Tell Me Why? I Don’t Like Mondays…

Monday, October 13, 2008  Posted by: Mebz

Hello All!  How was everyone’s weekend?  Apparently it’s Columbus Day, which I was completely unaware of until an hour ago.  Its also the 50th birthday of Paddington Bear.  And for you X-files fans, it’s also Fox Mulder’s birthday.  You can’t say that JohnthenewsKing isn’t educational.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram compiled a list of “Power Pundits.”  While I take slight issue with the term pundit (he’s a reporter– dammit!) here’s what they had to say regarding the King of the Magic Map: 

John King, CNN — Billed as the network’s chief national correspondent, he’s best known to viewers as one thing: the Wizard of Aahs who controls the Magic Wall. His state-of-the art, interactive national election map — technically called the Multi-Touch Collaboration Wall — is a mesmerizing piece of technology that sometimes seems to send King into a state of hypnotic, electoral bliss.

I’d like to note that technology is only as good as the person running it.  The Magic Wall is cool and all, but JK has to KNOW his stuff, or else he would just be playing with a map.  Moving on-

The AC360 blog this morning says:

John King will report from battleground state of Missouri, and explore the race issue from the inner city perspective. We have brought up the issue of how some whites may or may not vote for Obama (otherwise known as the Bradley effect) but tonight John will look more closely at the hope and anticipation in black communities at the prospect of Obama as President.

BATTLEGROUND STATE OF MISSOURI!?!?! Gee, who else do I know in Missouri, oh wait- IT’S ME!!  Thanks a lot, 360 Blog for not giving me a city!  Not that I’d probably go there anyway…  I admire from afar… But if he happens to be in my home town… not very likely… rural Mid-Mo is hardly “inter city”… maybe I could… what if… Nah, not going to happen.  Drats!

Here’s a video from this weekend’s election special America Votes 2008.

Pretty random post today.  What can I say, it’s Monday.  Later!



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2 responses to “Tell Me Why? I Don’t Like Mondays…

  1. acanderfan

    Mebz, I am sorry the 360 blog was selfish and did not think of you. Now you have no idea where John is. For all we know he could be in your city.

    John’s piece on 360 sounds really interesting. He always has the best pieces on 360.

    I had no idea to was Paddington Bear’s 50th birthday.

  2. patimc

    Hey Mebz, if you see a large white truck with a dish on the top driving thru your town, by all means…FOLLOW IT! LOL.

    Here’s wishing that you get to see John. You surely deserve it girl! =)

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