Odds and Ends

Thursday, October 9, 2008  Posted by: Mebz

Hello Everyone.  As my title post indicates, I have a few odds and ends for y’all.

1. A VERY NICE flicker photo stream featuring our favorite political reporter.  The rights were reserved, so I didn’t feel right about cuttin’ and pastin’.  Regardless, here is the link:  CLICK ME!  You won’t be disappointed.

2. A interview JK did during the Democratic National Convention.  (I’ve been trying to get it embedded, but the WordPress overlords have thwarted my every attempt!)  Regardless, watch it here: video

3. Self Explanatory

4. Ditto

Last Note: I wanted to send good thoughts to the beloved Warden of the Drunken Monkeys (Don’t ask, it would take too long to explain.)  Cyn, web-mistress of MickWare.com and the recent victim of an unprovoked screen-cap stealing (see post below) is having surgery tommorrow.  GET WELL SOON, CYN!!  This one’s for you:




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4 responses to “Odds and Ends

  1. acanderfan

    Mebz, that pic of John on flicker is HOTT. That is the best pic I have ever seen of him. The other pics of John you posted are nice too.

    Nice interview John did. I love hearing him talk. He is so knowledgable and intelligent and I love the sound of his voice.

  2. madnewsnerd

    First things first, DAMN.
    In regard to that second photo. Like seriously, I don’t know how PG you try to keep it around here but that had to be said. The flicker pic was nice too but the 2nd one takes the cake.

    I couldn’t watch the video because I go to a fascist school and they censor the internet 😦
    I like your new layout, and the new header picture.
    Happy blogging and JK pic hunting.

  3. mebz72

    Hey, madnewsnerd (nice name)
    DAMN, by all means is an appropriate form of expression, one that I have used on more than one occasion. I suppose that makes us more PG-13.
    And while I try not to get too fangirly, it must be said that JK knows how to bring the hotness.

    You’ll back me up on this, right AC?

    OMG, I’m watching 360 and Erica just dressed up like Anderson. Ha! Ha!

  4. acanderfan

    Erica dressed up like Anderson was the creepiest thing I have ever seen. And that wig was horrible. The last time Anderson had hair that drak he was probably 10 years old…LOL!!!

    Mebz, has this ever been a PG blog??? I always thought we were PG-13…LOL!

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