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Sing it, Kool and the Gang!

First and foremost, this post needs a soundtrack.  So press play and continue reading:

From CNN Political Ticker:

Posted: 04:47 PM ET
John King will host CNN's new Sunday public affairs show.
John King will host CNN’s new Sunday public affairs show.

(CNN) — CNN Chief National Correspondent John King is set to take the helm a new four-hour Sunday block of political programming, CNN announced Monday.

King, who has been with CNN for more than a decade, became a household name this election season after breaking a host of stories for the network — including Barack Obama’s selection of Joe Biden as his running mate. His expert analysis on election nights and innovative use of the “Magic Wall” technology won wide praise and was quickly imitated by several other networks.

Watch: King discusses his new show

“We are reinventing Sunday mornings around the best political reporter of his generation, John King,” CNN/U.S. President Jon Klein said. “He has stood out throughout the election as the single best connected, most knowledgeable source of what’s going on and why, and this new program is an opportunity to showcase those strengths throughout the entire year.”

The new block, to run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET will debut in January. The first hour will focus heavily on politics and the new administration, while the later hours will delve into national and world affairs and commentary on current events. The four hours will also include “Reliable Sources,” hosted by Howard Kurtz, which will continue as an hourlong examination into the intersection of the national media, politics, and the hottest topics in news.

Meanwhile, Wolf Blitzer will continue to serve as CNN’s lead political anchor through the next presidential race and host of “The Situation Room” — the No. 1-rated weekday news program in all three hours during November among the key 25- to 54-year-old demo.


WooHoo, indeed!  I’ve only been waiting 4 years for this day.  I know I’m critical of you at times, but CNN, you rocked my world today.  Thank You.
Congrats John!  There is no reporter that deserves it more!!!
Small problem:  I WORK SUNDAY MORNINGS.  Oh cruel irony, why must a JK blogger work during the exact hours that JK is anchoring.  Oh cruel fate, what have I done to displease you so!!!!!!
I’ve got a month to figure out the solution.  Keep you posted.


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Wednesday, November 19

Watch… just watch.  And smile.  All day.  Deep, deep smile.

“Before you kill me John King, I just have a couple of questions.”  Those are so TOTALLY going to be my last words on earth.



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I Just Sacrificed 3 Hours to the Google Gods.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Tuesday Cyberworld!  I’d like to start by saying that I think we’ve gotten a little off track here at Johnthenewsking, we’ve lost a little of our focus.  I would like to try and rectify that right now:


Ah, isn’t that better?  You know, we (and by we, I mean, me) at JTNK try to be mature and respectful in regards to Mr. King.  And while he is most certainly a first-class journalist, sometimes you just gotta say “Damn, you are hottie!”  Handsome, handsome man…

Okay, I’m better now.  Forgive me.  Anyway, I started working on this post at about 10 this morning.  I thought I’d rummage around Google for a few JK tidbits I might have missed in the last few months.  Well, that was THREE FREAKIN’ HOURS AGO!  I can’t keep anything I just read straight, and I’m in desperate need of a nap.  Here are three things I linked before my eyes started to cross:

1.  I don’t spend a great deal of time on tvguide.com (no time at all really- didn’t TV Guide jump the shark in about 1992?) but apparently I should have been ’cause you can keep track of JK’s TV schedule: TV Guide

2.  From TV Week.  I just came across a guest commentary that JK wrote (in April!, where have I been!?) about people’s reaction to the Magic Wall: A Little Bit of Magic Brings the Election Home It’s kind of sweet.

3.  I found this to be hilarious, I don’t know why.  The Magic Wall has it’s own Wikipedia page! Multi-Touch Collaboration Wall


Apparently you can order one from the Neiman Marcus catalogue!  You know, Christmas is coming up…  If you don’t know what to get your favorite JK blogger… just sayin’…  It would look nice in my living room…


Speaking of looking nice in my living room… Sorry, got off track there.

I should actually do some work since I haven’t done a darn thing other than play on the Internet since I got here.  I will leave you with (trumpets sound)

Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video!

Squirrels make bad decisions.


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Warm and Fuzzy

Friday, November 14, 2009 Posted by: Mebz

Hello Johnthenewsking readers.  I know… I know… I’ve been slacking in my blogging duties for the last few weeks.  I have reasons, but nothing that any of you would find interesting, I’m sure.  Regardless, I’m back!  Miss me?  I’ve missed you guys.  Before we get to the JK-goodness I just wanted to say: Thank You.  I was reminded, yesterday, just how kind, thoughtful, sweet and dear “cyber” friends can be.  Those of you who are frequent visitors here at JTNK, Wareabouts, ATA, ATC, and War Journos know that we are a fun-loving group of CNN fans.  I was reminded of that yesterday when MWmcfan completely, and unexpectedly made my week, she knows why.  YOU ROCK GIRL!


Alright, enough with the Hallmark moment.  Game face people!  I haven’t posted anything since October 21st!  What could possibly have happened in the meantime?


All Saints Day 

America rockin’ the Vote.untitled

You might be asking yourself: What now?  After such a long, tiresome campaign, how can I go back to normal life?  Especially if you’re CNN’s Chief National Correspondent.  Well, as it turns out, you interview the Governor of California, fill-in for Larry King and Wolf Blitzer and teach NBA commentators a thing or two about how to use sophisticated technology.


Well team, it’s late and my bed is calling me.  Goodnight dearies.


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