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A slightly inebriated critique of the 3rd Presidential Debate.

Thursday October 16, 2008 Posted by: Mebz

Happy Almost Weekend Everyone!  How’s it going?  My week has SUCKED!  Busy and stressful.  But at least I’m not running for President.  (Although I should.  I would make a wonderful Commander and Chief.  And John King would TOTALLY be my Press Secretary)  Anyway, I’m off tomorrow, I have broken out my flannel pajamas, Kenny Loggins is playing and am half-way through a bottle of white wine.  Things are looking up.  (Of course, if I finish this bottle everything will be looking up, because I will be on the floor…  Hey AC, you still have cardboard Anderson around somewhere?  This is turning into a party.)

The alcohol is responsible for all things following.

It’s nice to know that CNN takes to heart all of the well-intentioned advice that I give free of charge on this blog. (Sarcasm) Example, the notion that perhaps they should use both sides of the table.  Exhibit #1:


They have so many people on that set that they ran out of chairs!  Let poor Roland Martin sit down!

Dana and John’s heads make a nice frame for Andy, don’t you think?

Mebz’s favorite quote of the evening:  Anderson Cooper: “How does the race change now for John McCain?”  David Gergen: “Beats the hell out of me.”  Probably the most honest answer of the evening.  The Gerg, rocks.

Proof that JK was in Missouri this week:


I’m playing with WordPress’ new poll option:


The bottle is two drops short of bone dry.  And I’m tipsy… who am I lying, I’m drunk.  Any mistakes in spelling and/or grammar is due solely to this fine Australian wine.  Maybe I’ll proof read this when I’m sober.  No promises.  Later, all.




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Assigned Seating?

Monday, October 6, 2008 Posted by: Mebz

 I just wanted to make a small observation regarding CNN’s coverage of the last two debates.  Mainly the VP debate… WHO THOUGHT UP THIS SEATING ARRANGEMENT?

Seven people crammed on to one side of the table?  It’s like a bad Thanksgiving dinner.  Maybe try a bigger table next time.

At least someone was thinking during the first Presidential debate: 

“Hey- I know, lets use BOTH sides of the table!”  Good job, guys.  Go Team!

And for you JK and MW fans, I present to you the moment of the night, where Mebz damn-near died:

(Yes, I totally stole this screen grab from Cyn’s most excellent site  First of all, if you haven’t been there, what is wrong with you and secondly, don’t hate me Cyn, you know I love you.)

But wait! It didn’t end there— OMG, it’s the CNN REPORTER TRIFECTA!

Anderson Cooper, Michael Ware and John King?!  IN A ROW?!  I tell you what, if they had added Peter Bergen into the mix, I would have turned into a 10-year-old at a Jonas Brothers concert.

Yes, I changed the theme, again.


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Behind The Scenes And A Little Spoofing

Tuesday, 02.26.08  Posted By: Millie

CNN’s All Access highlighted a snippet of John speaking about what goes on behind the scenes during a Presidential debate, namely last week’s debate in Austin. John was briefly interviewed by the all access reporter and he (John) described this secret room a.k.a. the “vault”.


What makes the room so secretive? Well, let’s just say it’s the paperwork he was holding in his hands.


Yup. The questions for the evening’s debate. John remarked, “If I shared them, I’d have to take you hostage… or worse!”


Mebz sent over a delightful little find, an SNL spoof off the Austin debate. Apparently the original was already taken off of You Tube, but good ol’ resourceful Mebz was able to locate it at a different site. Check it out.

Mebz video-capped some shots of Jason Sudeikis portraying John.





On a last note for today, MCWFan sent in a note to me about this past Sunday’s Late Edition:

“John is subbing for Wolf. He’s doing a great job. John interviewed Chuck Hagel and they discussed Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. How amazing CNN is having some international discussion. If you read Cyn’s ATC post of yesterday, you’ll see many of us are complaining about all the endless campaign coverage and the lack of international news of late.”

Thanks for rightfully pointing out that there still is other news out there besides the elections, MCWFan!

Have a good Tuesday folks and see you soon.


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“Deep in the heart of Texas…”

Friday, 2.22.08 Posted by: Mebz

Greeting from the ice-covered Midwest (Laugh it up out there in Hawaii, Katie) and Happy Friday, one and all!

What a night, last night! In case you haven’t heard, there is a Election Primary going on right now. Not sure if you were aware of that- and last night was Democratic debate #137 (approximately). The first 136 were just warm ups for the real show-down in Austin, TX. Now, I’m not talking about the candidates, they were okay. The set decoration was nice. The audience was gracious. What was it that set last night’s debate above the others?


Oh, that’s right. John King did a terrific job in the role of questioner. Granted we at JohnthenewsKing are somewhat bias, but nonetheless I thought he was professional, assertive and showed the journalistic skills that caused this site to be created. Bravo, JK! And I thought CNN made a wise choice in putting him in that role. Thank you, CNN.

Please enjoy the following pictorial essay of last night’s festivities.









If you missed any of Thursday’s debate, it will be replaying over the weekend. Also ATA posted some BIGGER, HI-RES pics, check it out here. (Millie, I did it!)

And as a treat for our friends over at Ware-abouts, I’d like to welcome back from vacation everyone’s favorite Aussie war correspondent. We’ve missed you, Michael.

Welcome Back, Michael!

Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video

What is it?!?! Is it a lemur?! An alien?! I just don’t know-but every time I watch it is sucks away a little bit more of my soul.

*Soul-sucking sound*

Lastly, our Weekend Discussion Question: Do you share your love of CNN reporters with others, or is it your “little secret?” Discuss!


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The Day After

Friday, 2.15.08 Posted by: Mebz

Update: 5:00pm Got an answer to who is going to moderate the next CNN debate. And it looks as if John is 1st runner-up. Click here for TVNewser’s announcement.

Good Friday to you all! I hope you made it through another Valentine’s Day unscathed. I have a problem with Valentine’s, not on principle- Share the love is my motto, but on mascots. Call me crazy, I just don’t think it’s a good idea to be arming babies.


Trust me on this, I work with children and I don’t even trust them with scissors, let alone bows and arrows!

I’ve got to ask: Is this primary almost over, yet? Is it just me or has this been the longest primary in history. Although, even if it hasn’t given us two candidates yet, it has given us the “Magic Wall.” For which, I am grateful.


Wednesday night on 360, Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill were talking about who should moderate the upcoming CNN Democratic debate in Texas next week. CNN, may I offer a suggestion:


Earlier, you may have noticed Millie was strutting around because Hillary Clinton was giving a speech at her Alma Matter. Sure, CNN was there and all. But I think I can top it. Tuesday evening was the Westminster Dog Show, and as I’m sure most of you are aware, Uno the Beagle was crowned Best in Show.


Now this is exciting for me, not just because I’m a fan of the beagle, but because Uno just happens to be from Columbia, Missouri. Home of the University of Missouri a.k.a. Mizzou-my Alma Mater!

Go Tigers!

So I ask you, Hillary or Uno? Who is cooler?

Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video

Why? Because disco, and people making fools of themselves, knows no language. (Stick with it at least until 2:04, your patience will be rewarded.)

Somewhere, in another country, I like to think there is a retirement home for aging disco instructors, wearing polyester, gold chains and humming Abba.

Leading to our Weekend Discussion Question: What is the most embarrassing fad that you ever followed? I’ll start: I used to crimp my hair, wear 6 different fluorescent socks at one time and LOVED The New Kids on the Block. Don’t judge me, it was the 80’s! Discuss!


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“And now a man who needs no introduction, so what am I doing out here?”

Friday, 02.01.08  Posted By: Mebz

Words of Wisdom from Kermit the Frog.

Hello everyone! It’s Friday, you know what that means. No! It doesn’t mean you can go to the bar early, come back here! It means that you get me, Mebz, as your weekend jump starter. Let me start by making this promise, that when I blog, Johnthenewsking will be a Macaulay Culkin-free zone! Although, I have been known to pretend to shave my face, put on aftershave and run around the house screaming, but that’s another story.

It’s been a busy week for John and the rest of “The Best Political Team on Television.” (On a side note, I think Wolf Blitzer is legally required to say that at least three times a day.) Monday-SOTU, Tuesday-Florida Primary, Wednesday-CNN Republican Debate, Thursday-CNN Democratic Debate. Hopefully there is a nap involved between now and Super Tuesday.

And now, a little imagery from Wednesday night:

LOVE the tie

Still liking that tie

Action shot!

We’re both handsome

Now, with all this primary-debate-SOTU talk, we have almost forgotten the very special and important holiday soon to be upon us. That’s right, tomorrow is Groundhog Day! Woot! The day when Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals can come together and watch an over-grown rodent attempt to predict the weather. Doesn’t that make you all warm and fuzzy inside?

Who is she calling an over-grown rodent?

Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video I have watched this pretty much on a continuous loop for 3 days.

Keeping with the Preschool character theme, I give you our weekend discussion question: Muppets or Fraggle Rock? Discuss!

I love you Kermit!

No Kermit

Enjoy the weekend everybody! Apparently there is some sort of football game on Sunday…


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And Then There Were Two

Thursday, January 31, 2008   Posted By: Joan

Tonight is the CNN Democratic debate – Clinton vs. Obama. I certainly hope it doesn’t become the slugfest that the last debate was! That only demeans the party and the two candidates. Although I can’t say I’ll be watching too much of the debate – don’t you think we already know what our respective candidate stands for by now? At least Super Tuesday’s almost here.

Wolf was live from the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles where the debate will be held. I wonder how many celebs will be there? As for John King, he was on TSR briefly discussing Ahnold’s, oops I mean, Governor Schwarzenegger’s decision to support John McCain now that Rudy Giuliani is out of the running. Arnold told John during an earlier interview that he wouldn’t support either candidate because they were both good friends. But now with Rudy out, it was an easy decision for him to lend his name to McCain. I don’t know how you feel, and I’d be glad to hear from you about this, but having a celebrity or a politician supporting a candidate doesn’t do bupkiss for me. I like Oprah, but that doesn’t mean I’ve jumped on the Obama bandwagon just because she’s lending him her considerable name. The same with The Terminator and McCain. In fact, my favorite male movie star is George Clooney and he’s thrown his hat into the Obama ring. I’m sad to say that’s the only thing that I’ve read that he’s said in interviews or watched him say in interviews (regarding politics) that I completely disagree with him on! (But he can’t be PERFECT, right?!) 🙂



Will you be watching the debate tonight? I’m personally going to nab a glass of wine and soak in a hot bath until LOST comes on.

Here’s some caps of John and the gang:










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