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We interrupt this John King blog…

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 Posted by: Mebz

…to bring you a Rory Stewart themed post.  Please pardon the delay in JK related infotainment.  John King blogging will resume later in the week.  But for now, sit back and enjoy one of Scotland’s gifts to humanity; along with kilts, Scotch and Billy Connolly: Rory Stewart.

I am not going to go into an explanation of who he is simply because I could not come close to doing his life justice.  However, the following links are articles that will give you a good primer.

Can Rory Stewart fix Afghanistan?

Esquire’s 75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century

Stewart of Afghanistan


Moving on now to a few articles written by Rory Stewart:

Iraq: The Question

How to Save Afghanistan– this one caused a stir.

Where Less Is More

And now the YouTube offerings:

Charlie Rose Tomorrow


 This was a MWNGIYV (Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video) a few months ago.

Inside Story- Rebuilding Kabul pt.1 & pt. 2


Donor Update


Authors @ Google

His books can be found here at Amazon.  Both of my copies of The Places in Between and The Prince of the Marshes are worn, stained and dog-eared.  They are well worth the money and should be required reading for anyone trying to understand our attempts (and failures) at state-building.

If you missed his interview with Fareed Zakaria on GPS last month, do yourself a favor and watch it: part 1  part 2

Why have I taken the time to put this together?  I’ll tell you, it’s because when I hear Rory speak about the issues the world faces today, I am comforted by the knowledge that there are in fact smart people out there working very hard to fix our problems and make the world just a little bit better.  Mr. Stewart’s honest and frank assessment of our abilities and limitations is a welcomed voice on the world stage. For those of you who are already Rory Stewart fans, I’m sure this is all old stuff to you, but if you are new, by all means check him out.  And after reading this, if you are thinking that his story would make a good movie- you would be right.

Alright, this is turning into far too long a post and I haven’t even said anything about Turquoise Mountain or Harvard or the fact that he’s only 35- ahh! There is simply too much Rory-awesomeness to fit into one post.  Sorry, if it wasn’t overtly funny, either.  I will try better next time.  And I promise more JK fun soon.  Later.



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Odds and Ends

Thursday, October 9, 2008  Posted by: Mebz

Hello Everyone.  As my title post indicates, I have a few odds and ends for y’all.

1. A VERY NICE flicker photo stream featuring our favorite political reporter.  The rights were reserved, so I didn’t feel right about cuttin’ and pastin’.  Regardless, here is the link:  CLICK ME!  You won’t be disappointed.

2. A interview JK did during the Democratic National Convention.  (I’ve been trying to get it embedded, but the WordPress overlords have thwarted my every attempt!)  Regardless, watch it here: video

3. Self Explanatory

4. Ditto

Last Note: I wanted to send good thoughts to the beloved Warden of the Drunken Monkeys (Don’t ask, it would take too long to explain.)  Cyn, web-mistress of and the recent victim of an unprovoked screen-cap stealing (see post below) is having surgery tommorrow.  GET WELL SOON, CYN!!  This one’s for you:



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Note From Millie

Tuesday, 05.13.08 Posted By Millie

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by. If you have noticed, the activity here at Johnthenewsking has slowed down somewhat (I tell ya, those primary parties sure do take a toll on us!!!!!!)

Actually, the real reason is because it has been increasingly difficult for me to find the time to blog, and blog with gusto!! It takes a lot of time to research, write, edit, etc… When I first started the site last July I admittedly had waaaaaaay too much time on my hands, lol! But now, its been a challenge for me to maintain a regular blogging schedule, because In addition to working full time, I’ve recently taken up a part time job, started doing some volunteering at a local school and – now this is cool- I’ve added a Curves workout to my daily schedule!!! (5 pounds and 5 inches in one month! yay me!) Also, this Friday I am leaving on a 2-week road trip to Tucson, Arizona, which will be a lot of fun, but will also limit by abillity to blog in the upcoming weeks.

It’s been a fantastic year. You just can’t beat getting to know all the cool friends who have converged to this site, and you just can’t beat hearing from the main man himself!!! What a delight it truly has been!

I am not completely shutting down the site (after all, I am very proud that I gave birth to this baby!) and you know, the election season is not over, so there will be surprises down the road of course. You never know when the inpiration will strike me to come on over and rekindle things a bit! If you’d like e-mail notifications when new material is posted at this site, please send me a short e-mail with your address.

Mebz and AC, you two are the best. Thank you for always coming here and bringing a smile to my face with your sassy comments and observations. We’ve had a lot of visitors come and go, but you two especially have been there with me through thick and thin and I love you both!!! (We are a bit like the three stooges, don’t you think? haha.)

Well take care everyone, and here’s a classic JK video from Kitten I think is very fitting to repost at this time:


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Wednesday Doldrums

Wednesday, 04.30.08 Posted By Millie

Good Wednesday evening everyone. Hope that you all have had a great week so far. As for me, nothing out of the ordinary, you know, the usual rat race…

I was having this discussion with my partner in crime, Mebz, about how I usually rely on luck or imagination to come up with blog material. She, on the other hand, the sleuth that she is, is always digging around the www for info and tidbits about John.

It seems like I should be doing the same, but with my hectic schedule and irregular work hours (shift work as a call center supervisor) sometimes it is hard to find the time to do some extra digging… but I am glad that she is my right-hand woman, because she always comes up with great stuff.

So thank you, Mebz, for being the other half of Johnthenewsking. I do appreciate you.

This video is for you.

Here are a few videocaps of John at the magic map last week talking to Cambell Brown about John McCain’s chances for winning the presidency. He pulled up past election demographics to try and paint a picture of where McCain’s votes might go:

Sorry that I am lacking much content tonight, but I guess I could blame it on having a bad case of the “Wednesday Hump Day Doldrums”.

p.s. Jason Castro is safe tonight! Whew!!

Take care everyone and see you back soon.


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Monday, 04.28.08 Posted By Millie

Today I’m taking a mini-vacation and I will be back to blogging on Wednesday.  See you then!


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Friday On My Mind

Friday, 04.25.08 Posted By Millie

Continuing with our Friday musical selections, here’s a little tune to get our Friday started. It is a bit Austin Powers-ish but hey, it was the 60s… a cool decade! I found this video of The Easybeats singing “Friday on My Mind”

And let’s just cut to the chase shall we, with our JKPOW (John King Picture Of the Week):

Hey, how did that picture get in here? I tell ya, this new WordPress editing system sure can act up screwy sometimes.

Ahh, HERE is the JKPOW I was looking for:

I’m not sure exactly when this was taken, but I believe it is from when John was investigating his “Battlefield Breakdown” documentary. Even if it is black and white, it is still a cool shot… one of my faves.

I really got a kick out of watching MTV’s behind the scenes with CNN during the PA primary earlier this week, a part of which John allowed the MTV reporter to play at the magic wall. Here are some screengrabs from that segment:

It was cute when he referred to the wall as “my little playground”. He also called it a “puppy”. Awwww.

Well, what is next up on the horizon for “The Best Political Team On Television”? Indiana and North Carolina, which is still about two weeks away… unbelievable that it has gone on this long. But, no matter who secures the nomination, I will end up voting for either one of them come November (Whoops, Millie opened up her vault).

To be honest, I just don’t see John McCain as our next President. He has impressive experience, and I believe he is a good and decent man, but I there’s just something I can’t quite put my finger on that gives me a wrong vibe about him being our next President.  Somehow I just can’t visualize him sitting behind this desk addressing our country in a time of crisis.

Moving on to other matters,

Ok ladies, who is hosting on May the 6th???? I suggest that this time we have an Egyptian theme. I will show up in my white draped dress, but I’m a little worried about AC because who knows WHAT she will end up wearing if it involves loose-fitting fabric. I can only imagine what she would put on cardboard Anderson for the occasion.

You know, I hadn’t realized until now that we have never shown Cardboard Anderson before. Here he is, before we started our Primary Parties.

I can only tell you that now he looks…. well, a bit more tattered, frayed, and, um, covered in food stains. Don’t blame me, it is all AC’s and Mebz’s fault.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and see you on Monday.


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It’s Pennsylvania Primary Eve!

Monday, 04.21.08 Posted by Millie

Good evening everyone, for all the political junkies out there, it goes without saying that today is the eve of a primary that HOPEFULLY will paint a clearer picture in the Democratic nominee race. John McCain can just sit back and kick it for a while, while the Dems still battle it out. Frankly, though, I would not be surprised if we are no closer to deciding anything after tomorrow than we are able to right now.

The good side of this is that we get to see John back in action at the map! Whoo!

And don’t forget, AC is hosting our Italtian-themed party tomorrow, so please stop on by throughout the night to see what’s happenin’.

Here are some screengrabs from that great video link Mebz provided us on Thursday:

On Friday, TVNewser posted the transcript of a brief interview with John. Here is what he had to say:

TVNewser: What are the highlights and lowlights covering the election so far?

John King: I’ve been covering the Republicans during the primary, and I think watching a party debate, ‘who are we?’ Watching a party change, from a clearly defined, West Texas, Southerner, swagger, cowboy boots. And then you look at the field of candidates and nobody’s like that. You have now a very different man leading the Republican party. And that’s where I spent most of my time during the primary. Then you look over the wall at the democratic race and it’s history. And you cannot find this anything but compelling, it’s fascinating.

TVNewser: You’ve been covering campaigns since 1988, do you think these three candidates have been treating the media differently?

King: Everytime it changes, and each politician has their own approach to the media. The technology has changed dramatically since my fist campaign in ’88. And the new media there are more people around doing what I would call unconventional things. I’m calling them unconventional but, I’m a former AP wire guy. So when I see mediabistro, when I see bloggers I call that unconventional, but that’s our world now, I say that from an old man’s perspective. The change in our business is quite dramatic.

Campaigns go through ebbs and flows McCain by and large is very accessible, and he probably benefits from media coverage. Although now that he’s the nominee he’s not doing daily avails. Control becomes important to your message. The Clintons, I covered Bill Clinton for a long time and it always went in cycles. When they were in trouble, they needed to communicate, they were your best friends. And when they felt they needed to control something, they were inaccessible. That has been a Clinton playbook trademark.

Obama too, he knows he has the skills to communicate, but they pull him back when they don’t want him taking all the questions.

The pattern is actually fairly predictable. I think you can go back and study past campaigns and you can see the same ebbs and flows when it comes to access.

TVNewser: It’s February 2009, what’s John King doing for CNN?

King: Wow, is that a great question. I have no idea. And I don’t worry about it. I don’t say “no idea” to float some conspiracy theory. February 2009 will be in the early days of a new administration. So there’s no question that we have a great deal of drama in Washington, DC. And the challenge for us in our business is, we have the riveting campaign, people are paying attention in great numbers and they want to know about the people, they want to know about the issues. Then we go from the campaign to the new government. And government is less sexy and you see the interest from our side wane, but I don’t think that will be the case. And right around that time, around February 2009, I assume John King will be looking at the new administration, where will I be standing? What will exactly my job be? I don’t know the answer to that.

On thing John said had me a little befuddled, though. “And government is less sexy and you see the interest from our side wane, but I don’t think that will be the case” Government and sexy in the same sentence just sounds… well, odd.  And I’m still not exactly sure what he meant by that anyway, lol!

That’s all for me tonight and don’t forget to join us for our Italian party!


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