Toga! Toga! Toga!

Tuesday, 05.06.08 Posted by: Mebz

 (Obligatory Animal House Picture)

Primary Party # 765 tonight!  Our theme this time: TOGA!  Only fitting since ancient Greece was the birth place of democracy- or was that Rome?  Oh, heck, I can’t remember.  It is really fitting mostly because our parties heavily resemble that of a frat house on homecoming weekend.  Who’s up for some olive oil wrestling?  Moving on, I realized that after all this time I can’t even remember what the hell we’re voting for anymore.  I therefore have come to the difficult conclusion that CNN must now be watched entirely on mute until after the Presidential election- it might be the only way to save what little sanity I have left.  (And yes, I can hear you snickering in cyberspace.)  So I confess tonight is only about seeing John King and the Magic Map.

 Election?  What election? has added a new audio podcast with JK talking about North Carolina and Indiana.

If anyone needs help making their apparel for tonight’s festivities here it some help. How to make a toga.

See you guys later.



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21 responses to “Toga! Toga! Toga!

  1. acanderfan

    My toga dosen’t look like that. It dosen’t cover as much…lol!!!

  2. acanderfan

    Um…Cardboard Anderson’s toga kind of fell off…

  3. Millie

    Hi guys! Whew! Sorry I am a little late to the party, I was just backstage with Jason Castro consoling him him a bit… he didn’t perform to well tonight and he even messed up a few lines. But he’s ok now that it is over. Now I can devote my full attention to the toga party!!!

    I KNEW it would be trouble, putting cardboard anderson in a toga!

  4. Millie

    Hey what’s up with that, my avatar looks like a snowflake!!!

  5. Millie

    So where is Mebz??? Hmmm, I thought I might have seen little ol’ puss backstage with David Archuleta from American Idol …. maybe that was her????

  6. acanderfan

    I am not sure where Mebz is. It’s not that Cardboard Anderson’s toga fell off, I just didn’t put it on tightly so it could easily come off…LOL!!!

  7. acanderfan

    OK enough of Obama, I want to see Anderson!!!

    *is becoming an impatient AnderFan*

  8. Millie

    See, I TOLD you that loose-fitting clothing on cardboard anderson would only cause problems.

    Hey, this hummus dip and falafel is just yummy!!!

    AC, quit tugging at my toga!!! Yes it IS real!

  9. mebz72

    Ok, I’m here, just got out of a meeting- Let’s party!

  10. mebz72

    AC, why does cardboard anderson’s leftover toga look just like my bedspread???

  11. mebz72

    Oooo, John’s on.

  12. Millie

    Uhh huh, a “meeting”….

    With David A???

  13. acanderfan

    Mebz, I kind of made Cardboard Anderson’s toga out of your bedspread. Sorry.

    Cardbaord Anderson tells me that later tonite around 2am that John will be joing the party. I had no idea he knew of our toga party.

  14. mebz72

    I don’t know who this Lanny Davis dude is… but he needs to step up off of John!

  15. mebz72

    I don’t know who David Archuleta is… so no.

  16. acanderfan

    Lanny Davis is so annoying. Surely they could find someone other than him.

    I apologize for Cardbaord Anderson not really having anything on.

  17. Millie

    Well guys I am going to call it a night. Jason’s waiting for me in the limo. Later Alligators!!!

  18. mebz72

    *whispers to AC* I don’t think Millie likes us anymore.

    Cardboard Anderson looks… cold.

  19. acanderfan

    *whispers to Mebz* I agree, I don’t think she likes us.

    Cardboard Anderson does look cold. I can take care of that. *hauls Cardboard Anderson off to the bedroom*

  20. mebz72

    Hey, hey, hey, Not MY bedroom, Missy, you come back here with that over grown lawn ornament!

  21. acanderfan

    Fine, we’ll go to the crappy guest room, but really Mebz, you need a better bed in there.

    Cardboard Anderson resents you calling him an over gorwon lawn ornamnet. He is sad now.

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