.02.08 Posted by: Mebz

John King Picture of the Week:

Thank you, that will be all.

Ok here’s Millie intervening so that this won’t be the laziest post ever. We need some Friday afternoon entertainment, don’t we? Because Mebz is fascinated with beings small in stature, I pulled up this picture after reading yesterday’s post:

And here are the Munchkins singing “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead”:

Ok, so this video has nothing to do with JK, but I thought we could use some color and entertainment before heading into the weekend… especially considering next week yet another PRIMARY will be held! (I’m digging around in my attic for an old toga sheet, BTW)

We’ll see you Monday… and I promise over the weekend to spend some extra time digging up new JK material!!



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2 responses to “The Laziest Post Ever

  1. Millie

    Hi ladies, how is your Friday night going???

  2. acanderfan

    I like that pic of John, very nice.

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