A slightly inebriated critique of the 3rd Presidential Debate.

Thursday October 16, 2008 Posted by: Mebz

Happy Almost Weekend Everyone!  How’s it going?  My week has SUCKED!  Busy and stressful.  But at least I’m not running for President.  (Although I should.  I would make a wonderful Commander and Chief.  And John King would TOTALLY be my Press Secretary)  Anyway, I’m off tomorrow, I have broken out my flannel pajamas, Kenny Loggins is playing and am half-way through a bottle of white wine.  Things are looking up.  (Of course, if I finish this bottle everything will be looking up, because I will be on the floor…  Hey AC, you still have cardboard Anderson around somewhere?  This is turning into a party.)

The alcohol is responsible for all things following.

It’s nice to know that CNN takes to heart all of the well-intentioned advice that I give free of charge on this blog. (Sarcasm) Example, the notion that perhaps they should use both sides of the table.  Exhibit #1:


They have so many people on that set that they ran out of chairs!  Let poor Roland Martin sit down!

Dana and John’s heads make a nice frame for Andy, don’t you think?

Mebz’s favorite quote of the evening:  Anderson Cooper: “How does the race change now for John McCain?”  David Gergen: “Beats the hell out of me.”  Probably the most honest answer of the evening.  The Gerg, rocks.

Proof that JK was in Missouri this week:


I’m playing with WordPress’ new poll option:


The bottle is two drops short of bone dry.  And I’m tipsy… who am I lying, I’m drunk.  Any mistakes in spelling and/or grammar is due solely to this fine Australian wine.  Maybe I’ll proof read this when I’m sober.  No promises.  Later, all.




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4 responses to “A slightly inebriated critique of the 3rd Presidential Debate.

  1. the fact that so many people are praising McCain for his performance in the third debate proves that he and Palin have lowered people’s expectations down to nothing (don’t forget, the VP debates were a tie!)

  2. acanderfan

    Mebz, I love love love your sense of humor!

    The best line of wednesday nite was when Anderson was talking about having so many people in that room that the fire department was going to shut that bad boy down.

    I thought it was cute that John and Dana were sitting next to each other. But you are right, their heads do make a good frame for Anderson…LOL!!!

    Great JK pic. He looks very handsome and distinguished in that pic.

    Enjoy your day off Mebz!

  3. madnewsnerd

    A Rick Sanchez costume would scare the hell out of me. I really can’t stand too much of him…

    I love David Gergen. Not as much as that women who was on AC360 last night because that’s just creepy. No wait, that’s how much I love JK… well anyway, Gergen rocks.

    Side note, I was watching “American Beauty” today anyone ever notice how much Kevin Spacey and Mike Huckabee look alike? Creepy within the context of the movie. Yeah random.

  4. patimc

    Best quote of the night…. heck, here is my fav….”(Of course, if I finish this bottle everything will be looking up, because I will be on the floor….) oh Mebz, you make my day!

    Seriously the best quote from the LAST Debate (thank you Jesus!) to me was firstly when Anderson called TBPTOT the “Best Political HOARDE on Television” and cracked them all up. From here I totally agree with acanderfan – when Anderson said they would “shut his bad boy down’. Oh God there is nothing better than hearing “real life” Anderson come out. Darling. And damned funny. He is just like the rest of us. Oh, and The Gerg (bows respectfully) – no one like our dear David to tell it like it is. One of the few voices of reason, God Bless him.

    So, hey next time you decide to chill in the flannels with some wine, give me a holler. That is me in my natural environment as well.

    Enjoy the weekend, and thanks for the JK videos. He is dishy!

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