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It’s Raining Here, AGAIN.

Friday, 04.18.08 Posted by: Mebz

I’m THIS close to building an Arc. (Millie, you gather the animals) Anyway, the weekend is officially within reach. And since it’s Friday I have your:

John King Picture of the Week:

In addition, JK filled in on The Situation Room yesterday while Wolf-dog was hangin’ with the Pope.

Hey AC, I found something I think we need at our next primary party:

radiotvf 051.JPG

Nothin’ says class quite like a CNN ice sculpture. (On a side note, as someone who has made ice sculptures in the past, trust me when I tell you that “C” must have been b**** to get right.)

That’s all for now. See you guys next week.



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Monday Night Blogging

Monday, 04.07.08 Posted By Millie

I had hoped to get to this post earlier in the day, and I do apologize… but you know how it is when unexpected interruptions happen! (Uh oh, now I am starting to sound like one of those ED commercials!! lol!)

I thought I would start off the evening with a few super hi-res pics of John I stumbled across. They come from this site, which talks about, what else, but John’s map manipulation skills!

Nice, huh? (Click on the picture for even larger and sharper image)

And now, downgrading to low-res, (sorry!) here are some various screencaps of John hosting The Situation Room last week.

We’ve got a few administrative changes here at Johnthenewsking. Katie and Joan, unfortunately, will no longer be blogging with us. Their contributions will be missed! We appreciate all they have done for the blog. Stay in touch girls, ok? Don’t forget, you are always welcome to guest-post in the future!

Starting today, Mebz and yours truly will be the regular blog posters at Johnthenewsking. Here is our schedule in case you want to know ahead of time who will be at the blogging helm!! We are still continuing on a Mon-Fri schedule, with posts on the weekends only in the event of breaking or urgent news.

Mondays – Millie
Tuesdays- Mebz
Wednesdays – Millie
Thursdays – Mebz
Fridays – Millie/Mebz

And now, this next bit is especially for ACAnderfan. She mentioned in the comments on Friday something about Anderson and spandex. Not having seen the program on Friday, my curiosity was piqued.

I checked out the video of Friday’s Shot Of The Day and lo and behold, there was Erica showing off a pair of spandex pants she said Anderson should use the next time he goes excercising:

Interestingly it wasn’t the spandex that caught my attention. Rather, I just couldn’t stop starting at his guns in the first picture! OMG!! Normally I am not one to fawn over Mr. Cooper but, whoa nelly! He’s got some mighty impressive biceps..

Erm.. Moving on…

If you have noticed recently, we’ve got this little Golden Girls thing going, so I would like to leave you today with the following clip. Enjoy!


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“Tuesday’s Gone with the wind…”

Wednesday 04.02.08 Posted by: Mebz

I thought I would continue the song title trend that Millie started yesterday.  So, first I give you a little Lynyrd Skynyrd for your listening pleasure as you enjoy the images I have for you.

Press play:

It is shaping up to be a busy week on the John King front.  Which is nice since last week was rather sparse.  JK was pulling a double shift yeasterday as well as Monday- The Situation Room and 360.  A few Sit. Room screen caps.




My personal favorite:


Rock on, my fellow John King fans, rock on.  I will see you again on Friday!  “Tuesday’s gone with the wind….”


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Just Another Manic Monday…

Tuesday, 04.01.08 Posted By Millie

Update: John is hosting TSR again this afternoon.

John made a couple of appearances Monday on his regular tour of duty: first, he guest-hosted The Situation Room.


He began the show with the news about a new economic overhaul proposal, the largest of its kind since The Great Depression. THE GREAT DEPRESSION!!! OMG! That in itself should tell you how dire things are really getting. I’m not an economist, and much of it just goes over my head, but at least those in charge are realizing that something needs to be done to fix our current economic woes.

I just saw a report this morning on CNN about how independent truckers are really being hit hard, with diesel now averaging over $4.00 a gallon! Jiminy Cricket! Rusty Dornin interviewed some truckers who pay over $1,000 just to fill up their tanks. No wonder some of them are going on strike…

Here are a few more video caps of John hosting TSR Monday afternoon:




I’ve mentioned this before, but it is worth repeating. Candy Crowley is looking very good! Especially in the above picture. Kudos to her for the weight loss and sharp-looking appearance!

Next, John was a commentator on AC360 later Monday evening, along with David Gergen, for more political analysis about the elections.



I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m all politically tuckered out when it comes to watching CNN’s coverage of the election lately. Sorry CNN folks, even though I think you guys are doing a fantastic job as always, I seem to lately tune out the political talk and analysis because at the moment nothing really is changing from day to day. I hate to admit it, but “I’m just not that into it”.

April 22nd seems like a LONG way off!!! Hopefully after that Primary date, things will be more clear as to the outcome of the Democratic contest… and then watching CNN election coverage will become interesting again!

And of course, as ya’ll know, I always try to plug my hometown of El Paso whenever I get the change (lol), so here’s an article from The El Paso Times titled, “Obama Camp Investigates El Paso Convention” Seriously folks, when will all this madness end??

In closing, here is a music accompaniment to the title of today’s blog, sung by none other than The Chipmunks! Enjoy your Tuesday everyone and take care!


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The Minority Report

Monday, 03.31.08 Posted By Mille

Update: I’ve just been informed that John is filling in for Wolf on The Situation Room this afternoon.

Happy Monday everyone. The good thing is that Mondays only have to happen once a week, lol! I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend. I know I did! I cannot believe that we are already 3 months into 2008. Where oh where does the time go??

Anywho, here’s a picture to get us going for today’s topic:

Why, you may ask, do I have this picture of Tom Cruise from Minority Report? Well, first of all, I think it is a fantastic movie, and it’s one of my favorite TC science fiction films. However, that is not why I posted it today. Instead, take a peek at this:

Notice the similarities?
Now, granted, John doing his thing over at the magic wall is something we’ve covered in detail before, and it really is not anything new to those of us who have been watching him on primary nights as results trickle in throughout the evening.
However, I found this little article which compared John King to Tom Cruise in Minority Report!!! This page has a video which highlights some of John’s moments at the board, shown in rapid succession, to the point where he almost really does look like TC working the computer screen in MR!! lol.
Ok, here’s a little something I just couldn’t resist throwing in.

Yup, that’s John pointing at good ol’ El Paso County in far West Texas!!! (Thanks Cyn for sending me over this clip.)
In closing today, I have a couple of screengrabs from John’s hosting of TSR last week. Enjoy and see you all tomorrow.






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And now… subbing For Mr. King, It’s Mr. King!

Wednesday 03.12.08 Posted By: Millie

Good afternoon all. I thought I’d start out this post with the following bit of nostalgia. Remember this toy?


I had one of these back when I was about 7 or so, and gosh-darnit, I still remember that very rooster on the packaging on the box! I loved my light-brite. It was a pain in the rear and very tedious to get all the colored pegs exactly where you wanted them, but the end results were spectacular, though.

By golly, I even remember this commercial!!!

Anywho, I think that this toy is what probably inspired the background set for Larry King Live. Com’on, am I the only one who might have thought this????

The last two evenings, John has subbed for Larry on LKL. Usually we are accustomed to seeing him (John) sub for Wolf or Anderson, but having him on LKL was a nice change of pace. He did a smooth job of filling in on Larry’s seat, sans the suspenders!!!

Here are a few screengrabs:





For once it was interesting to hear John report on something OTHER than the election. Even though that OTHER thing in the news at the moment is a pretty big shocker.

Normally, news such as the Spitzer scandal wouldn’t be something that I would care to know much about. After all, he is not the first governor/senator/elected official to be caught in some kind of sordid sex scandal, nor will he be the last. And while I think it is absolutely horrible what he has put his family through, I still think that private matters are just that – private – and should be none of our business…


What really is upsetting about what Spitzer has done, rather, is the cold and calculated way he went about doing this. I mean, come on!!! It’s one thing to have some indiscretions, but the fact that he had to go through all these lengths to carefully orchestrate his plans is disgusting. His “affairs” were not just casual flings… they were cold-hearted, manipulated, well thought-out plans. He knew exactly what he wanted and he knew exactly how to do it.


And probably just like most Americans, we can forgive our elected officials for their personal indiscretions, but the blatant HYPOCRISY is what we have a harder time in understanding or sympathizing with.

I feel badly for his wife, I really do. She is a very beautiful woman and without a doubt she is going through a horrible personal pain. It is disheartening to see her standing by his side as he is announcing his resignation today. I hope she has the courage and strength to get through this with grace and do what is best for her and her family.

Well, that’s all for me folks. For the mid-day hump-day perk-me-up, here is a funny video. WordPress has limitations on video embedding, so you will have to click here to watch the video.  Enjoy!



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Breaking News And A 360 Review

Thursday, 12.27.07

I woke up this morning and as is my usual routine, I turned on my ‘puter to check out what is going on over at Imagine my sadness when I realized that breaking news was splashed all over the webpage about Benazir Bhutto’s assassination and the subsequent crisis situation brewing in Pakistan.


I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert in international policies and politics, but I know enough to realize how much of an impact this is going to have in the face of current mid-east turmoils and upcoming elections in Pakistan.

Anderson Cooper’s 360 web page does mention this story will be covered tonight. Will John be providing the coverage for 360 or will Anderson? Don’t know that yet but we shall of course find out soon. However, ATA mentions that Anderson is cutting his vacation short to come back to work in light of today’s developments.

John blogged this morning about learning today’s news while he was getting ready to report on election politics for American Morning. He also blogged about how tight security is in Pakistan, specifically recalling a time when he traveled to the country in March of 2000 with President Clinton.

Like most everyone, I’ll be staying tuned to CNN throughout the day for updates and analysis on today’s tragic turn of events.

Last night, John hosted AC360 from New York. It had been a while since he subbed for Anderson, as he has been on the road for an extended period of time this month. But it was great to see him back in the studio after all those weeks in the freezing snow.


The program started out with the horrible Christmas tragedy at the San Francisco Zoo. A tiger escaped his habitat, killing a zoo patron and injuring several other bystanders. A good chunk of the program was devoted to covering this story.


As John said, “Who would ever imagine such a thing?” He spoke with the communications director of the Miami Metro zoo, Ron McGill, about this tragedy.


McGill stated that at this point, there is still so much speculation and here-say about what actually happened, as well as what caused all this to happen, so we should wait for all the facts to come out before drawing any definite conclusions about the safety of the exhibit as well as the safety of other similar exhibits around the country.

Next up was the first of two 360 bulletins with Erica. She discussed her upcoming New Year’s Eve plans with Anderson Cooper in Times Square. John slid in this this tidbit: “Sounds like fun. I’m sneaking on a quick snowboarding break with Hannah and Noah King, but we will tune in.”


(Of course this isn’t them but I would imagine that’s what they are gonna look like having fun out in the snow!!)

Next up was a round table discussion with Dana Bash and Gloria Borger, who were both in Iowa, and with David Gergen who was in Boston. Topics discussed were Huckabee’s hunting practices and his “likability” over Mitt Romney, as well as more woes for Romney (his conservative credentials are apparently “under attack” by several leading conservative organizations.)

We had a quick Raw Politics with Bill Schneider (Should the time Hillary Clinton spent in the White House count?) and then a return back to Gloria and David for more analysis and commentary.

Next, John had this to say for a lead-in to a piece by Jeffrey Toobin about how caucuses operate: “By now you’ve probably heard the word ‘caucuses’ more times than Britney Spears had mocha frappuccinos”. He then quipped , “The caucuses might sound like much mumbo-jumbo to you, until now. Trust me and CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin.”

Yup, we trust ya John, we trust ya Jeffrey!


For Toobin’s crash course on this Iowa political tradition, check out his “Caucus 101” report right here.

After a second 360 bulletin, the shot of the day was aired: a van crashed into a mini-mart in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The incident was caught on tape from four different camera angles. Here is one of them:


John signed off for the evening requesting viewer’s shot ideas. I’ve never sent in one myself but who knows? Maybe I will someday come across something CNN will deem interesting enough to air.

We’ll be checking in tonight to see if John will again be hosting 360, and of course at the same be watching out for new developments in the Bhutto assassination story.

Have a great Thursday, folks! One more day and then the weekend will be here!


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