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Pic Spam and Peter Bergen.

Thursday, 06.26.08 Posted by: Mebz

Hey girls!  It’s been a pretty busy (i.e. stressful) week for me work-wise.  And simultaneously, quiet on the John King/CNN front.  So, to calm my nerves and for the lack of anything better to post, I was thinking Pic Spam! Who doesn’t love a good pic spam now and then? (Answer: No one)  Enjoy!

Also, if you haven’t seen/heard Peter Bergen’s discussion last week at New America on Pakistan, it’s available on YouTube. Here

Peter’s highlight is Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video



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Thursday, 06.19.08 Posted by: Mebz

Hello fellow John King fans!  Unlike me, if you watched the Sit Room yesterday (I didn’t because my “job” really cuts into my free time) you would have seen that John is currently in Vietnam.  He has interviewed Cynthia McCain and the video is running on CNN and is also up at the website. Story  Video


Cynthia McCain was in these pictures, but if you have come here hoping to look at her and not JK, you have visited the wrong blog.

For those of you who have followed the tragic news of Tim Russert’s death, you may have read some of the speculation regarding who will take his place.  If you have, you may have noticed that a certain CNN reporter’s name has been tossed about as a possible candidate.  We all have our opinions, and you are about to get mine: I’M TORN!  On one hand, I undoubtedly think that John King would be the best choice for Meet the Press.  He knows (damn-near) everything about who’s who in Washington; he’s an honest, unbiased reporter.  On the other hand, I’m a CNN girl to my bones and can not imagine my favorite reporter leaving.  Granted, there would still be Anderson Cooper, Michael Ware and Peter Bergen, but it just wouldn’t be the same.  Thus, my conflicting feelings.  I am not advocating anything, (not that my opinion would make any difference to John King, CNN, Meet the Press or anyone at NBC) I’m just wondering what your thought are on the matter- tell me what you think in the COMMENTS!

As for the last word on the subject, I will leave you with what the late Tim Russert had to say about John to the New York Times in April:

    “He’s a tenacious, terrific reporter,” Tim Russert, the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” said in a telephone interview last week. When asked if he regarded Mr. King, 44, as part of a farm team made up of those who might someday take the helm of a Sunday public affairs show like his, Mr. Russert said, “I think he is certainly on that track.” And lest there be any doubt that Mr. Russert is watching, he noted that “John substituted for Wolf yesterday,” a reference to Wolf Blitzer and his late afternoon show, “The Situation Room.”


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Got Your Togas Out Yet?

Monday, 05.05.08 Posted By Millie

Ok, so last week I bragged about how I was going to do all this great JK research over the weekend yada yada yada, and what ended up happening?

Can we say, WRITER’S BLOCK?

Whoops, Millie just had a pata sandwich.

Sorry I don’t have much for you all today… I just have to admit that my inspiration has been a bit low lately, so please forgive this gal… Maybe things will pick up for me (inspiration-wise) after our TOGA PARTY tomorrow night.

I forgot… who is hosting? Please refresh my memory.. Not sure if I should be heading to Mebz’s place or AC’s…

Anyway, this isn’t me, but this is what I’ll be looking like tomorrow. See you then.

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The Laziest Post Ever

Friday, 05.02.08 Posted by: Mebz

John King Picture of the Week:

Thank you, that will be all.

Ok here’s Millie intervening so that this won’t be the laziest post ever. We need some Friday afternoon entertainment, don’t we? Because Mebz is fascinated with beings small in stature, I pulled up this picture after reading yesterday’s post:

And here are the Munchkins singing “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead”:

Ok, so this video has nothing to do with JK, but I thought we could use some color and entertainment before heading into the weekend… especially considering next week yet another PRIMARY will be held! (I’m digging around in my attic for an old toga sheet, BTW)

We’ll see you Monday… and I promise over the weekend to spend some extra time digging up new JK material!!


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“It’s Friday, I’m in love…”

Friday, 04.04.08 Posted by:Mebz

My apologies to The Cure, they just happened to have the only Friday themed song I could think of.  Well, lets get right to John filling-in on the Situation Room yesterday:


Suzanne?!  Crap, NOW what am I going to blog about?!

Maybe…. No.  Perhaps, I could….Nah.  Well, I’m stumped.

Will an old screen cap be enough?


I don’t know either, John.

For those of you who read the comments last Friday, you know that we Johnthenewsking readers are also big Golden Girls fans.  So I thought I’d take a look into our future:


rose.jpg Rose will be played by our own millie.jpg Millie.

blanche.jpg Blanche is the alter-ego of acanderfan.jpgACanderfan.

sophia.jpg Sophia is well, mebz.jpg Me.

dorothy.jpg Dorothy is open for auditions. 


Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video

This entire blog post has been irrelevant.  Sorry.  Weekend Discussion Question:  What should Mebz punishment be for this lackluster post?  Discuss!


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