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AC360, OJ, and a Mystery Plane

Monday, 9.17.07

John subbed (briefly) for Anderson on Friday, because AC was apparently on his way back from Iraq. I didn’t get a chance to catch Friday’s 360, though, drat! But All Things Anderson has a post about John’s subbing for the evening. Although, John was on for only about 10 minutes with the headlines. The rest of the show was a recap of a week’s worth of AC360 reports from Iraq.


The screencap above (courtesy of ATA) shows that OJ Simpson is suspected in an armed robbery, but we now now this morning that he has actually been arrested.

I bet Fred Goldman is just rubbing his palms together with glee at the moment…

By the way, is anyone actually planning on buying Goldman’s book? I for one am not. I’m sure there will be plenty of places on the internet to read excerpts, anyway.

Shifting gears, last week John did a piece on a “mysterious” large white plane circling over the White House on 9/11. John was even reporting about it on live TV as the events were unfolding that day. Here is a picture of the plane as captured by CNN:


John outlined a detailed comparison to show that it looks to be an E-4B, which is this Air Force plane:


To be honest, I really don’t see what the fuss is about. Yes, it went over restricted airspace, but for crying out loud, this was September 11, an unprecedented day with unprecdedented situations and reactions unfolding by the hour, if not by the minute. Was it unusual that the plane was flying around? Absolutely. Was it entirely unexpected? In my opinion, on a day like September 11, no.

So even though I thought it was absolutely interesting to watch John’s piece (and view some footage of events he wrote for us in his 9/11 account) I still did not get the connection that this was some wierd or doomsday event. After all, the Air Force has these planes available. What other event could you think of that even comes close to having a justification for these planes being used?

I think that on 9/11 the government was justified in doing whatever it deemed necessary to protect our soil – even if it meant flying an E-4B over White House and Capitol air space.

I am simply not the type of person who goes around screaming “conspiracy theory!” every time the government does something unprecedented.

Call me clueless if you want, but in my mind this event was not so mysterioso.

Now, if THIS was seen flying over the White House, then yes, I would say it would have been a doomsday scenario:


On a final note, the reason I posted the otter picture last week is because Mebz has a thing for dancing otters after seeing this cute video.




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