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What up, Peeps?

Friday, 03.21.08 Posted by: Mebz

Greetings from a flooded Missouri. (Send Boat!)  Happy Good Friday and early Easter to everyone!

Hangin’ with my Peeps

Usually, I’m a purest.  Particularly with my Peeps, the yellow have been good enough for years.  But I recently had the new green variety, and I must say they are tasty.  Anyone else have opinions on the expanding color palette of Peeps?  Good? Horribly wrong?  Or am I the only one who cares about these things?

Okay, moving on… Millie put the pressure on me to do a good job today and then proceeded to steal the subject I was going to cover i.e. John in Jerusalem.  So I went hunting through the archives and found a few things to share with you today.

I found CNN’s Election Night Blog from 2004 and it’s amazing how primitive it looks compared to today’s CNN blogs.  John has a few posts on it, however the one I really wanted to share with you is from Karl Penhaul (IMO, one of CNN’s best, yet under-utilized reporters.)  In light of the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war you have to ask yourself, besides the names, how much has changed?

From Karl Penhaul, Video Correspondent for CNN, reporting near Fallujah, Iraq
“One Marine, just about old enough to vote for the first time, shook his head and said to me: “Out here this is politics of the rawest kind.” He was a grunt, not an officer.
He didn’t mean Republican-Democratic party politics or even Bush-Kerry personality politics. Clausewitz (“war is an extension of politics”) or Chairman Mao (“political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”) have written about the kind of politics this Marine was talking about. He didn’t know those names maybe; he certainly hadn’t read the textbook theory. He just sensed it, a world away from the fancy gloss-wrapped, shrink-wrapped vacuum-packed TV debates, party spin doctors and expert opinion polls.
This marine, when he’s ordered, will simply go out and do politics of the rawest kind … kicking in doors, blasting away with an M-16 assault rifle.
The outcome on the extreme edge of his political frontline isn’t about Bush or Kerry. There’s no vote and no recount, just life or death.”

If you didn’t see AC360’s Shock and Awe special last night, you missed a very fine hour of television.



Moving on.  John tidbits:

Ever wondered what a Canadian thinks of our Election coverage? National Post‘s Jian Ghomeshi likes John’s electronic thingy:  “Whiz-kid King stands at a massive computer map — stretching and seducing it, taming and testing it..”  Thanks for taking me down THAT road, Jian.

And from the JOPLIN GLOBE (Joplin, Mo.- Which is on the OTHER side of the state from me.)  By Mike Pound: “That Wolf guy and some guy with good hair named John King stood in front of a large computer screen and talked. While they talked, John King played with a map of the United States on the large computer screen. I’m not sure exactly what John was doing with map on the large computer screen but apparently it had something to do with the election. Wolf, though, was so impressed with what John was doing with the map on the large computer screen that he told the viewers that they could go to the CNN Web site and be “just like John King for the night.”

I found that sort of creepy.”    Funny.


Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video

Wow, that really was irrelevant.

Weekend Discussion Question: Favorite Holiday for candy?  Easter? Christmas? Valentine’s Day?  Discuss!



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Tuesday, 03.04.08 Posted By: Millie

Ok guys, here’s the barnyard hall I rented out for today’s Primary party. Sorry it doesn’t look like much, but I’m an on extremely tight budget here.


However, you know the old saying, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, so please take a look at the inside accommodations:


Not bad, huh? Here is our BBQ spread for the evening:


Oh and look who just showed up!





Yay!!! Josh Groban is here!!!! And he just agreed to start off the BBQ with a song! I asked a special request if he could please sing my all-time favorite song… He has so nicely obliged. Thank you Josh, let’s listen in…

Applause applause applause!!!!!

And now, he’s agreed to sing “My Heart Was Home Again”. (Embedding has been disabled, so you will have to click on the direct link right here.)

Yeesh, I am getting goosebumps! Thank you Josh for those performances!!!

And now, to switch musical gears a bit and to get in the mood for our Texas BBQ, here is Alabama with, “I You’re Gonna Play In Texas, You Gotta Have a Fiddle in the Band”

Well, I’m off to go cast my ballot, I will be checking in later to see how the BBQ is going. AC, please make sure that the guests are comfortable. Mebz, I did happen to see this guy hanging around in the back of the barn, I don’t know who he is, he was not invited on the guest list, so when I get back I don’t want to hear about any hanky panky from you young lady!



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Coming Up Manana: The Texas Two Step And Our BBQ!

Monday, 03.03.08 Posted By Millie

As we say out here in Texas, “Howdy pardner!” I guess it goes without saying that Texas (along with Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont) will be in the spotlight tomorrow, but I’ve just said it, so that’s a moot point, haha!


I am a proud Texan through and through. I lived just under 30 years in El Paso and the last 5 1/2 years here in Houston… (with a brief stint elsewhere but that’s another story for another day…)

Wow, all I can say is that I now know how the folks up in Iowa and New Hamsphire felt when all the political eyes were on them as they were the first states to hold their primaries and caucuses: all the candidate visits, the television and radio ads, the telephone polls, the mailers, fliers, banners, etc etc etc. I won’t say it is overwhelming but I must say it is interesting. Just this morning I answered a series of questions on for a telephone poll. But I won’t tell you who I verbally commited to otherwise I’d have to…

*ahem* moving on…

Things here in The Lone Star State are especially interesting since we have the so-called “Two-Step” coming up tomorrow.


I admittedly myself know very little about the combination of these two processes. The primaries don’t confuse me, because I know when and where I will vote tomorrow. The caucuses are what I am not so sure about. Even though I know do know a little bit about how they (the caucuses) are supposed to work, I still don’t know how all the magic numbers from the primaries and caucuses are going to finally be figured out when all is said and done, and how the delegates will be distributed accordingly.

Hopefully John will be sorting out all this “Two-Step” stuff during tomorrow’s results program.

Now, the good folk over at CNN have sent many a reporter here to Houston specifically. Let’s see, Jessica Yellin was here in town over the weekend, Dana Bash was at a Hobby Airport rally a while ago as well, Candy Crowley was covering Obama’s big speech about two weeks ago, Mary Snow is currently here… hmmm… who is missing from this picture???


How come John never attended any state fairs over here???

Drat! Oh well…

I do know that back in 2000, though, John was in Texas often during the Bush campaign. And he had been subsequently sent out a lot by CNN to the Crawford ranch between 2001 and 2005 when he was still the W.H. reporter.

Speaking of 2000, by the way, here’s a little something I found:


John appears in a DVD about CNN’s coverage of the historic election and historic legal battle over the vote re-counting. The DVD review information is available here.

And now, in 2008, of course we will be able to see John tomorrow night once again at the magic map!!!


Our location for the BBQ has not been publicly disclosed, which is a good thing, because then John can’t accidentally show a google image (street view) of us engaging in our usual Primary Party behavior… well let me rephrase that, “us” does not include “me” because I’ve always been a saint during our parties, it is the OTHER people who show up who should be worried, lol! (Just kidding guys…)

Don’t forget to stop on by tomorrow for the good ol’ Texas BBQ!




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The Coop Back On AC360 = The King On The Road

Wednesday, 11.07.07

Yesterday, John hopped down the east coast as he headed southward from New York to South Carolina and reported live from the town of Anderson. (lol!!) His backdrop? The town’s Annual Chili Cookoff festival. We’ve got a new food to add to our discussion list!!

Since the topic of culinary delights seems to come up from time to time here at johnthenewsking, I decided to add a whole new category: Foodstuffs!


BLITZER: How is the chili, John, that you’ve got over there? Take a bite. Let us know.

KING: We are at the…

BLITZER: Our viewers are…

KING: The 9th Annual…

BLITZER: I thought it was ice cream originally, but you’ve got a little chili there. You deserve it. You’re working real hard. All right, John and Gloria, thanks.

KING: It’s the Emerson South Carolina Chili Cook-Off. It’s great.

Even though the CNN transcript reads as Emerson, I googled information about the cookoff and it is actually in Anderson, South Carolina, where John was reporting live from. He was there following the Republican candidates as they were stumping in The Palmetto State.

Usually there is a big leader that state by now, he says, but “all of the polls show pretty much a dead heat here in South Carolina in this wide-open race for the Republican nomination… As the vote gets closer, the tensions are rising, especially in the Thompson campaign, which knows it must win South Carolina. And Romney believes, if he can Iowa and win New Hampshire and win South Carolina, despite those national polls Bill Schneider was just talking about, it would all be over.”

In the next hour of the show, he came back for a roundtable discussion with Jack Cafferty and Gloria Borger.

I don’t know where exactly John is heading to next on the campaign trail, but he did mention on Monday night to Tom Foreman (who was in Iowa) that “I’ll be there soon.” Also, next week Thursday a larger debate will be in held Las Vegas, which is being sponsored by CNN. So, it may be likely we’ll see him there as well. By all means, not a bad place to travel to for work!!


Enjoy your Wednesday hump-day everyone!


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Top Ten Installment Number Five

Friday, 10.12.07 

Allrighty, here I go with a second dose of Top 10 in two days!

Yesterday’s blog gave me an idea for a follow-up post, along the lines of a similar theme: My Top 10 favorite blog posts. These are the ones I ranked in order according to my opinion, but if anyone has a different viewpoint, please share in the comments section – all feedback is welcome!

These are the posts that made my list:


Till We Run Out Of Road

I just LOVED Kitten’s video because she picked a song so very appropriate to the theme of “campaign-o-rama”. (And oh yeah, my all-time favorite Ren and Stimpy clip is available for viewing at this post too!)


The Spin Room

I really, really enjoyed seeing John speak off camera and casual. It was the first time ever that I had seen such a video clip of John where he was not in a studio nor in front of some spectacular backdrop reporting on a story. It was an amazing addition to the blog! Also, it was really cool that Shelbinator (the guy who interviewed John) took the time to drop by and visit johnthenewsking!


Welcome To The Inaugural John King Blog


I just had to include this one on my Top Ten because it kicked off an endeavor I did not know would end up making me laugh, cry and smile on so many days in so many ways! To all the regular readers and commenters who I have come in contact with as a result of this blog, I would like to say, “Thanks guys, you are the best!”


John, The Younger Years


How great was that to see John in true journalistic form during his AP days? I literally fell out of my chair when I first saw a young image of him pop up in that video!


A Slam Dunk


I enjoyed putting this blog post together probably more than any other, and actually spent more time on it than any other as well. I really wanted to make sure I got all the details straight and was able to present the information in a cohesive manner. (Ok, maybe the fly on the wall comment was a bit out of place, but I think that minor detail can be forgiven.)

Additionally, I just like the fact that this shows John is an expert not only in political and national news matters, but in other media areas too. It really highlights his depth as a journalist.


Mr. Secretary, Please Pass The Sheep Eyeballs


I included this one on my Top 10 list for the “shear” reason that it generated some of the most off-beat comments I’ve ever come across at johnthenewsking… I never laughed so hard as I did when reading what everyone had to say about some very unusual subjects!


Fried Twinkies Anyone?


Reading about Evelyn’s personal encounter with John was a real treat! Her detailed description was truly remarkable. Plus, this was the post that started us rolling on the subject of weird foods!

(Speaking of weird foods, check out this post from yesterday’s All Things Anderson blog. OMG! Scroll down a tad and click on the “out-take” reel from Planet In Peril. At 1:07 into the video, CNN’s Dr. Gupta is shown discussing and displaying some really bizarre foodstuffs. Wow! Side dishes to accompany your meal of goat nads and sheep eyeballs!!)


“A Real Bostonian”


I’ve put this one near the top of my list because it contains a really neat article, one I consider an “off the beaten path” type of find, if you will. Those kinds of stories about John are unfortunately all too rare to come across! But I was glad to have located the piece and be able to include it here on the blog.


America Remembers


John’s personal words about September 11th were simply an incredible read, and it was very gracious of him to put it together for this blog.


When Lightning Strikes


You just can’t top a blog post that includes user-generated questions that John King has answered himself.


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Mr. Secretary, Please Pass the Sheep Eyeballs

Thursday, 9.18.07 

John recently hosted an interesting interview session with former Secretary of State James Baker on April 24 of this year. The interview at first focused on a 2006 Iraq study group that Baker was a part of, then delved into stories in Baker’s new book “Work Hard, Study…and Keep Out of Politics!”


The interview was part of the Kentucky Author Forum held at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts in Louisville and was aired by the local PBS station KET back in May. Since then, it has aired on several other PBS stations across the country but was never made available via the internet until recently. KET released the interview on its website and can be seen in it’s entirety here.


There were actually quite a few funny moments throughout, making it an enjoyable exchange to watch, especially when Baker was speaking candidly about Reagan’s trademark sense of humor. There were also some humorous reflections about the 1988 campaign and Dan Quayle’s over-exuberance on camera at being a Vice-Presidential nominee!

It was truly enjoyable to watch John pose intelligent and insightful questions, which often led to some candid and very funny reponses.


Throughout the interview, John asked questions on a variety of topics and touched on several issues, among them:

The 2006 Iraq focus group;
Boris Yeltsin;
The Fall Of The Berlin Wall;


The Cold War;
Dick Cheney’s early years as White House Chief of Staff and Secretary of Defense;
George W. Bush’s years in Midland Texas;


Ronald Reagan’s keen sense of humor;
Reagan’s assassination attempt;
How technology has changed the way political news stories are broadcast;


Baker’s influence in several presidential campaigns;
Reagan’s decision to select Bush as his VPOTUS;
The selection of Dan Quayle as Bush’s VPOTUS and Quayle’s pubic image;


John’s recollections of the 1988 Presidential campaign;
Death penalty issues;
The Willie Horton case and how it became part of negative campaigning in the 1988 Presidential election season;


Saddam Hussein;
Cuban Relations;
Soviet Relations.


At one point Baker quipped, “It’s hard to campaign on competence” which drew gales laughter from the audience.

And oh yeah, you’ve also got to have a palate for exotic foods when you are a Secretary of State, just in case you are ever served sheep eyeballs at an official state dinner in a foreign country!!


Who knew so much could be discussed in one short hour?

p.s. In previous posts about unusual foods I dug up pictures of fried twinkies, fried oreos, etc. This time, I think I will pass on trying to google for a photograph of sheep eyeballs on a platter. lol!


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Fried Twinkies, Anyone?

Friday, 08.17.07

John has been hanging out at the Iowa State Fair this week, filing various Election 2008 reports while simultaneously enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the fair. Miss Evelyn, a reader and contributor over at All Things Anderson, had the coolest experience: she got to meet John King! She recounts the details here.

It doesn’t surprise me that John was so cordial and funny with Evelyn during her spontaneous visit. He was the same way when corresponding earlier this month for our featured Q & A session.

By the way, for those of you wondering what Fried Twinkies look like, take a peek at this:


Looks yummy… how many calories do you think one of these babies contains???


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