Pic Spam and Peter Bergen.

Thursday, 06.26.08 Posted by: Mebz

Hey girls!  It’s been a pretty busy (i.e. stressful) week for me work-wise.  And simultaneously, quiet on the John King/CNN front.  So, to calm my nerves and for the lack of anything better to post, I was thinking Pic Spam! Who doesn’t love a good pic spam now and then? (Answer: No one)  Enjoy!

Also, if you haven’t seen/heard Peter Bergen’s discussion last week at New America on Pakistan, it’s available on YouTube. Here

Peter’s highlight is Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video



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5 responses to “Pic Spam and Peter Bergen.

  1. acanderfan

    Great pics Mebz 😀 I love the second one 🙂

  2. Millie

    Ahh thanks, Mebz!!! Just what a girl needs, some JK pic spam to wake up to this Sunday morning!! tee hee.

    You are inspiring me to dust off my JK blogging skills and post every now and then. I can’t promise a regular schedule, but when the inspiration hits me, you might see something from me now and then.

    AC!!! Hi!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

  3. Millie

    Hey maybe we should have a “un-primary” party in the future…. what do you guys think???

  4. Wendy

    John Ignorant King is the most prejudiced and biased journalist on CNN. He sounds uneducated especially after the debates stating that the poles are higher for Obama due to more dems being at home to vote while Repuubs were out with their kids at soccer practice???? What a stupid statement. King should be fired for being such a dumb white boy…… He is always biased towards Johm McCain and like many people have said “he is purely a hide-hooded racist”. Get rid of him……

  5. semifolle

    wah!I’m so happy,this whole blog makes me smile.I love John King,and I happened to stumble upon this on accident.Yay! keep up the good work,and hopefully you guys get back soon to post more! ^_^
    Viva le John King!

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