Wednesday, November 19

Watch… just watch.  And smile.  All day.  Deep, deep smile.

“Before you kill me John King, I just have a couple of questions.”  Those are so TOTALLY going to be my last words on earth.




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7 responses to “Happy

  1. patimc

    This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. The ending! Yikes, how stunning. Ok, I was just about to send this to you, but you have it and all is right with the world. The King is in His Throne. Amen to that. Priceless! Smiling, smiling, all day long. =)

  2. mebz72

    I can’t even begin to express how great that was. John King talking on a cell phone while wearing an oven mitt?!?! I literally shrieked! “Sprinkles make the cupcakes…”
    I love this man. It is most certainly good to be the king.

  3. katiechan

    That was pure magic. Mebz, I love you for finding this!

  4. Ashley

    I know! This video was too cute and too funny! I think that John is the cutest and sweetest CNN anchor ever (of course so is Anderson)! He did a great acting job in this video. I loved his evil/sweet expression in the cupcake scene, teee hee, hee!

  5. mebz72

    Katie! How’ve you been?

  6. katiechan

    Crazy busy! 🙂

    But it’s all better ’cause whats better stress relief than some JK goodness?

    btw, I love how the CNN part or the Magic Map wiki is the longest part of the article.

  7. madnewsnerd

    Ever since seeing this on TDS I have been smiling. I sent it to a girlfriend of mine with the caption, ” I’m in love all over again.” Glad to see it made “the shot” lol.

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