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Tuesday, 05.13.08 Posted By Millie

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by. If you have noticed, the activity here at Johnthenewsking has slowed down somewhat (I tell ya, those primary parties sure do take a toll on us!!!!!!)

Actually, the real reason is because it has been increasingly difficult for me to find the time to blog, and blog with gusto!! It takes a lot of time to research, write, edit, etc… When I first started the site last July I admittedly had waaaaaaay too much time on my hands, lol! But now, its been a challenge for me to maintain a regular blogging schedule, because In addition to working full time, I’ve recently taken up a part time job, started doing some volunteering at a local school and – now this is cool- I’ve added a Curves workout to my daily schedule!!! (5 pounds and 5 inches in one month! yay me!) Also, this Friday I am leaving on a 2-week road trip to Tucson, Arizona, which will be a lot of fun, but will also limit by abillity to blog in the upcoming weeks.

It’s been a fantastic year. You just can’t beat getting to know all the cool friends who have converged to this site, and you just can’t beat hearing from the main man himself!!! What a delight it truly has been!

I am not completely shutting down the site (after all, I am very proud that I gave birth to this baby!) and you know, the election season is not over, so there will be surprises down the road of course. You never know when the inpiration will strike me to come on over and rekindle things a bit! If you’d like e-mail notifications when new material is posted at this site, please send me a short e-mail with your address.

Mebz and AC, you two are the best. Thank you for always coming here and bringing a smile to my face with your sassy comments and observations. We’ve had a lot of visitors come and go, but you two especially have been there with me through thick and thin and I love you both!!! (We are a bit like the three stooges, don’t you think? haha.)

Well take care everyone, and here’s a classic JK video from Kitten I think is very fitting to repost at this time:



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8 responses to “Note From Millie

  1. acanderfan

    Millie, you have done an AMAZING job with this bolg. I enjoyed coming here and learnng about John and talking to you and Mebz. I bet it is alot of hard work to keep this blog going. I know sometimes it’s hard for me to do my LiveJournal.

    Millie I will always think of you and Mebz, whenever I watch the Golden Girls.

    Great video Kitten. Those were really nice pics of John.

  2. Millie

    Thanks AC…funny about the Golden Girls observation… I thought the EXACT same thing!!

  3. acanderfan

    Millie I e-mailed you this afternoon, did you get it??? I have been having trouble with my e-mail so I have no idea if people get what I send them.

  4. Millie

    Yes, I got it… thanks.

  5. The Good Doctor

    Sorry to hear you’ll be taking a hiatus – it’s been great fun reading your posts! By the way, I saw “His Silver Eminence” at the Party Store in Rockville last weekend, picking up about 50 small gift bags – maybe he was hosting a Primary Party of his own! (More likely it was for one of his kiddies).

  6. The Good Doctor

    BTW – congrats on your Curves results!!!

  7. Millie

    Thanks, doc

  8. Millie

    “His Silver Eminence” – never heard that one before!

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