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The Primary-O-Rama Goes On… And On…

Tuesday, 02.19.08 Posted By: Millie

Tonight is another “results night” in the land of primaries and caucuses! Wisconsin, Hawaii and Washington State to be exact. That means we’ll be seeing more of this…


And this…


And this…


And this…

I’d like to buy a “A”, Pat.

Ahh, but who am I to complain??? I really am looking forward to the Texas Primary Night, when John will be zig-zagging his fingers all over our state. Who knows, maybe I will show up on one of his google image maps when he zooms in to Harris County!! I just hope nothing embarrassing shows up if he goes to street view, LOL!

On an interesting note, Obama is currently stumping just a few blocks away from me, at the Toyota Center right here in downtown Houston.


And Bill Clinton is also at a downtown hotel this evening campaigning on behalf of Hillary. Lots of traffic at the moment ’round these parts. I’m actually hearing helicopters buzzing overhead as I type this!

Now for some non-election news… John was involved with the All-Star Summit in New Orleans over the weekend. I’m not exactly sure when he was there or what his schedule was like over the last few days because he had been filing reports from the CNN studio throughout the weekend as well. Anywho, here are some pictures from the All-Star Summit Website. These were from last year’s event (There are no 2008 pictures on their site yet.)



Enjoy and have a fun night tonight watching John play at the magic wall!!!



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A New Format And Joan’s Roundtable Review

Friday, 01.11.08

Don’t worry, the tile of today’s post does not mean that Millie is going to go crazy with changing the colors and the layout of the blog, again. lol!! Granted, I had gone through a phase a while back where I implemented several visual changes in a row, but for the time being, there will be no more layout changes. Right now, I like things just the way they are!

Rather, if you recall, in my end of year post, I talked about where this blog has been and where I would like to see it grow. I had mentioned about wanting to switch to a multi-contributor format – an idea that had been mulled around in the past but never quite took off.

However, after discussing it with the ever-wonderful ladies over at the yahoo group over the last week or so, we decided to go ahead and implement the concept. Johnthenewsking now has added regular contributors!

*pops the champagne bottle cork*

Let’s roll out the red carpet for Ms. Mebz , Ms. CstKitten (Joan) and Ms. Katie!


Additionally, Johnthenewsking is switching to a Monday through Friday format. (The blog will now contain posts on Saturdays or Sundays only if there is breaking or urgent news.) You will be reading posts throughout the week written by myself as well as our new contributors!

*clinks champagne glasses in a toast*

Here’s to the start of a wonderful new year at Johnthenewsking!


Joan already has her feet wet and sent in this contribution:

Do We Need Experience?

Yesterday, on The Situation Room, John was involved in a “roundtable” discussion with Jack Cafferty (a personal favorite of mine) and Gloria Borger, Senior Political Analyst.

First up on the agenda was a discussion about how much experience really matters when it comes to the political candidates. Wolf said that Richardson, Dodd and Biden had almost 100 years of experience between them and what good did that do them? John answered stating that it is experience based on what the voters are looking for at that moment that counts. Bill Clinton had ideas on how to fix the economy, ideas on how to get the government back on the side of the middle class. That’s what voters wanted then. McCain’s saying with two wars going on, you need someone with national security experience. As for experience, John goes on to note that four of the last five presidents have been governors, yet it looks like the Democrats are going to nominate a senator, which many think leaves the Democrats at a competitive disadvantage. Wolf interjects that John F. Kennedy was the last [sitting] senator elected president.

Obama has spent most of his first term as a Senator running for president. So that’s being used against him. Jack states that he hasn’t been in Washington long enough to be “contaminated by the system” and that seems to be the appeal for a lot of people.

Wolf: People would love to see a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket. Is that realistic? John thinks that “absolutely” it’s realistic. They do not have a great relationship now, but thinks all that will get thrown out when they think about, as the nominee, what they most need to win. Would it be Clinton or Obama? Then he thinks that’s what they’d do. Gloria Borger thinks it’s more likely to see a Clinton/Obama ticket rather than an Obama/Clinton ticket. And that at the end of all this, it may be impossible to unite them if it turns really nasty.

Jack, however, had the quote of the segment. His answer was this:

Given the current climate in this country, unless the economy either doesn’t go into recession – a lot of people think we are already in recession – or comes out of it long before the election; if the two wars are still going on; if the hatred of the status quo is as intense as it is now, the nominee can put a chicken on the ticket with him – these people are not going to vote for a Republican.

Next up on the discussion was John Kerry’s endorsing Obama and snubbing his former running mate. Jack doesn’t think this means a whole lot. And Gloria wonders: Why did he wait until after the NH primary to endorse Obama?

Wolf then asks John, “How much do these endorsements really matter?” John’s reply is that a single person’s endorsement doesn’t matter all that much. However, as with Lieberman (Independent) and Mcain (Republican) – McCain can say that ‘I’m a proud Republican, but I’m willing to sit with the Independents and the Democrats. To do whatever it takes to get it done.” Then, that type of an endorsement does help.

So what about you – Are you more impressed with the experience someone has? It is the message? Or the person’s personality? How about endorsements – are you swayed by the endorsement that someone may get? Let me know what you think!


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A “Rebel Endorsement”

Tuesday, 12.18.07

Doesn’t today’s post title conjure up this image?


Actually, the post title is from a phrase CNN used to describe a recent political endorsement, a story reported on while John guest hosted The Situation Room yesterday:


An unusual endorsement, one that CNN called a “rebel endorsement”, is that of 2000 VP candidate Joe Lieberman officially supporting John McCain. Lieberman, the former Democrat (now turned independent) made this decision citing the fact that both he and McCain want to appeal across party lines. They also have the same stance on major issues, such as supporting the surge in Iraq.

Amazingly, Lieberman even took the time to make some swipes at the Democrats about their position about the war! (Umm, I wonder… how is that exactly appealing across party lines?)


Yesterday John also opened up discussion about a new foreign policy spat between Huckabee and Romney. Huckabee stated in an article for Foreign Affairs magazine that President Bush has an “arrogant bunker mentality” Huckabee clarified that he didn’t say Bush was arrogant, but that the policy was arrogant. Romney, however, used this latest twist to add fuel to the fire that is a war of the words on the campaign trail.


John led a round-table discussion of this “arrogant” issue with Candy Crowley, Gloria Borger and JackCafferty:



On the Obama-Clinton side of the campaign, the issue of the day was: who has more experience? Well, actually that issue has been around for quite some time, but it, too, has a new twist: Now Bill Clinton himself is going on the record speaking about this topic. He is making some television rounds, saying Obama is compelling and attractive, but he is only a “symbol” of change, whereas Hillary is the “agent” of real change.


All in all, just another day in the life of the 2008 campaign, wouldn’t you say? Have a great one and see you soon!



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“I’ve Seen Those Eyes Before”

Thursday, 9.27.07

John appeared briefly on The Situation Room yesterday for analysis of Bill Clinton’s recent slamming of the “smearing” Republicans.

For some background on why Clinton was so hot under the collar, Alexander Mooney over at yesterday’s Political Ticker writes that Clinton “blasted Republicans Wednesday for their recent uproar over a MoveOn.org newspaper ad questioning Gen. David Petraeus’ credibility.”

The article, General Petraeus or General Betray Us? claims that Petraeus is “Cooking The Books” for the White House to mislead the public about progress in Iraq.

That has gotten some republicans pretty steamed, which, in turn, has gotten Bill Clinton steamed!

Clinton granted an interview to Anderson Cooper about this most recent heated battle between the Dems and the GOP. (Wouldn’t you just love to have seen John tackle that interview with Clinton?)

After the interview clip aired on Wednesday’s Situation Room, Wolf asked John, “Did you see his eyes as he began to get into that answer to Anderson’s question?” and he replied, “I’ve seen those eyes before, Wolf, and you can bet there are democrats across the country, some of them watching saying amen, let’s nominate Hillary Clinton and get that back into the fight, get Bill Clinton countering every blow the republicans want to send up.”

Take a look for yourself at how p***ed-off Clinton looked:




I don’t have any John King screen/video caps for you today from his appearance on yesterday’s Situation Room, since his video commentary with Wolf has not yet been posted at the CNN website.

But I do have a few other pictures up my sleeve… I shall now wave my magic wand…



The below were graciously sent over by Kitten… some smart-looking London caps that hadn’t been included in my previous posts about John’s trip abroad. I just couldn’t let these go to waste without sharing them here at johnthenewsking!







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