Got Your Togas Out Yet?

Monday, 05.05.08 Posted By Millie

Ok, so last week I bragged about how I was going to do all this great JK research over the weekend yada yada yada, and what ended up happening?

Can we say, WRITER’S BLOCK?

Whoops, Millie just had a pata sandwich.

Sorry I don’t have much for you all today… I just have to admit that my inspiration has been a bit low lately, so please forgive this gal… Maybe things will pick up for me (inspiration-wise) after our TOGA PARTY tomorrow night.

I forgot… who is hosting? Please refresh my memory.. Not sure if I should be heading to Mebz’s place or AC’s…

Anyway, this isn’t me, but this is what I’ll be looking like tomorrow. See you then.


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One response to “Got Your Togas Out Yet?

  1. acanderfan

    Mebz is hosting. She claims she is concerned about what I will wear since it is a toga party…lol!!!

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