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Friday On My Mind

Friday, 04.25.08 Posted By Millie

Continuing with our Friday musical selections, here’s a little tune to get our Friday started. It is a bit Austin Powers-ish but hey, it was the 60s… a cool decade! I found this video of The Easybeats singing “Friday on My Mind”

And let’s just cut to the chase shall we, with our JKPOW (John King Picture Of the Week):

Hey, how did that picture get in here? I tell ya, this new WordPress editing system sure can act up screwy sometimes.

Ahh, HERE is the JKPOW I was looking for:

I’m not sure exactly when this was taken, but I believe it is from when John was investigating his “Battlefield Breakdown” documentary. Even if it is black and white, it is still a cool shot… one of my faves.

I really got a kick out of watching MTV’s behind the scenes with CNN during the PA primary earlier this week, a part of which John allowed the MTV reporter to play at the magic wall. Here are some screengrabs from that segment:

It was cute when he referred to the wall as “my little playground”. He also called it a “puppy”. Awwww.

Well, what is next up on the horizon for “The Best Political Team On Television”? Indiana and North Carolina, which is still about two weeks away… unbelievable that it has gone on this long. But, no matter who secures the nomination, I will end up voting for either one of them come November (Whoops, Millie opened up her vault).

To be honest, I just don’t see John McCain as our next President. He has impressive experience, and I believe he is a good and decent man, but I there’s just something I can’t quite put my finger on that gives me a wrong vibe about him being our next President.  Somehow I just can’t visualize him sitting behind this desk addressing our country in a time of crisis.

Moving on to other matters,

Ok ladies, who is hosting on May the 6th???? I suggest that this time we have an Egyptian theme. I will show up in my white draped dress, but I’m a little worried about AC because who knows WHAT she will end up wearing if it involves loose-fitting fabric. I can only imagine what she would put on cardboard Anderson for the occasion.

You know, I hadn’t realized until now that we have never shown Cardboard Anderson before. Here he is, before we started our Primary Parties.

I can only tell you that now he looks…. well, a bit more tattered, frayed, and, um, covered in food stains. Don’t blame me, it is all AC’s and Mebz’s fault.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and see you on Monday.



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Monday Night Blogging

Monday, 04.07.08 Posted By Millie

I had hoped to get to this post earlier in the day, and I do apologize… but you know how it is when unexpected interruptions happen! (Uh oh, now I am starting to sound like one of those ED commercials!! lol!)

I thought I would start off the evening with a few super hi-res pics of John I stumbled across. They come from this site, which talks about, what else, but John’s map manipulation skills!

Nice, huh? (Click on the picture for even larger and sharper image)

And now, downgrading to low-res, (sorry!) here are some various screencaps of John hosting The Situation Room last week.

We’ve got a few administrative changes here at Johnthenewsking. Katie and Joan, unfortunately, will no longer be blogging with us. Their contributions will be missed! We appreciate all they have done for the blog. Stay in touch girls, ok? Don’t forget, you are always welcome to guest-post in the future!

Starting today, Mebz and yours truly will be the regular blog posters at Johnthenewsking. Here is our schedule in case you want to know ahead of time who will be at the blogging helm!! We are still continuing on a Mon-Fri schedule, with posts on the weekends only in the event of breaking or urgent news.

Mondays – Millie
Tuesdays- Mebz
Wednesdays – Millie
Thursdays – Mebz
Fridays – Millie/Mebz

And now, this next bit is especially for ACAnderfan. She mentioned in the comments on Friday something about Anderson and spandex. Not having seen the program on Friday, my curiosity was piqued.

I checked out the video of Friday’s Shot Of The Day and lo and behold, there was Erica showing off a pair of spandex pants she said Anderson should use the next time he goes excercising:

Interestingly it wasn’t the spandex that caught my attention. Rather, I just couldn’t stop starting at his guns in the first picture! OMG!! Normally I am not one to fawn over Mr. Cooper but, whoa nelly! He’s got some mighty impressive biceps..

Erm.. Moving on…

If you have noticed recently, we’ve got this little Golden Girls thing going, so I would like to leave you today with the following clip. Enjoy!


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All Things Super

Sunday, February 3, 2008 Posted By: Millie

And the letter of the day, boys and girls, is…..


Howdy everybody!

Under the new blog schedule, posts aren’t usually written on Sundays, but since it is Super Bowl Sunday, I thought I’d nonetheless include a short post. After all, John’s hometown team is playing today!!!


Actually, though, the real reason I posted today is to announce that I have a “surprise surprise” for tomorrow, so be sure to stop on by. Ya’ll know I do like to tease, don’t you?

Let’s check off a list of things associated with today’s theme, shall we?

Super Bowl, check!

Super Tuesday, check!

Super Cooper, check!
(this doesn’t make sense unless you’ve read the comments from Friday’s post)

Super Surprise, check!


Enjoy your gameday and see you tomorrow!



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Behold The Screengrabs… And More Celeb Look-Alikes

Tuesday, January 29, 2008   Posted By: Millie

Ok, last night I didn’t have any screengrab material to present during the post-analysis of Bush’s last SOTUA. But today, aha, I have found a few up my sleeve to share with you.




Now, Mebz and ACAnderfan are having this discussion in the comments section of yesterday’s post about the lighting and position of camera on Anderson Cooper during the airing of last night’s AC360. Personally, I don’t see what the fuss is all about. Here he is discussing the SOTUA:


To me, he looks like he always does. Granted, though, I am not as a devout Anderfan as others are, so perhaps I don’t notice the subtleties as much as those who tune in to him on a regular basis.

This is just IMHO, but Anderson always reminds me of what I think this movie star will look like when he is 40:


Yup. Mr “Home Alone” himself. Please, no virtual tomato-throwing if you disagree with me. Just putting my thoughts out there.

In one of their past posts, All Things Anderson wrote about which celebrities they think CNN anchors and reporters look like, and Anderson was compared to Kermit the frog. Granted, there were similarities in the picture they used, but for a non-muppet, I think that Macaulay comes in pretty close, don’t you think?

I also happen to think that in some of Anderson’s younger pictures (ie from when he was hosting Channel One) he looks like a young Andrew McCarthy.


I’ve stated before and I’ll say it again, I think John looks like Brendan Fraser. I think this similarity is moreso, when John was younger:


Take care everyone and I look forward to our contributors’ posts later on this week!



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Crop Circles And Pizza Pies

Friday, 01.04.08

Well by now you have probably already found out that last night the big winners in Iowa were Obama and Huckabee.

Surprising? To some, perhaps, but maybe not to others. I personally wasn’t surprised with Obama’s win, but more so with the fact that that Hillary came in third. If anything, with an Obama win, I would have figured she would have come in a very close second. But she didn’t. Will this trend continue? We won’t have to wait long, as the New Hampshire Primaries are just around the corner!

Since I am not a political expert, I won’t spend any more time rehashing last night’s results. Instead, let’s check in with someone who is an expert, shall we? John’s recap, entitled “From Iowa to New Hampshire”, can be viewed here.

He was on “American Morning” today with John Roberts. Umm.. like, when did he sleep?? Did he have a little cot under a desk somewhere to catch some zzz’s?? Or maybe he pulled an all-nighter, who knows? How and when John King finds time to sleep is as mysterioso as the formation of crop circles – he’s there the next morning, and you’re just left scratching your head wondering how he managed to pull it off! lol!

But anywho, here is is talking to Roberts this morning:




Even though New Hampshire is still a few days away, I am taking orders for the grub we’ll be munching on throughout the event. Last night’s fare was popcorn, and next up on the menu is pizza. Send me your orders and I will make sure they get delivered there on time!! (I’ve already got Mebz’s and AC’s requests).


And to all the Anderfans out there, no, he won’t be making the deliveries that night. He’ll be too busy manipulating simulated pizza pies at the election center in NY.

Happy Friday to all!


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Start Popping The Popcorn…

Wednesday, 01.02.08

Happy New Year to all!! (In a hurried slip, I first typed in today’s date as 01.02.07, lol!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful night spending the occasion of ringing in the new year… I had to work right up ’til the stroke of midnight, so alas, I have no special tales to tell… it was interesting, however, to read all the comments at ATA as the ladies celebrated together watching Mr. Cooper in Times Square. Pretty cool that some of their holiday wishes even scrolled across the CNN television screen!!

Now that the glittered party hats and paper blow-out whistles have been tossed off to the side somewhere, the hangovers are (hopefully) over, and the resolutions have been made (and some already broken in record time!) the next big event to look forward to is tomorrow’s Iowa caucus.

To me, thinking about it conjures up thoughts of wanting to pop a tub of popcorn and fill up a tall glass of frosty root beer, then sit in front of the tube waiting for the night’s results to come in. It is absolutely fascinating that the first caucus is so early in the year and that the the leads are so very very close. It’ll be like watching a neck and neck basketball game, just waiting for the final outcome. How’s this for a wild field of candidates??


Yesterday, CNN presented it’s New Year’s day ballot bowl, which was promoted as an “unfiltered” look at all the candidates. I didn’t get a chance to catch the bowl videos, but I did check out CNN.com and they have compiled all the videos here.

John was in New Hampshire yesterday, where he reported live from on AC360. Here are some videocaps of him standing out in the snow:





I’m sure we’ll get some additional coverage from John King tonight on AC360 as well.

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely will have buttered-fingers from all the popcorn I’ll be consuming tomorrow night.

It should be an interesting evening indeed.


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More On Benazir Bhutto’s Death

Friday, 12.28.07

(Note: Sorry that I have no visuals for you today, my photo software and uploading systems have been acting goofy today.)

Of course the main news of the day yesterday and much of today has been the Bhutto assassination. I read somewhere that, to the citizens of Pakistan, her death is equally as tragic as the Kennedy assassination was to the United States.

Today, new information has come out that she was not likely killed by a bullet or shrapnel, as first had been reported, but rather from after-effects of the bomb itself going off. Regardless, she lost her life and her country is left in shock and mourning.

Last night AC360 was more of a “hybrid” hosting situation. As Mebz pointed out, it was AC250 & JK110. Lol! John and Anderson took turns leading the program, with Anderson starting out by providing the headlines and John later picking up during the 360 bulletin as well as moderating a guest panel with Richard Haass (Council on Foreign Relations President) and CNN senior political analyst David Gergen.

There have been mixed opinions about having all the Presidential candidates immediately comment upon the situation but I for one am of the opinion that it is a good thing. We need to know how the candidates feel, how they react, what they say and what decisions they will make.

These are the kinds of world events our next President will have to deal with, and to make an informed voting situation in November, we need to know how they will handle the international events effecting on our country and other countries around the world. (*ahem* I’ll reserve commenting on who I personally thought addressed this situation the best and the worst yesterday.)

On to something more light-hearted…

Has everyone made their New Year’s Even plans yet? Guess what?? I have to work! Until midnight!! Whoo-hooo! Happy New Year to me!

What are everyone else’s plans? Feel free to share what you’ll be doing at the stroke of midnight next week on New Year’s Eve…

Thanks for visiting johnthenewsking today and see you soon.


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