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Sing it, Kool and the Gang!

First and foremost, this post needs a soundtrack.  So press play and continue reading:

From CNN Political Ticker:

Posted: 04:47 PM ET
John King will host CNN's new Sunday public affairs show.
John King will host CNN’s new Sunday public affairs show.

(CNN) — CNN Chief National Correspondent John King is set to take the helm a new four-hour Sunday block of political programming, CNN announced Monday.

King, who has been with CNN for more than a decade, became a household name this election season after breaking a host of stories for the network — including Barack Obama’s selection of Joe Biden as his running mate. His expert analysis on election nights and innovative use of the “Magic Wall” technology won wide praise and was quickly imitated by several other networks.

Watch: King discusses his new show

“We are reinventing Sunday mornings around the best political reporter of his generation, John King,” CNN/U.S. President Jon Klein said. “He has stood out throughout the election as the single best connected, most knowledgeable source of what’s going on and why, and this new program is an opportunity to showcase those strengths throughout the entire year.”

The new block, to run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET will debut in January. The first hour will focus heavily on politics and the new administration, while the later hours will delve into national and world affairs and commentary on current events. The four hours will also include “Reliable Sources,” hosted by Howard Kurtz, which will continue as an hourlong examination into the intersection of the national media, politics, and the hottest topics in news.

Meanwhile, Wolf Blitzer will continue to serve as CNN’s lead political anchor through the next presidential race and host of “The Situation Room” — the No. 1-rated weekday news program in all three hours during November among the key 25- to 54-year-old demo.


WooHoo, indeed!  I’ve only been waiting 4 years for this day.  I know I’m critical of you at times, but CNN, you rocked my world today.  Thank You.
Congrats John!  There is no reporter that deserves it more!!!
Small problem:  I WORK SUNDAY MORNINGS.  Oh cruel irony, why must a JK blogger work during the exact hours that JK is anchoring.  Oh cruel fate, what have I done to displease you so!!!!!!
I’ve got a month to figure out the solution.  Keep you posted.


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Dusting off the Cobwebs

Monday, 06.16.08 Posted by: Mebz

OH!  I’VE MISSED YOU GUYS!  It has been a crazy-busy month for me.  I’ve been gone for 3 out of the last 4 weeks.  I have been to Michigan, New York, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa, not to mention a week at my parent’s house.  It sure is good to be home! (Will be even better once I get my laundry done!)  I don’t know how JK and the other CNN personnel handle such travel- I’m exhausted!

I’ve missed a lot on the CNN front, but thankfully not too much concerning JK’s reporting as he was off for a good portion of the last few weeks too. (BTW: Congratulations John and Dana!  We at Johnthenewsking wish you ALL THE BEST!!)

Alright enough of that.  Let’s get down to business.  While playing catch-up on the news I missed while gone, I saw John’s piece on the End of Freedom Fries.  All I can say is that it’s about time we put to rest what has to be the single stupidest thing the US Congress has ever done.  My health care sucks, but by all means start renaming side dishes… (deep breaths)

And, how nice is it to start seeing some reports that aren’t completely about the Democratic primary? Regardless of who you supported, can’t we all be happy that it’s over now?  Speaking of which…

Be sure to check out afagen’s Flicker photo stream entitled Hillary Clinton ends campaign, you might recognize You Know Who in a few of them:

Well, I will leave you today with what you have all been missing:

Mebz’s No-Good Irrelevant You-Tube Video

While traveling I re-read both of Rory Stewart’s books; The Places in Between and The Prince of the Marshes.  In my opinion, two of the best books written in the last five years.  Even if you only have a passing interest in either Iraq or Afghanistan I would HIGHLY recommend you pick these up.  So in honor of that I give you Rory’s interview on Charlie Rose Tomorrow.



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Your Thursday post.

Thursday, 04.17.08 Posted by: Mebz

Hello everyone! It’s Thursday, meaning the light at the end of the tunnel is visible. This is going to be on the short side today, but I do have some goodies for you.

I have some more images from Tuesday’s NAB-RTNDA conference in Las Vegas. These are from their website.

(Yes, I know they’re tiny, I have them much bigger but WordPress apparently hates me today. I’ll work on getting them posted full size.) At least now, you can click on them for larger size.

There is a FANTASTIC video interview with John after he moderated the panel on Tuesday. Watch it here.

Don’t forget that TVNewswer promised to post their interview with John tomorrow.

If you haven’t seen JK’s interview with John McCain, has a ten minute section. Watch. I would post screencaps, but we’ve established that WordPress hates me.

I’ll be back tomorrow with your John King Picture of the Week. But for now, I’ll leave you with:

Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video.

The best in Saturday morning programing.


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Whoo-Hoo! Friday’s Here

04.11.08 Posted By Millie

Yay! Friday is here!

This is the first Friday post I have written in a while because Mebz has had that honor for a while. However, I am now officially johnthenewsking’s co-ambassador into the weekend! Whoo! Mebz and I are going to alternate Friday posts in the upcoming weeks. So don’t worry, if you’ve been a fan of Mebz’s quirky end-of the week material, she’ll be back next week.

It has been a great week for me, personally, as well as here at the blog. With our new schedule, we’ve been able to post material every day of the week for the first time in a while. Fantastico! Mebz, my dear, you are awesome. You have been so supportive since the very beginning, and your consistent dedication to helping me out with the blog really means a lot to me. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Let’s get to today’s material, shall we? Last week Mebz said she could only think of one “Friday” song. But Mebz, what about R. Kelly? Here’s a Friday song with a grove for our Friday entertainment:

Moving on, Mebz and I decided to do something slightly different for the Friday post. At the end of each week, we will post a “JK Picture Of The Week.”

It was not hard for me to figure out which picture to use today. I mean, come on, what could possibly be cooler than John King in high res??

As Mebz had reported yesterday, John will be anchoring live this weekend for the Compassion Forum special on CNN. Here are some more detail about the forum, from the political ticker:

“Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will participate in a faith and values forum that will be broadcast live Sunday exclusively on CNN.

Clinton and Obama, in back-to-back interviews, will field questions from CNN’s Campbell Brown and Newsweek’s Jon Meacham as well as prominent members from the faith community. The Compassion Forum, sponsored by Faith in Public Life, will air at 8 p.m. ET on April 13.

The forum will take place at Messiah College, a Christian liberal arts and sciences school in Grantham, Pennsylvania nine days before the state’s presidential primary. In this hotly contested race for the Democratic nomination, 158 delegates are at stake.

Topics Clinton and Obama are expected to address include poverty, human rights and the worldwide AIDS crisis.

‘The Compassion Forum will provide the opportunity for candidates to discuss how their faith and moral convictions bear on their positions on these important issues’, according to a statement posted on the forum’s Web site.”

Here’s the “Mini Bureau” John will be anchoring from:

I’ve got a full schedule planned for this weekend, but I will be DVRing the show. On Monday, I will cover some highlights of the program.

That’s all for me this wonderful Friday. Have a great weekend everyone and see you on Monday!


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Just Another Manic Monday…

Tuesday, 04.01.08 Posted By Millie

Update: John is hosting TSR again this afternoon.

John made a couple of appearances Monday on his regular tour of duty: first, he guest-hosted The Situation Room.


He began the show with the news about a new economic overhaul proposal, the largest of its kind since The Great Depression. THE GREAT DEPRESSION!!! OMG! That in itself should tell you how dire things are really getting. I’m not an economist, and much of it just goes over my head, but at least those in charge are realizing that something needs to be done to fix our current economic woes.

I just saw a report this morning on CNN about how independent truckers are really being hit hard, with diesel now averaging over $4.00 a gallon! Jiminy Cricket! Rusty Dornin interviewed some truckers who pay over $1,000 just to fill up their tanks. No wonder some of them are going on strike…

Here are a few more video caps of John hosting TSR Monday afternoon:




I’ve mentioned this before, but it is worth repeating. Candy Crowley is looking very good! Especially in the above picture. Kudos to her for the weight loss and sharp-looking appearance!

Next, John was a commentator on AC360 later Monday evening, along with David Gergen, for more political analysis about the elections.



I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m all politically tuckered out when it comes to watching CNN’s coverage of the election lately. Sorry CNN folks, even though I think you guys are doing a fantastic job as always, I seem to lately tune out the political talk and analysis because at the moment nothing really is changing from day to day. I hate to admit it, but “I’m just not that into it”.

April 22nd seems like a LONG way off!!! Hopefully after that Primary date, things will be more clear as to the outcome of the Democratic contest… and then watching CNN election coverage will become interesting again!

And of course, as ya’ll know, I always try to plug my hometown of El Paso whenever I get the change (lol), so here’s an article from The El Paso Times titled, “Obama Camp Investigates El Paso Convention” Seriously folks, when will all this madness end??

In closing, here is a music accompaniment to the title of today’s blog, sung by none other than The Chipmunks! Enjoy your Tuesday everyone and take care!


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John In Iraq

Monday, 03.17.08 Posted By Millie

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

Mebz, because you like kitties so much, this is for you:


John has spent the weekend in Iraq.


He was covering McCain’s visit, as well as the visits of his companions and fellow allies, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham. And oh yeah, Dick Cheney is there too.

Update: John is still reporting live from Iraq tonight, he is speaking with Campbell Brown on CNN’s “Election Center” program.

Update #2:  John  is also reporting from the middle east live for AC360 tonight with Soledad O’Brien.

John did an interview piece with McCain which you can view from the political ticker right here. For a full story of John’s reporting in Iraq, click here.

Since I have some rather sharp opinions about this visit, and since I don’t want to step on a political soapbox at this time, I think I am going to reserve comment today about McCain and the Iraq war.

Instead, here are some videocaps of John in Baghdad:


If anyone wants to stop by my pad later tonight, I’ll be servin’ up some green ale!!!



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And now… subbing For Mr. King, It’s Mr. King!

Wednesday 03.12.08 Posted By: Millie

Good afternoon all. I thought I’d start out this post with the following bit of nostalgia. Remember this toy?


I had one of these back when I was about 7 or so, and gosh-darnit, I still remember that very rooster on the packaging on the box! I loved my light-brite. It was a pain in the rear and very tedious to get all the colored pegs exactly where you wanted them, but the end results were spectacular, though.

By golly, I even remember this commercial!!!

Anywho, I think that this toy is what probably inspired the background set for Larry King Live. Com’on, am I the only one who might have thought this????

The last two evenings, John has subbed for Larry on LKL. Usually we are accustomed to seeing him (John) sub for Wolf or Anderson, but having him on LKL was a nice change of pace. He did a smooth job of filling in on Larry’s seat, sans the suspenders!!!

Here are a few screengrabs:





For once it was interesting to hear John report on something OTHER than the election. Even though that OTHER thing in the news at the moment is a pretty big shocker.

Normally, news such as the Spitzer scandal wouldn’t be something that I would care to know much about. After all, he is not the first governor/senator/elected official to be caught in some kind of sordid sex scandal, nor will he be the last. And while I think it is absolutely horrible what he has put his family through, I still think that private matters are just that – private – and should be none of our business…


What really is upsetting about what Spitzer has done, rather, is the cold and calculated way he went about doing this. I mean, come on!!! It’s one thing to have some indiscretions, but the fact that he had to go through all these lengths to carefully orchestrate his plans is disgusting. His “affairs” were not just casual flings… they were cold-hearted, manipulated, well thought-out plans. He knew exactly what he wanted and he knew exactly how to do it.


And probably just like most Americans, we can forgive our elected officials for their personal indiscretions, but the blatant HYPOCRISY is what we have a harder time in understanding or sympathizing with.

I feel badly for his wife, I really do. She is a very beautiful woman and without a doubt she is going through a horrible personal pain. It is disheartening to see her standing by his side as he is announcing his resignation today. I hope she has the courage and strength to get through this with grace and do what is best for her and her family.

Well, that’s all for me folks. For the mid-day hump-day perk-me-up, here is a funny video. WordPress has limitations on video embedding, so you will have to click here to watch the video.  Enjoy!



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