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Whoo-Hoo! Friday’s Here

04.11.08 Posted By Millie

Yay! Friday is here!

This is the first Friday post I have written in a while because Mebz has had that honor for a while. However, I am now officially johnthenewsking’s co-ambassador into the weekend! Whoo! Mebz and I are going to alternate Friday posts in the upcoming weeks. So don’t worry, if you’ve been a fan of Mebz’s quirky end-of the week material, she’ll be back next week.

It has been a great week for me, personally, as well as here at the blog. With our new schedule, we’ve been able to post material every day of the week for the first time in a while. Fantastico! Mebz, my dear, you are awesome. You have been so supportive since the very beginning, and your consistent dedication to helping me out with the blog really means a lot to me. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Let’s get to today’s material, shall we? Last week Mebz said she could only think of one “Friday” song. But Mebz, what about R. Kelly? Here’s a Friday song with a grove for our Friday entertainment:

Moving on, Mebz and I decided to do something slightly different for the Friday post. At the end of each week, we will post a “JK Picture Of The Week.”

It was not hard for me to figure out which picture to use today. I mean, come on, what could possibly be cooler than John King in high res??

As Mebz had reported yesterday, John will be anchoring live this weekend for the Compassion Forum special on CNN. Here are some more detail about the forum, from the political ticker:

“Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will participate in a faith and values forum that will be broadcast live Sunday exclusively on CNN.

Clinton and Obama, in back-to-back interviews, will field questions from CNN’s Campbell Brown and Newsweek’s Jon Meacham as well as prominent members from the faith community. The Compassion Forum, sponsored by Faith in Public Life, will air at 8 p.m. ET on April 13.

The forum will take place at Messiah College, a Christian liberal arts and sciences school in Grantham, Pennsylvania nine days before the state’s presidential primary. In this hotly contested race for the Democratic nomination, 158 delegates are at stake.

Topics Clinton and Obama are expected to address include poverty, human rights and the worldwide AIDS crisis.

‘The Compassion Forum will provide the opportunity for candidates to discuss how their faith and moral convictions bear on their positions on these important issues’, according to a statement posted on the forum’s Web site.”

Here’s the “Mini Bureau” John will be anchoring from:

I’ve got a full schedule planned for this weekend, but I will be DVRing the show. On Monday, I will cover some highlights of the program.

That’s all for me this wonderful Friday. Have a great weekend everyone and see you on Monday!



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Where In The World?

Tuesday 04.08.08 Posted By Millie

Hi gang! Here’s a musical introduction to today’s theme:

Taking a breather from political coverage (ummm, maybe we have already done so?) and inspired by Mebz’s post yesterday I decided to also pull up some old (and a few newer) JK pics. The twist? Each picture will be in a different locale around the world. Your job? Guess where each picture was taken. Some might be overly obvious, others not so.

Answers will be included in tomorrow’s post.

Happy Tuesday!













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To the Time Machine!

Tuesday 04.08.08 Posted by: Mebz

Note from Millie: Mebz, the title of your post inspired me to add this picture to the blog:

Now back to you, Mebz…

Hello, John King fans. In all honesty, I am feeling completely unimaginative and uncreative today. (Not to mention that WordPress changed it user interface so I don’t know what the heck I’m doing.) So, this post is a little bit on the short side today. I thought for my first Tuesday post we’d take a stroll down memory lane with another addition of:

Remember When John Covered: The White House

But Mebz, you say, John covered the White House for several years. This is true, but I thought perhaps some of you have yet to see JK’s 1993 appearance on Charlie Rose. We are talking Pre-CNN, people! I give you, the Associated Press’ John King:

Click HERE for the entire hour.

I will see you guys again on Thursday!


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What up, Peeps?

Friday, 03.21.08 Posted by: Mebz

Greetings from a flooded Missouri. (Send Boat!)  Happy Good Friday and early Easter to everyone!

Hangin’ with my Peeps

Usually, I’m a purest.  Particularly with my Peeps, the yellow have been good enough for years.  But I recently had the new green variety, and I must say they are tasty.  Anyone else have opinions on the expanding color palette of Peeps?  Good? Horribly wrong?  Or am I the only one who cares about these things?

Okay, moving on… Millie put the pressure on me to do a good job today and then proceeded to steal the subject I was going to cover i.e. John in Jerusalem.  So I went hunting through the archives and found a few things to share with you today.

I found CNN’s Election Night Blog from 2004 and it’s amazing how primitive it looks compared to today’s CNN blogs.  John has a few posts on it, however the one I really wanted to share with you is from Karl Penhaul (IMO, one of CNN’s best, yet under-utilized reporters.)  In light of the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war you have to ask yourself, besides the names, how much has changed?

From Karl Penhaul, Video Correspondent for CNN, reporting near Fallujah, Iraq
“One Marine, just about old enough to vote for the first time, shook his head and said to me: “Out here this is politics of the rawest kind.” He was a grunt, not an officer.
He didn’t mean Republican-Democratic party politics or even Bush-Kerry personality politics. Clausewitz (“war is an extension of politics”) or Chairman Mao (“political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”) have written about the kind of politics this Marine was talking about. He didn’t know those names maybe; he certainly hadn’t read the textbook theory. He just sensed it, a world away from the fancy gloss-wrapped, shrink-wrapped vacuum-packed TV debates, party spin doctors and expert opinion polls.
This marine, when he’s ordered, will simply go out and do politics of the rawest kind … kicking in doors, blasting away with an M-16 assault rifle.
The outcome on the extreme edge of his political frontline isn’t about Bush or Kerry. There’s no vote and no recount, just life or death.”

If you didn’t see AC360’s Shock and Awe special last night, you missed a very fine hour of television.



Moving on.  John tidbits:

Ever wondered what a Canadian thinks of our Election coverage? National Post‘s Jian Ghomeshi likes John’s electronic thingy:  “Whiz-kid King stands at a massive computer map — stretching and seducing it, taming and testing it..”  Thanks for taking me down THAT road, Jian.

And from the JOPLIN GLOBE (Joplin, Mo.- Which is on the OTHER side of the state from me.)  By Mike Pound: “That Wolf guy and some guy with good hair named John King stood in front of a large computer screen and talked. While they talked, John King played with a map of the United States on the large computer screen. I’m not sure exactly what John was doing with map on the large computer screen but apparently it had something to do with the election. Wolf, though, was so impressed with what John was doing with the map on the large computer screen that he told the viewers that they could go to the CNN Web site and be “just like John King for the night.”

I found that sort of creepy.”    Funny.


Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video

Wow, that really was irrelevant.

Weekend Discussion Question: Favorite Holiday for candy?  Easter? Christmas? Valentine’s Day?  Discuss!


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Memory Lane: 2000 Election Edition

Friday, 03.14.08 Posted by: Mebz

This week in the John King-dom (Ha! Darn, I’m good! Sorry…) we had two nights of Larry King fill-ins, the Mississippi primary and a shout out on The Daily Show- for JK, not for us, OMG I’d wet myself if that happened. So, now that it’s Friday, I thought I’d take us on a little trip to that far away land called the year 2000.


John wrote a Reporters Notebook while covering Al Gore’s campaign eight years ago. Enjoy a little reading:

WASHINGTON — The Al Gore campaign is taking a bit of a gamble in banking on the continuation of manual recounts in Florida, even after Secretary of State Katherine Harris certifies the results.  The gamble is that there will be new votes for the vice president, and that Harris will accept the amended returns. She has said publicly that she feels she is not required to do so. The Gore people were very disappointed that a state judge refused to order the secretary of state to extend the deadline under which counties had to report certified results from the general election. Harris now has the authority to certify the election results, and statewide counts show Texas Gov. George W. Bush winning. So along with the hope, there’s also a sense of worry on the Gore side that there will be another public declaration from a Florida state official that Bush won the presidential race in the state. If the tally from overseas absentee ballots is finished over the weekend, there could be just such an announcement, with the Gore campaign still raising its hands, saying, “Wait! Wait! We want another recount” or, “We want the recount to be finished.” And if the American people keep hearing “Governor Bush has won,” Gore’s people believe the American public may just decide that it’s time to bring an end to the disagreement.  There has been talk in both campaigns, among the political people more than the legal people, asking, “Is there some way to have a joint proposal — a compromise that we will do ‘X’ and both campaigns will accept the results.” The problem is the two camps aren’t really talking to each other in any serious way, and there is a great deal of bitterness between the two. If the manual recounts show Gore pulling ahead, and if the Florida secretary of state agrees either to accept those results (or was ordered by a court to accept those results), then the Bush campaign would certainly raise its hand and say, “This process has been unfair to us. We did not request any recounts. Now we want to.” At that point, some people see the only way out as a statewide recount. But they’re not there yet, and the Bush side is banking on never getting there.


If you want to read this in it’s “natural habitat” go here.

Mebz’s Weekly No-Good RELEVANT YouTube Video

That’s right- this one IS relevant!

Weekend Discussion Question: Where were you in life eight years ago during the last Presidential election? I was a sophomore in college. Discuss!


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7 weeks

Friday, 03.07.08 Posted by: Mebz

So, after our little Tuesday Primary BBQ party I went to bed without knowing the results. And I won’t lie – I was really hoping that everything would be decided by Wednesday. So imagine my horror at discovering that NOTHING was decided!


I know your pain, Kitty, I. Know. Your. Pain.

And then I saw this on Wednesday:


Just 7 weeks. Just 7 weeks! JUST 7 WEEKS?!

Now CNN, I love you. But I think it’s time for an intervention. You are clearly ODing on political coverage and your judgement it failing. Much can be done in 7 weeks. Allow me to offer some perspective: Apollo 11 took 3 days to travel from the Earth to the Moon, the 1967 Arab-Israeli War took 6 days and at 6 weeks facial features are visible in a fetus. What am I getting at? Seven weeks is a LONG frickin’ time!

I have decided to use this time for good and do something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. I’m re-reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Currently I’m on page 128 of The Fellowship of the Ring and Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry have just left the Shire. I will keep you posted of my progress.

Now that that is out of my system, I feel better.

How about some John Pics? Yeah!!!!!!






That’s better too.

Yesterday, TVNewswer had a fun poll about who was better at showcasing the new election technology: John King or FNC’s Bill Hemmer. John kicked butt! 62% to 38%. Kiss it, Hemmer! You can check it out here.

Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video

I want to be this little girl.

Weekend Discussion Question: What can you do in seven weeks? Discuss!


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Reverse Dejavu?

Wednesday, 03.05.08 Posted By Millie

I came across something interesting in the video section of There is an archived video in which John covered McCain’s endorsement after Bush had secured the party’s nomination eight years ago.


Check out John back in 2000, as he was wrapping up the above story.



I wonder why he was just identified as a “CNN Correspondent” instead of the White House Correspondent?

I still remember very vividly John’s reporting of McCain dropping out of the race in 2000. He aired this “breaking news” from Sedona, Arizona.


I remember watching this live back then, and how he was talking about the breathtaking backdrop amidst the sudden news of McCain’s departure from the race… Wow, that was 8 years ago but I tell ya, it still seems like just yesterday.

I didn’t get to watch last night’s results live on TV, I was listening to it via computer stream, but I must admit I was absolutely tickled pink every time John mentioned either El Paso, Houston, El Paso County or Harris County!

Switching gears now…

Mebz usually posts her Friday videos, but today I decided that for the middle of the week hump day, we need a perk up too!! Here’s a funny video to share that kept me in stitches, I’m sure it will keep you laughing too. The guy’s facial expressions are priceless!


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