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The Dust Has Settled… Or Has It?

Friday, 11.30.07

Now that Thursday night’s activities are over and the debate dust particles have settled somewhat, a new dust storm is visible on the horizon because it is only a few short weeks until the first Primary in Iowa. The candidates will definitely be kicking it up a notch, especially on the Republican side, where there is still no definitive front-runner.


Last night’s AC360 show opened with Anderson remarking that Thursday night’s debate was “the most watched of this campaign by far”. He then tossed it over to John for another look back at the highlights of the evening.

John next appeared on a round table (or should I say Hollywood Squares) discussion with Tom Foreman, Hank Sheinkopf, and Ari Fleisher. Judging from the background, it looks like he was still in Florida last night:


Cooper asked John how much anger is seen on both sides of the aisle.


He explained, “There’s anger at the Democrats that their candidates and their Congress haven’t been able to end the war. There’s anger among independents, maybe, that they don’t see either party talking to the middle.

But, right now, Anderson, the campaign is not about that. The campaign is about, especially on the Republican side right now, Iowa and then New Hampshire, two very different campaigns. Iowa is culturally conservative, so you’re going do see abortion, same-sex marriage, and immigration dominating the debate.”


“Pretty telling that, the morning after the YouTube debate, when abortion, immigration, same-sex marriage not mentioned last night, but mentioned in the mail in Iowa. Those are the debates — issues in Iowa. What does Rudy Giuliani do? He launches an ad in New Hampshire on taxes, a very different Republican Party in the state of New Hampshire.”


“So, both parties right now worrying about the nomination. Then they will worry about trying to bring the country together and reach out to independents. “

Iowa is about a month away. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of John on the road. He will certainly be all over the map during the month of January… and February… and March… all right, you get the point. “Campaign-O-Rama” at it’s finest.

Ok, now this is going to be very cliche, but what the heck, here’s Willie Nelson singing “On The Road Again”. Happy Friday to all!!



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An Unexpected Encounter And Back-To-Back Guest Hosting

Wednesday, 11.21.07

(programming note: John is hosting AC360 again tonight!!)

I work in downtown Houston. This afternoon, while walking along the city sidewalk to run an errand at my bank, I passed by Shell Plaza and happened to notice a shiny, jet-black Lincoln Towncar parked in front of the building. A uniformed police officer was sitting behind the driver’s wheel. “Hmm”, I thought to myself, “Now, that’s odd.” Unless this was the new model for Houston police cars, I figured the officer must be waiting to pick up someone important. Sure enough, not 5 seconds after I had that thought, who should walk right past me but Former Secretary of State James Baker!!!

At first I had to do a double take… then it dawned on me it had to be him because he was walking towards the parked Towncar. Strange, though, he didn’t have any entourage with him – he was all by himself as he walked out of the Shell building.

I stammered, “Hello Secretary Baker” and he smiled and said hello. He then disappeared into his waiting car and it sped off… I stood there dumbfounded for about a minute or two afterward. It all happened so fast, I didn’t get a chance to tell him, “By the way, that was a nice interview you had with John King earlier this year.” lol.


On to last night’s AC360 review…

The program kicked off with yet another crime story: an American international student caught up in a murder mystery.


Amanda Knox, a college student from Seattle, was living in Italy in an apartment near Rome with another student, Meridith Kurcher. Knox had a secret dark side, as chronicled on her online blog. After involvements in sex and drug crimes, Meridith was found dead in their aparment, apparently after fighting off a rape assault from Amanda Knox’s Italian boyfriend.

It is interesting to see how the Italian media are responding to this scandal. Apparently it is a big story over there – the media is swarming all over it and they don’t appear to have any sympathy for this American student.

Chad Meyers and Ali Velchi were up next, discussing again travel delays and oil prices, respectively. John said that with these prices, he would walk back to Washington!

He then spoke with Larry King regarding last night’s LKL program about Donda West, Kanye West’s mother. The doctor who performed her plastic surgery, Jan Adams,was to be interviewed but he left the set, live on air – he agreed then disagreed to be on the show! Supposedly there were some last-minute legal developments which prompted him to make this bizarre departure.

This was a first for Larry King. “It was kinda weird” he said. Larry talked about people fighting on his show, and even a live fire on the set – but never a live walk-off. John told Larry he handled the live situation “cool as a cucumber”!

David Gergen and Hank Sheinkopf were guests for political analysis on the program.


Hillary And Barack are jabbing at each other over expereince in foregin policy. Does living overseas for a few years during his youth give Barack Obama foregin policy experience? Hillary thinks not. They are both neck and neck in Iowa.

John reported that in New Hampshire, new polls show “Senator Obama narrowing the gap among likely voters, with John Edwards gaining about an inch of ground since September. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, on the other hand, doubling his support in New Hampshire since then.”

Warren Jeff’s sentencing was next discussed with Gary Tuchman. Jeffs was sentenced to 5 years to life, with 7 years being the average for his type of crime. He will be serving out his time in a Utah state prison, but he’s expected to stay there for only a short time due to the fact that the state of Arizona is also planning on putting Jeffs on trial.

“Keeping Them Honest” focused on Dennis Hasterts’ early departure from congress. His retirement will cost the citizens of Illinois. The state will have to conduct a special election in order to have someone filling in the last few months of Hastert’s term, costing every county in his district over $1 million.

The program closed with RawPolitics and The Shot of the day:



The Shot came from Missouri – a deer on the road crosses over a deputy’s car and doesn’t even touch the hood. What an amazing feat of perfect timing!

I was planning to break from blogging tomorrow for Turkey Day, but since John is hosting tonight, I nonetheless want to post a re-cap of the show. I’ll just take a quick break from the food tomorrow and sneak in some time to write the review!

If you are traveling for the holidays, I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip! (Just watch out for flying deer, lol)

Enjoy your turkey and have a blessed holiday!



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