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What up, Peeps?

Friday, 03.21.08 Posted by: Mebz

Greetings from a flooded Missouri. (Send Boat!)  Happy Good Friday and early Easter to everyone!

Hangin’ with my Peeps

Usually, I’m a purest.  Particularly with my Peeps, the yellow have been good enough for years.  But I recently had the new green variety, and I must say they are tasty.  Anyone else have opinions on the expanding color palette of Peeps?  Good? Horribly wrong?  Or am I the only one who cares about these things?

Okay, moving on… Millie put the pressure on me to do a good job today and then proceeded to steal the subject I was going to cover i.e. John in Jerusalem.  So I went hunting through the archives and found a few things to share with you today.

I found CNN’s Election Night Blog from 2004 and it’s amazing how primitive it looks compared to today’s CNN blogs.  John has a few posts on it, however the one I really wanted to share with you is from Karl Penhaul (IMO, one of CNN’s best, yet under-utilized reporters.)  In light of the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war you have to ask yourself, besides the names, how much has changed?

From Karl Penhaul, Video Correspondent for CNN, reporting near Fallujah, Iraq
“One Marine, just about old enough to vote for the first time, shook his head and said to me: “Out here this is politics of the rawest kind.” He was a grunt, not an officer.
He didn’t mean Republican-Democratic party politics or even Bush-Kerry personality politics. Clausewitz (“war is an extension of politics”) or Chairman Mao (“political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”) have written about the kind of politics this Marine was talking about. He didn’t know those names maybe; he certainly hadn’t read the textbook theory. He just sensed it, a world away from the fancy gloss-wrapped, shrink-wrapped vacuum-packed TV debates, party spin doctors and expert opinion polls.
This marine, when he’s ordered, will simply go out and do politics of the rawest kind … kicking in doors, blasting away with an M-16 assault rifle.
The outcome on the extreme edge of his political frontline isn’t about Bush or Kerry. There’s no vote and no recount, just life or death.”

If you didn’t see AC360’s Shock and Awe special last night, you missed a very fine hour of television.



Moving on.  John tidbits:

Ever wondered what a Canadian thinks of our Election coverage? National Post‘s Jian Ghomeshi likes John’s electronic thingy:  “Whiz-kid King stands at a massive computer map — stretching and seducing it, taming and testing it..”  Thanks for taking me down THAT road, Jian.

And from the JOPLIN GLOBE (Joplin, Mo.- Which is on the OTHER side of the state from me.)  By Mike Pound: “That Wolf guy and some guy with good hair named John King stood in front of a large computer screen and talked. While they talked, John King played with a map of the United States on the large computer screen. I’m not sure exactly what John was doing with map on the large computer screen but apparently it had something to do with the election. Wolf, though, was so impressed with what John was doing with the map on the large computer screen that he told the viewers that they could go to the CNN Web site and be “just like John King for the night.”

I found that sort of creepy.”    Funny.


Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video

Wow, that really was irrelevant.

Weekend Discussion Question: Favorite Holiday for candy?  Easter? Christmas? Valentine’s Day?  Discuss!



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John In Iraq

Monday, 03.17.08 Posted By Millie

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

Mebz, because you like kitties so much, this is for you:


John has spent the weekend in Iraq.


He was covering McCain’s visit, as well as the visits of his companions and fellow allies, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham. And oh yeah, Dick Cheney is there too.

Update: John is still reporting live from Iraq tonight, he is speaking with Campbell Brown on CNN’s “Election Center” program.

Update #2:  John  is also reporting from the middle east live for AC360 tonight with Soledad O’Brien.

John did an interview piece with McCain which you can view from the political ticker right here. For a full story of John’s reporting in Iraq, click here.

Since I have some rather sharp opinions about this visit, and since I don’t want to step on a political soapbox at this time, I think I am going to reserve comment today about McCain and the Iraq war.

Instead, here are some videocaps of John in Baghdad:


If anyone wants to stop by my pad later tonight, I’ll be servin’ up some green ale!!!



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This Week At War, A “Sexy” Bus and Brendan Fraser

Monday, 10.08.07 

Hello everyone! After a week off I am back to blogging about our favorite CNN correspondent, John King.

However, I needed to take a step back from it all for a while and see where I was going with everything. I came to the conclusion that even with a few setbacks, glitches and disappointments, it is still a worthwhile effort. After all, I do have a “void” to fill, as one reader so aptly put it, because there is no other blogsite on the internet exclusively about John King. I truly enjoy maintaining this website!

Anywho, on with the show.

John appeared on “This Week At War” over the weekend and he was able to help clarify an issue raised by Tom Foreman: “With the mood in the country, can Democrats really not promise to get the troops out? Help me explore how Iraq is shaping the presidential race…John, was that sound I heard democratic jaws all over the country hitting the floor when they heard their top contenders all say, no, we’re not sure we can end the war in our first term?”

John replied, “Well, certainly, all of the energy in the Democratic Party right now is to the anti-war left that wants this war over yesterday, not by 2013, by yesterday. But what we’re seeing from the democratic candidates, the leading candidates, there’s a bit more reality. They all know they will inherit, maybe 130,000 troops, maybe 100,000 troops. Whoever the next president of the United States is, they have no idea what the security position on the ground will be. So, they want to appease the left by saying I want to end this war and get the troops out, but they also need to remember one of them will be in a general election in a few months in which the Republican candidate will be saying, you can’t pull all of the troops out, even if you wanted to, even if I wanted to. It would cause a disaster if you did. So, a bit more reality in the campaign that will make the base angry.”

Tom mentioned, “John, you talked to John McCain earlier this week and he was talking about the difficulties of this war, something which seems to be playing a little bit to his hand now.”

A clip was then aired of John’s interview with John McCain while they were both aboard CNN’s “Election Express” bus. For more on McCain’s position on the Iraq war, you can view the video here.

Here are a few screencaps from that interview:





From the CNN political ticker, there is an “All Aboard” blog that describes this modern set of wheels as “not your ordinary bus… there’s a satellite dish on top of it. No longer is a television live truck needed to ‘go live’ from the bus. The CNN Election Express can do it all by itself. As you board the bus, it’s like walking into the future. The bus is equipped with state of the art equipment, from the cameras to the computers. This bus is a working newsroom, television studio, and satellite feed center all in one.”

And here’s how Don Lemon and John King described it on October 3rd:

LEMON: “Time now for America votes 2008. Republican presidential hopeful John McCain is running third in the national polls, and, so far, anyway, it’s been a rough ride, but not today. The Arizona senator joined our chief national correspondent, John King, aboard the snazzy, state of the art super-sexy new CNN Election Express. It’s looking good behind you there, John, I have to admit. And John joins me now from Orangeburg, South Carolina. Rough ride for him, but smooth ride aboard the Election Express. What do you have to say, John?”

JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: “It’s a beautiful ride, Don. You and Kyra should come out and enjoy it some time. It’s not only a great smooth ride. It’s an amazing television production facility.”


A “sexy” bus? Hmmm, that’s not exactly a description I would normally expect to hear about a vehicle, much less coming from an anchor on CNN. Now, if he had been referring to a decked-out bus overhauled on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride”, using that descripton would be an entirely different story!

Hmm.. I wonder what the MPG is on that puppy?

And what about that side-thingy which is sticking out like that? Is it retractable or does it slide back in when the bus is in motion? I wonder what that appendage is for anyway – it reminds me of a camper designed with some built-in extra compartmental space.

But I digress…

On a lighter note today, I want to piggyback off an idea that was posted last week at ATC, in a blog titled Separated At Birth. In that post, a few CNN anchors and reporters were compared side-by-side to television and movie stars – and even a few cartoon characters. Check out the pictures, they are very cute and surprisingly uncanny. (Tom Foreman and Scooter from the muppets! Priceless!)

However, they did not do a comparison for John King. Over at the yahoo group I’ve had this discussion with Mebz who insists that John looks like George Clooney. I beg to differ, I don’t see the resemblance. But I DO see the resemblance between John King and Brendan Fraser:





Have a great Monday and rest of the week everybody!


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