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John In Iraq

Monday, 03.17.08 Posted By Millie

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

Mebz, because you like kitties so much, this is for you:


John has spent the weekend in Iraq.


He was covering McCain’s visit, as well as the visits of his companions and fellow allies, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham. And oh yeah, Dick Cheney is there too.

Update: John is still reporting live from Iraq tonight, he is speaking with Campbell Brown on CNN’s “Election Center” program.

Update #2:  John  is also reporting from the middle east live for AC360 tonight with Soledad O’Brien.

John did an interview piece with McCain which you can view from the political ticker right here. For a full story of John’s reporting in Iraq, click here.

Since I have some rather sharp opinions about this visit, and since I don’t want to step on a political soapbox at this time, I think I am going to reserve comment today about McCain and the Iraq war.

Instead, here are some videocaps of John in Baghdad:


If anyone wants to stop by my pad later tonight, I’ll be servin’ up some green ale!!!




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And Then There Were Two

Thursday, January 31, 2008   Posted By: Joan

Tonight is the CNN Democratic debate – Clinton vs. Obama. I certainly hope it doesn’t become the slugfest that the last debate was! That only demeans the party and the two candidates. Although I can’t say I’ll be watching too much of the debate – don’t you think we already know what our respective candidate stands for by now? At least Super Tuesday’s almost here.

Wolf was live from the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles where the debate will be held. I wonder how many celebs will be there? As for John King, he was on TSR briefly discussing Ahnold’s, oops I mean, Governor Schwarzenegger’s decision to support John McCain now that Rudy Giuliani is out of the running. Arnold told John during an earlier interview that he wouldn’t support either candidate because they were both good friends. But now with Rudy out, it was an easy decision for him to lend his name to McCain. I don’t know how you feel, and I’d be glad to hear from you about this, but having a celebrity or a politician supporting a candidate doesn’t do bupkiss for me. I like Oprah, but that doesn’t mean I’ve jumped on the Obama bandwagon just because she’s lending him her considerable name. The same with The Terminator and McCain. In fact, my favorite male movie star is George Clooney and he’s thrown his hat into the Obama ring. I’m sad to say that’s the only thing that I’ve read that he’s said in interviews or watched him say in interviews (regarding politics) that I completely disagree with him on! (But he can’t be PERFECT, right?!) 🙂



Will you be watching the debate tonight? I’m personally going to nab a glass of wine and soak in a hot bath until LOST comes on.

Here’s some caps of John and the gang:










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“I’ve Seen Those Eyes Before”

Thursday, 9.27.07

John appeared briefly on The Situation Room yesterday for analysis of Bill Clinton’s recent slamming of the “smearing” Republicans.

For some background on why Clinton was so hot under the collar, Alexander Mooney over at yesterday’s Political Ticker writes that Clinton “blasted Republicans Wednesday for their recent uproar over a newspaper ad questioning Gen. David Petraeus’ credibility.”

The article, General Petraeus or General Betray Us? claims that Petraeus is “Cooking The Books” for the White House to mislead the public about progress in Iraq.

That has gotten some republicans pretty steamed, which, in turn, has gotten Bill Clinton steamed!

Clinton granted an interview to Anderson Cooper about this most recent heated battle between the Dems and the GOP. (Wouldn’t you just love to have seen John tackle that interview with Clinton?)

After the interview clip aired on Wednesday’s Situation Room, Wolf asked John, “Did you see his eyes as he began to get into that answer to Anderson’s question?” and he replied, “I’ve seen those eyes before, Wolf, and you can bet there are democrats across the country, some of them watching saying amen, let’s nominate Hillary Clinton and get that back into the fight, get Bill Clinton countering every blow the republicans want to send up.”

Take a look for yourself at how p***ed-off Clinton looked:




I don’t have any John King screen/video caps for you today from his appearance on yesterday’s Situation Room, since his video commentary with Wolf has not yet been posted at the CNN website.

But I do have a few other pictures up my sleeve… I shall now wave my magic wand…



The below were graciously sent over by Kitten… some smart-looking London caps that hadn’t been included in my previous posts about John’s trip abroad. I just couldn’t let these go to waste without sharing them here at johnthenewsking!







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Switching Gears, Star Wars Style

Saturday, 9.22.07 

Well, since my last several posts were all about London, and since I don’t know when or where John will surface back in the good ol’ US of A, think I will switch gears today.

There has been some recent talk lately about Dick Cheney being compared to Darth Vader. But as I will mention in a bit, it really isn’t all that recent.

First this though: Even Hillary Clinton, just a few days ago, made a now-widely-circulated quip about “Darth Vader Cheney”:

And you just gotta love the creativity of the guy who made this short video:

Actually did you know that Cheney himself first started talking about the Vader comparison to none other than John? Take a look at this picture:

That was the day John interviewed Cheney back in June of 2006. The interview and picture can be found at  the official White House website. So all this Darth Cheney stuff really isn’t that recent after all.

If you click on the White House link above and scroll down a bit, you can read the part of the interview where John asks about Cheney’s public image and demeanor:

“Q: I want to close by asking you a few question about yourself and your image, and one of them flows from that. As you know, some of your old friends say, where is the Dick Cheney, the sarcastic Dick Cheney, the practical joker Dick Cheney. And your critics say, Dick Cheney has become this dark, nefarious force in the administration that believes in secrecy at all price, that believes congressional oversight is a nuisance. True?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, I don’t think I’ve changed any. I think I have been very consistent over time. I think, partly, it’s important to remember how significant 9/11 was. And we are now engaged in a constant effort, obviously, to protect the nation against further attack.

That means we need good intelligence. It means there have to be national security secrets. It means we need to be able to go after and capture or kill those people who are trying to kill Americans. That’s not a pleasant business. It’s a very serious business. And I suppose people sometimes look at my demeanor and say, well, he’s the Darth Vader of the administration.”

Let me say, I LOVE Star Wars, especially Revenge of the Sith – love, love, love it – so all this comical stuff circulating around the web is really making for some amusing internet finds lately.

Who says politics has to be dull?


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Interview From Across The Pond

Thursday, 9.20.07  

Kitten has capped some nice screenshots of John’s interview with Rudy Giuliani whilst they were in London. Thanks Kitten, you are doing a superb job! You are much appreciated! 🙂

John’s meeting with Giuliani was aired during yesterday’s Situation Room broadcast. Take a peek:








The interview can be seen here.

I hope John has a safe and pleasant return trip home!


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Mr. Secretary, Please Pass the Sheep Eyeballs

Thursday, 9.18.07 

John recently hosted an interesting interview session with former Secretary of State James Baker on April 24 of this year. The interview at first focused on a 2006 Iraq study group that Baker was a part of, then delved into stories in Baker’s new book “Work Hard, Study…and Keep Out of Politics!”


The interview was part of the Kentucky Author Forum held at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts in Louisville and was aired by the local PBS station KET back in May. Since then, it has aired on several other PBS stations across the country but was never made available via the internet until recently. KET released the interview on its website and can be seen in it’s entirety here.


There were actually quite a few funny moments throughout, making it an enjoyable exchange to watch, especially when Baker was speaking candidly about Reagan’s trademark sense of humor. There were also some humorous reflections about the 1988 campaign and Dan Quayle’s over-exuberance on camera at being a Vice-Presidential nominee!

It was truly enjoyable to watch John pose intelligent and insightful questions, which often led to some candid and very funny reponses.


Throughout the interview, John asked questions on a variety of topics and touched on several issues, among them:

The 2006 Iraq focus group;
Boris Yeltsin;
The Fall Of The Berlin Wall;


The Cold War;
Dick Cheney’s early years as White House Chief of Staff and Secretary of Defense;
George W. Bush’s years in Midland Texas;


Ronald Reagan’s keen sense of humor;
Reagan’s assassination attempt;
How technology has changed the way political news stories are broadcast;


Baker’s influence in several presidential campaigns;
Reagan’s decision to select Bush as his VPOTUS;
The selection of Dan Quayle as Bush’s VPOTUS and Quayle’s pubic image;


John’s recollections of the 1988 Presidential campaign;
Death penalty issues;
The Willie Horton case and how it became part of negative campaigning in the 1988 Presidential election season;


Saddam Hussein;
Cuban Relations;
Soviet Relations.


At one point Baker quipped, “It’s hard to campaign on competence” which drew gales laughter from the audience.

And oh yeah, you’ve also got to have a palate for exotic foods when you are a Secretary of State, just in case you are ever served sheep eyeballs at an official state dinner in a foreign country!!


Who knew so much could be discussed in one short hour?

p.s. In previous posts about unusual foods I dug up pictures of fried twinkies, fried oreos, etc. This time, I think I will pass on trying to google for a photograph of sheep eyeballs on a platter. lol!


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