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Remember Reason #1 1/2 Why We Like To Tune In To John?

Monday, 9.24.07 

Ok, John hasn’t been around lately since being in London, so for today I have to flip back a few days (Septmeber 17th to be exact) to discuss a report John recently filed about Hillary Clinton’s failed 1993 health care plan.

Here John and Wolf are seen discussing her now-infamous flop on the issue of health care reform:

Check out that graphic on the right-hand side of this picture. (That is Bob Dole’s hand covering the diagram at the bottom):


A while ago, I posted the Top Ten Twelve Reasons why we like to tune into John. Reason number 1 1/2 is his ability to make mind-numbing information, well, not-so-numb. In this case, I don’t think that ability had a chance!!

Wolf said it was “1,000 pages” and had “a weird chart”. John called it “the arrow that pierced the plan.”

So much for de-numbing!

Hopefully Hillary Clinton’s new plan (which I admittedly do not know much about yet) will be smoother now that she has learned from her past mistakes. But you have to give her credit for still being passionate about this issue and having the gumption to tackle the monsterous and complex issue head on, one more time!

Coming up tomorrow: Another Top Ten!



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