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Just Another Manic Monday…

Tuesday, 04.01.08 Posted By Millie

Update: John is hosting TSR again this afternoon.

John made a couple of appearances Monday on his regular tour of duty: first, he guest-hosted The Situation Room.


He began the show with the news about a new economic overhaul proposal, the largest of its kind since The Great Depression. THE GREAT DEPRESSION!!! OMG! That in itself should tell you how dire things are really getting. I’m not an economist, and much of it just goes over my head, but at least those in charge are realizing that something needs to be done to fix our current economic woes.

I just saw a report this morning on CNN about how independent truckers are really being hit hard, with diesel now averaging over $4.00 a gallon! Jiminy Cricket! Rusty Dornin interviewed some truckers who pay over $1,000 just to fill up their tanks. No wonder some of them are going on strike…

Here are a few more video caps of John hosting TSR Monday afternoon:




I’ve mentioned this before, but it is worth repeating. Candy Crowley is looking very good! Especially in the above picture. Kudos to her for the weight loss and sharp-looking appearance!

Next, John was a commentator on AC360 later Monday evening, along with David Gergen, for more political analysis about the elections.



I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m all politically tuckered out when it comes to watching CNN’s coverage of the election lately. Sorry CNN folks, even though I think you guys are doing a fantastic job as always, I seem to lately tune out the political talk and analysis because at the moment nothing really is changing from day to day. I hate to admit it, but “I’m just not that into it”.

April 22nd seems like a LONG way off!!! Hopefully after that Primary date, things will be more clear as to the outcome of the Democratic contest… and then watching CNN election coverage will become interesting again!

And of course, as ya’ll know, I always try to plug my hometown of El Paso whenever I get the change (lol), so here’s an article from The El Paso Times titled, “Obama Camp Investigates El Paso Convention” Seriously folks, when will all this madness end??

In closing, here is a music accompaniment to the title of today’s blog, sung by none other than The Chipmunks! Enjoy your Tuesday everyone and take care!



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All Political Eyes Are On Iowa

Thursday, 12.13.07

Howdy to all! This evening I wanted to start off with a screencap Cyn sent over to me:


John was joking around with Kyra Phillips yesterday from Iowa. Here’s the transcript of the banter during the afternoon broadcast of CNN Newsroom:

PHILLIPS: We all like to break the rules. Candy Crowley, John King, Wolf Blitzer, especially John King. See there you go. I knew it…

KING: Snowball?

PHILLIPS: Yes, save me that snowball pal.

Speaking of Cyn, you might have noticed that I’ve added a new link to johnthenewsking: her Michael Ware blog, “Ware~Abouts”. For all the Mick Ware fans, her site is definitely the place to check out!! I can tell you this, Cyn really knows her MW stuff!!


Last night on AC360, John opened the program with the “Raw Politics”. Here’s Anderson right before tossing it to John as he introduced the program’s lead story: the last Republican Iowa Debate before the critical date of January 3rd.



John reported that the debate was markedly not “feisty”. This had to do with the fact that the debate moderators had set up some ground rules prior to the event. Some hot button issues were off-topic, such as Iraq and Immigration. That didn’t stop some of the candidates from trying to squeeze those topics in, though!

He also noted that Mike Huckabee tried to smooth over some tensions with Mitt Romney over recent remarks he had made about Mormonism:


Although that surely wasn’t the smartest thing to say about one’s competition, at least Huckabee went straight to Romney after the debate and apologized for that remark. Will that gesture be enough to fan out this most recent spark of fire? I guess time will tell…

After his voice-over piece, John was joined on the program by Donna Brazille and Bill Bennett for a round-table discussion.


John discussed Huckabee’s efforts to build himself up as a bigger figure, a larger figure, one who is trying to bring everyone together. He said, “Anderson, strategically here in Iowa, he knows the next three weeks he’s going to be catching a lot of harpoons so he’s trying to be big. Trying to say, ‘I want to end the polarization, I want to end the politics.’ So that when the rivals come at him, maybe voters will say, ‘Isn’t that that nice guy to wanted to bring the country together?'”


He also discussed Rudy Giuliani’s public image surrounding the scandal of his affair while in office, including the fact that he has been married three times.


These personal issues about Giuliani were touched on during the debate, but as John pointed out “If there was a voter out there who won’t vote for Giuliani because he’s on his third marriage, that voter already knows that information, Anderson.”

A summary of today’s Democratic debate will be included in tomorrow’s blog.

Have a great Thursday everyone and take care!



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The Dust Has Settled… Or Has It?

Friday, 11.30.07

Now that Thursday night’s activities are over and the debate dust particles have settled somewhat, a new dust storm is visible on the horizon because it is only a few short weeks until the first Primary in Iowa. The candidates will definitely be kicking it up a notch, especially on the Republican side, where there is still no definitive front-runner.


Last night’s AC360 show opened with Anderson remarking that Thursday night’s debate was “the most watched of this campaign by far”. He then tossed it over to John for another look back at the highlights of the evening.

John next appeared on a round table (or should I say Hollywood Squares) discussion with Tom Foreman, Hank Sheinkopf, and Ari Fleisher. Judging from the background, it looks like he was still in Florida last night:


Cooper asked John how much anger is seen on both sides of the aisle.


He explained, “There’s anger at the Democrats that their candidates and their Congress haven’t been able to end the war. There’s anger among independents, maybe, that they don’t see either party talking to the middle.

But, right now, Anderson, the campaign is not about that. The campaign is about, especially on the Republican side right now, Iowa and then New Hampshire, two very different campaigns. Iowa is culturally conservative, so you’re going do see abortion, same-sex marriage, and immigration dominating the debate.”


“Pretty telling that, the morning after the YouTube debate, when abortion, immigration, same-sex marriage not mentioned last night, but mentioned in the mail in Iowa. Those are the debates — issues in Iowa. What does Rudy Giuliani do? He launches an ad in New Hampshire on taxes, a very different Republican Party in the state of New Hampshire.”


“So, both parties right now worrying about the nomination. Then they will worry about trying to bring the country together and reach out to independents. “

Iowa is about a month away. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of John on the road. He will certainly be all over the map during the month of January… and February… and March… all right, you get the point. “Campaign-O-Rama” at it’s finest.

Ok, now this is going to be very cliche, but what the heck, here’s Willie Nelson singing “On The Road Again”. Happy Friday to all!!


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Changes In Emphasis

Tuesday, 11.27.07

Ok, so today’s post title – as you will read – actually refers to Rudy Giuliani’s stance(s) on abortion, but it also refers to my evolving taste in blog format and colors!! Black was nice for a while. However, I hope that a return to a lighter theme will be appreciated and that I will be forgiven for changing the layout again, lol!

On to today’s post…

Anderson Cooper was back at the helm of his show last night after a week off.

During the second “Keeping Them Honest” segment of the evening, John covered Rudy Giuliani’s evolving position on abortion over the last 20 years. (The first segment, Candy Crowley’s report, focused on the “cattiness” of election season mudslingling.)

Before tossing it over to John, Anderson said that “some call it human” and “some call it pandering for votes”. Regardless of how you look at it, it is clear that Giuliani has publicly stated varying positions on this hot-button issue throughout the last 20 years.

During his report, John interviewed Kelli Conlin, an abortion rights activist who was part of Giuliani’s mayor-elect team back in 1989.



She said during the interview that “[Giuliani] never seemed to have a struggle with the issue when he was mayor. He was very, very proudly pro-choice.”

As Mayor of New York, Giuliani signed a proclamation which designated an official “Roe vs. Wade Day” on its 25th anniversary. However, now as a presidential candidate he is on the record as saying “I’m against abortion. I hate it.”


Last night, John’s “Keeping Them Honest,” segment reviewed Giuliani’s stance on the issue during the last two decades, including contrasting statements he has made while mayoral candidate, then as mayor, and eventually, as presidential candidate.

– As a mayoral candidate in 1989, he vowed to uphold the constitutional right for a woman to have to an abortion, even though he publicly admitted it goes against his catholic upbringing.

– When he was mayor of New York, he “offered no such reservation”.

– And now, as a Republican Presidential Candidate, he “embraces abortion restrictions he had opposed as mayor. ”

Whit Ayres, a Republican pollster, says that “Rudy Giuliani’s current position makes his pro-choice stance more acceptable to a lot of Republicans, not all, certainly, but a lot of Republicans.”

However, his former Mayoral supporter Conlin said to John, “I think he owes the American public an explanation of why he’s flip-flopped so dramatically.”


John says that Giuliani’s campaign aides reject the notion that he is flip-flopping on the issue of abortion. Instead, they say Giuliani’s critics are exaggerating the scope of any shifts in his stance on abortion. His aides assert that any “changes in emphasis” over the last few decades are due to the fact that, in contrast to a big city mayor, a president faces vastly different choices to make when it comes to abortion issues.


John filed this report from New York, but it was not clear if he was still there as of yesterday, a few days before the Florida debate, or if he filed the report while still in New York hosting AC360 last week. In any case, it is very likely that he is either already in Florida or currently on his way down there for tomorrow’s debate.

Have a fabulous Tuesday and see you all tomorrow!


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Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Sunday, 11.25.07

John had a busy week last week hosting AC360 three nights in a row. It was great to see him hosting more than just one night. I don’t know if Anderson will be returning back this week, but if The Coop is still off, I’m sure hoping John will get to fill in again.

Each night of the program opened with a crime story…




Hopefully AC360 will report some follow ups on these stories. It’s probably a given that we’ll be hearing more about Natalee Holloway in the upcoming days, but it would be interesting to also see what the developments are in the “Defensive Neighbor” case as well as the “American Student” Italian murder case.

Coming up this week, we can expect to see John reporting from St. Petersburg, Florida, for the Republican YouTube debate. It will air this Wednesday night and I’m very curious how it will all unfold.

The first YouTube event several months ago was a true experiment, and now that CNN has some experience with the format, it should be interesting to see what kinds of tweaking they have done. For example, many people complained that the screens on stage showing the videos were very hard to see because the images were too small. Will this be adjusted? We’ll find out Wednesday!

Here’s John when he was at The Citadel for the Democratic YouTube debate:


CNN posted a story about the process of selecting questions for the Republican version of the debate.

It reads in part, “CNN’s political unit is keeping the questions a secret, but those selecting them say viewers should be prepared for presentations that are funny, questions that are poignant and a format that is unprecedented for the GOP… There are plenty of animated figures out there, there are certainly some funny questions, but more importantly, there are hundreds, if not thousands of really, really good, solid questions from real people on real issues.”

In addition to the debate, we have John’s Q&A over at All Things Anderson to look forward to. ATA has not posted a date when his answers will be added to their blog, but hopefully it won’t be too long.

It should be a busy week here at johnthenewsking!


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Miscellaneous News And John Is Hosting 360 Tonight

Monday, 11.19.07

This morning started out bright and early for John – I’m guessing too early for him to be on air, because he was tapped into via phone for breaking news about the resignation of Homeland Security Adviser Fran Townsend. (She is stepping down after 4½ years on the job, the White House said earlier today.)

John also brought us today this additional nugget of news: John McCain will be spending Thanksgiving with troops in Iraq. You can read the political ticker blog post about it here.

Mebz just informed us that John is hosting 360 tonight! Here’s a random AC360 screencap, made available over at reportercaps.com:


A full review of the program is coming up in tomorrow’s blog. I’m off to see the show… Goodnight to all!


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Q&A With All Things Anderson And A Pre-Debate Roundtable

Thursday, 11.15.07

John recently agreed to do a Q & A session for All Things Anderson! I’m really looking forward to reading what the questions are and what his responses will be. Click here to read ATA’s announcement of this upcoming feature at their blog. There, Phebe posted a really swell slideshow of JK pictures! Nice!

Also, don’t forget to tune in tonight to the Presidential Debate in Las Vegas!

John was there last night and he appeared on AC360 along with Wolf Blitzer and Gloria Borger.


During their roundtable, he discussed the perception that Hillary Clinton “makes choices by polls and not by principles.”

Anderson asked, “John, Hillary Clinton’s camp has said that now she doesn’t support driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. How vulnerable in Iowa and New Hampshire is she to the criticism that she makes choices by polls and not by principles?”


He responded, “Well, Anderson, among Democrats, the criticism — and we will have it here tomorrow night — and I suspect Wolf will say that he’s going to bring this issue up — among Democrats, the issue is more that she’s changing her position, in the view of her rivals, and now has evolved from saying she generally supported Governor Spitzer giving those licenses to illegal immigrants, now saying that, as president, she would not allow that to happen.


So, among the Democrats, it will be, why are you changing your position? Are you too cautious? Are you a poll-tested candidate? Among Republicans, they see a huge opening here, because they think this issue hurts Democrats with independent voters, especially older men, and especially in some of the key battleground states in the fall.


So, it’s a different discussion if we’re talking about how it plays in the Democratic Party than how it would play in a general election if Hillary Clinton, or any Democrat actually — the Republicans plan to use immigration against them in the general election, trust me.”

Anderson then went on ask if Republican voters have already decided which candidate is most electable.


“It’s interesting. When you talk to Democrats, they say Republicans are now acting like Democrats used to act. Bill Clinton became the Democratic nominee in ’92 even though he ran against his own party, if you will, on the primary on many issues, like welfare reform. Now Republicans are asking the same questions. Who is the most electable?


That is why you have a candidate who is pro-choice on abortion rights, who is viewed as pro-gay-rights, more pro-gay-rights than his rivals, leading in Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party, because they think Rudy Giuliani is most electable against Hillary Clinton. And they know, Republicans know they’re in trouble.


After an eight-year presidency, the White House tends to shift parties anyway. Plus, the war is unpopular. So, ideology, it’s usually about taxes and social issues in a Republican primary, and it is about taxes and social issues and immigration to a degree, but electability is much more of an issue in a Republican primary than we have seen in recent history, without a doubt.”


I hope everyone gets an opportunity to catch the debate tonight!! See you tomorrow with a post-debate wrap up.

Have a great Thursday!


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