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Friday On My Mind

Friday, 04.25.08 Posted By Millie

Continuing with our Friday musical selections, here’s a little tune to get our Friday started. It is a bit Austin Powers-ish but hey, it was the 60s… a cool decade! I found this video of The Easybeats singing “Friday on My Mind”

And let’s just cut to the chase shall we, with our JKPOW (John King Picture Of the Week):

Hey, how did that picture get in here? I tell ya, this new WordPress editing system sure can act up screwy sometimes.

Ahh, HERE is the JKPOW I was looking for:

I’m not sure exactly when this was taken, but I believe it is from when John was investigating his “Battlefield Breakdown” documentary. Even if it is black and white, it is still a cool shot… one of my faves.

I really got a kick out of watching MTV’s behind the scenes with CNN during the PA primary earlier this week, a part of which John allowed the MTV reporter to play at the magic wall. Here are some screengrabs from that segment:

It was cute when he referred to the wall as “my little playground”. He also called it a “puppy”. Awwww.

Well, what is next up on the horizon for “The Best Political Team On Television”? Indiana and North Carolina, which is still about two weeks away… unbelievable that it has gone on this long. But, no matter who secures the nomination, I will end up voting for either one of them come November (Whoops, Millie opened up her vault).

To be honest, I just don’t see John McCain as our next President. He has impressive experience, and I believe he is a good and decent man, but I there’s just something I can’t quite put my finger on that gives me a wrong vibe about him being our next President.  Somehow I just can’t visualize him sitting behind this desk addressing our country in a time of crisis.

Moving on to other matters,

Ok ladies, who is hosting on May the 6th???? I suggest that this time we have an Egyptian theme. I will show up in my white draped dress, but I’m a little worried about AC because who knows WHAT she will end up wearing if it involves loose-fitting fabric. I can only imagine what she would put on cardboard Anderson for the occasion.

You know, I hadn’t realized until now that we have never shown Cardboard Anderson before. Here he is, before we started our Primary Parties.

I can only tell you that now he looks…. well, a bit more tattered, frayed, and, um, covered in food stains. Don’t blame me, it is all AC’s and Mebz’s fault.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and see you on Monday.



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May The Force Be With You

Wednesday, 04.23.08 Posted By Millie

Ok so another Primary has come and gone… and the question begs to be asked, well now what? This is really getting to be like a weird episode of the Twilight Zone… seriously, can the Dems keep on going like this for the next several months? I am no political expert and I am just giving my humble opinion, but it seems like someone, somewhere, could come to a “gentleman’s agreement” on how to move forward. Ok let me be politically correct as there is a woman running for President: “Gentlepersons Agreement”…

AC pointed out a great link yesterday from a New York Times Article about John. It was a intresting article, because we rarely get to read something about John that delves into a bit more detail. Of course from the very beginning on, we’ve always known John is a very private person, but it is still nonetheless interesting to find out a little more about our favorite CNN reporter/substitute anchor/magic map master.

And check out the picture posted along with that article:

This would be a great submission for “Beat 360”. My caption would be, “Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.”

I’ve mentioned in passing before that I LOVE Star Wars. ANY reference to Star Wars just puts a smile on my face. So I was tickled pink when the NY Times author wrote “his bosses paired him with a device that would become the C-3PO to his Luke Skywalker.” John, May The Force Be With You!!!

Mebz stated in the comments of yesterday’s post that she does not follow American Idol so she has no idea who Jason Castro is. Well, Mebz, there are only two singers whose crooning voices give me goosebumps.


and B:

Here is a YouTube video of Jason’s performance last night… after which he later made a mad dash in his limo to catch our primary party. Let’s hope he gets sent to the “safe” chair tonight!

Happy Wednesday everyone and take care!


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