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Funny Ha Ha and Pictures!

Sunday, October 19, 2008 Posted by: Mebz

Let’s start our week off with a little comic funny that I found at mattbors.com:

 I have lacked noting that JK’s CNN profile picture has been updated. 

Very nice, although I’ve got to admit that I kinda miss the pink tie.

A few found on McCainBlogette.com from the New Hampshire primary in January. 

 (Disclaimer:  DO NOT take this as some sort of pro-McCain message.  They were just some cute pictures.  And please do not turn the comments section into a stump speech for/against either candidate.  While I might not be in”real life”, here in the public blogosphere, we at JohnthenewsKing are non-partisan.  I mean it- I don’t want to hear it.  I’ve got my finger on the comments’ delete button.  I’ll use it.  You will make Mebz angry.  And be warned, you won’t like Mebz when she’s angry.)

On with the eye candy:

The envy is strong with that last one, dear readers.

It has been a long time, and I’m sure you guys have missed the famous

Mebz’s Weekly No-Good Irrelevant YouTube Video!

I have come to the simple, yet disheartening conclusion, that the British are just funnier than us.  Simon Amstell being a prime example.  I’s loves me some Never Mind the Buzzcocks.



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John King’s Week Abroad

03.20.08 Posted By Millie

Sorry that it has been a slow week here for us at Johnthenewsking…

To be honest, this whole John Mcain trip, while certainly newsworthy, just doesn’t appeal enough to me to cover in this blog. There are plenty of other places to check out information on McCain’s trip abroad… cnn.com of course being one of the best places to check out!

Still, it just doesn’t float my boat to write about it. Therefore, I shall leave you today with some video caps of John interviewing McCain up close.

Happy Thursday and let’s see what Mebz has up her sleeve for tomorrow!!






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John In Iraq

Monday, 03.17.08 Posted By Millie

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

Mebz, because you like kitties so much, this is for you:


John has spent the weekend in Iraq.


He was covering McCain’s visit, as well as the visits of his companions and fellow allies, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham. And oh yeah, Dick Cheney is there too.

Update: John is still reporting live from Iraq tonight, he is speaking with Campbell Brown on CNN’s “Election Center” program.

Update #2:  John  is also reporting from the middle east live for AC360 tonight with Soledad O’Brien.

John did an interview piece with McCain which you can view from the political ticker right here. For a full story of John’s reporting in Iraq, click here.

Since I have some rather sharp opinions about this visit, and since I don’t want to step on a political soapbox at this time, I think I am going to reserve comment today about McCain and the Iraq war.

Instead, here are some videocaps of John in Baghdad:


If anyone wants to stop by my pad later tonight, I’ll be servin’ up some green ale!!!



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Reverse Dejavu?

Wednesday, 03.05.08 Posted By Millie

I came across something interesting in the video section of CNN.com. There is an archived video in which John covered McCain’s endorsement after Bush had secured the party’s nomination eight years ago.


Check out John back in 2000, as he was wrapping up the above story.



I wonder why he was just identified as a “CNN Correspondent” instead of the White House Correspondent?

I still remember very vividly John’s reporting of McCain dropping out of the race in 2000. He aired this “breaking news” from Sedona, Arizona.


I remember watching this live back then, and how he was talking about the breathtaking backdrop amidst the sudden news of McCain’s departure from the race… Wow, that was 8 years ago but I tell ya, it still seems like just yesterday.

I didn’t get to watch last night’s results live on TV, I was listening to it via computer stream, but I must admit I was absolutely tickled pink every time John mentioned either El Paso, Houston, El Paso County or Harris County!

Switching gears now…

Mebz usually posts her Friday videos, but today I decided that for the middle of the week hump day, we need a perk up too!! Here’s a funny video to share that kept me in stitches, I’m sure it will keep you laughing too. The guy’s facial expressions are priceless!


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The Primary Goings-On In Michigan

Tuesday, 10.15.08   Posted By: Millie

John is in New York this evening, covering of course none other than the Michigan primary. He spoke with Melissa Long earlier today. He had been in meetings all afternoon and she mentioned she was glad he got caught for a moment to sit down for an interview!


John discussed the implications of a win for Romney – something crucial for him to essentially stay viable in the race. Melissa brought up a question that I had wondered about, too. How come people have not been focusing on the results of Wyoming, which Romney won??


John replied that Romney’s camp indeed has been touting that win. He added, however, that it’s a small state, and there are a “modest” number of delegates. He additionally pointed out that all the unprecedented changes to the primary calendar are also contributing factors as to why some states get more focus and attention than others.


Also discussed was McCain’s previous Michigan win in 2000, as well as what a win will mean for him tonight. John says McCain will be in “temporary command” of the Republican race if he emerges as the winner. The bottom line for any of the candidates, though, is that a win tonight means a boost in the polls and a much-needed gain in momentum.

John also touched on what’s ahead down the road after tonight, as larger states start holding their primaries and caucuses. He noted that candidates stumping in larger states will be spending much more as far as commercials are concerned, because they (the commercials) get aired in larger television markets. This means candidates with less cash in their pocketbooks will be at a disadvantage when it comes to getting their message out in larger cities.


Tonight’s results will *technically* be only from the GOP side, due to a controversy about Michigan moving its primary date up and the DNC’s subsequent decision to not allow democratic delagates to *count*. This decision leaves me scratching my head. Why is it that other states have also moved up their primary dates, yet it is not an issue with them? Why only so far in Michigan is this causing problems?

The loophole here is that Democrats can vote for Republicans tonight, essentially voting for one GOP candidate over another, just to keep their least desirable Republican candidate from getting more votes.

Despite all these issues tied up in Michigan tonight, John said a “deal” will have to be made later on down the line as to whether or not the Michigan democratic delegates will be counted after all at their convention later on in the year.

All of this controversy is still a bit confusing to me… Our groupmembers Joan and Jeannemarie both live in Michigan, so I asked them for their take on what is going on.

Here’s what Joan had to say:

I didn’t vote because I just can’t make myself go “Red” and only having Hillary (for all intents and purposes) on the Democratic side, well, it didn’t seem right for her to “win” Michigan simply by default. She kept her name on the ballot, but she didn’t do any “stumping” around here for a vote.
I enjoy watching my state get all this attention. But the way reporters are talking about it – did it not really sink in that we have such a high unemployment rate? They’d quote the numbers, but it doesn’t feel like until they “got it” until they started talking to actual Michiganders and heard our stories. It seems that now it has really hit home how tough we have it.
John Roberts interviewed three unemployed people in Warren, MI this morning. One woman was leaving Michigan for a job in Georgia to try to keep her house here in Michigan. She was unemployed from GM. CNN has been showcasing the Detroit area. They haven’t even touched other cities such as Flint or Lansing. Michigan is hard hit everywhere.
As Chris Lawrence reported this morning, everything seems to have a six degrees of separation with the car industry, and the American car industry isn’t what it once was.


And here’s what Jeanmarie had to say:

As a lifelong Democrat I should be excited about this year’s presidential primaries which feature the first viable female and African American candidates. While I am proud to be a part of the party where this is occurring I cannot help but be disheartened by the fact that those of us in Michigan will have little or no say in who our nominee will be.

For those of you unfamiliar with the controversy, Michigan – a state which leads the country in unemployment and is in dire need of fresh ideas – decided that it was tired of arriving late to the presidential nominating party. As a highly populated, diverse, Midwestern state we were tired of having election decisions made in large part by states that looked nothing like us and which did not necessarily share the problems of the industrial midwest. To try to have a greater say in the process the leaders of both major political parties in the state decided to move our primary date up. The fact that Democrats and Republicans in this state came together on this issue shows how important it is to us Michiganders.

The national powers that be, however, would have none of it. Instead of listening to the concerns and desires of states like Michigan the DNC decided that we should be punished like misbehaving children. How dare we try to voice our opinions and have a say in our future – father knows best. Thus, we were told by our national party that the Democrats would lose all of their delegates to the convention and none of the major candidates would campaign here.

For a state that has been crucial to the Democrats’ success in the past and to all of its loyal Democratic voters this was a slap in the face. As a result I find myself without a voice in the process and my loyal Democratic vote worthless. To make my vote count in some way, I decided to cross party lines for the first time in my life and vote in the Republican primary. My aim in doing so was to do my part to help ensure that the candidate I found the offensive of the viable Republican candidates did not win a majority of Michigan’s Republican delegates.

A number of my Democratic friends have done the same. As difficult as it was for me to sign my name and check a box labeled “Republican” next to my name I had to do it. It is important to feel that you are a part of the process and for me, this election cycle, it was the only way I could feel engaged. I am still a staunch Democrat and that will not change. Come this fall I will campaign for my party’s nominee as I have always done. I cannot change the decision of the DNC this election cycle but will make my voice heard next time they come calling for donations. If my vote doesn’t matter to the DNC, then neither should my money.

Jeanmarie Miller, Flint, Michigan.

Thanks to both Joan and Jeanmarie for their insight!



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A New Format And Joan’s Roundtable Review

Friday, 01.11.08

Don’t worry, the tile of today’s post does not mean that Millie is going to go crazy with changing the colors and the layout of the blog, again. lol!! Granted, I had gone through a phase a while back where I implemented several visual changes in a row, but for the time being, there will be no more layout changes. Right now, I like things just the way they are!

Rather, if you recall, in my end of year post, I talked about where this blog has been and where I would like to see it grow. I had mentioned about wanting to switch to a multi-contributor format – an idea that had been mulled around in the past but never quite took off.

However, after discussing it with the ever-wonderful ladies over at the yahoo group over the last week or so, we decided to go ahead and implement the concept. Johnthenewsking now has added regular contributors!

*pops the champagne bottle cork*

Let’s roll out the red carpet for Ms. Mebz , Ms. CstKitten (Joan) and Ms. Katie!


Additionally, Johnthenewsking is switching to a Monday through Friday format. (The blog will now contain posts on Saturdays or Sundays only if there is breaking or urgent news.) You will be reading posts throughout the week written by myself as well as our new contributors!

*clinks champagne glasses in a toast*

Here’s to the start of a wonderful new year at Johnthenewsking!


Joan already has her feet wet and sent in this contribution:

Do We Need Experience?

Yesterday, on The Situation Room, John was involved in a “roundtable” discussion with Jack Cafferty (a personal favorite of mine) and Gloria Borger, Senior Political Analyst.

First up on the agenda was a discussion about how much experience really matters when it comes to the political candidates. Wolf said that Richardson, Dodd and Biden had almost 100 years of experience between them and what good did that do them? John answered stating that it is experience based on what the voters are looking for at that moment that counts. Bill Clinton had ideas on how to fix the economy, ideas on how to get the government back on the side of the middle class. That’s what voters wanted then. McCain’s saying with two wars going on, you need someone with national security experience. As for experience, John goes on to note that four of the last five presidents have been governors, yet it looks like the Democrats are going to nominate a senator, which many think leaves the Democrats at a competitive disadvantage. Wolf interjects that John F. Kennedy was the last [sitting] senator elected president.

Obama has spent most of his first term as a Senator running for president. So that’s being used against him. Jack states that he hasn’t been in Washington long enough to be “contaminated by the system” and that seems to be the appeal for a lot of people.

Wolf: People would love to see a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket. Is that realistic? John thinks that “absolutely” it’s realistic. They do not have a great relationship now, but thinks all that will get thrown out when they think about, as the nominee, what they most need to win. Would it be Clinton or Obama? Then he thinks that’s what they’d do. Gloria Borger thinks it’s more likely to see a Clinton/Obama ticket rather than an Obama/Clinton ticket. And that at the end of all this, it may be impossible to unite them if it turns really nasty.

Jack, however, had the quote of the segment. His answer was this:

Given the current climate in this country, unless the economy either doesn’t go into recession – a lot of people think we are already in recession – or comes out of it long before the election; if the two wars are still going on; if the hatred of the status quo is as intense as it is now, the nominee can put a chicken on the ticket with him – these people are not going to vote for a Republican.

Next up on the discussion was John Kerry’s endorsing Obama and snubbing his former running mate. Jack doesn’t think this means a whole lot. And Gloria wonders: Why did he wait until after the NH primary to endorse Obama?

Wolf then asks John, “How much do these endorsements really matter?” John’s reply is that a single person’s endorsement doesn’t matter all that much. However, as with Lieberman (Independent) and Mcain (Republican) – McCain can say that ‘I’m a proud Republican, but I’m willing to sit with the Independents and the Democrats. To do whatever it takes to get it done.” Then, that type of an endorsement does help.

So what about you – Are you more impressed with the experience someone has? It is the message? Or the person’s personality? How about endorsements – are you swayed by the endorsement that someone may get? Let me know what you think!


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A “Rebel Endorsement”

Tuesday, 12.18.07

Doesn’t today’s post title conjure up this image?


Actually, the post title is from a phrase CNN used to describe a recent political endorsement, a story reported on while John guest hosted The Situation Room yesterday:


An unusual endorsement, one that CNN called a “rebel endorsement”, is that of 2000 VP candidate Joe Lieberman officially supporting John McCain. Lieberman, the former Democrat (now turned independent) made this decision citing the fact that both he and McCain want to appeal across party lines. They also have the same stance on major issues, such as supporting the surge in Iraq.

Amazingly, Lieberman even took the time to make some swipes at the Democrats about their position about the war! (Umm, I wonder… how is that exactly appealing across party lines?)


Yesterday John also opened up discussion about a new foreign policy spat between Huckabee and Romney. Huckabee stated in an article for Foreign Affairs magazine that President Bush has an “arrogant bunker mentality” Huckabee clarified that he didn’t say Bush was arrogant, but that the policy was arrogant. Romney, however, used this latest twist to add fuel to the fire that is a war of the words on the campaign trail.


John led a round-table discussion of this “arrogant” issue with Candy Crowley, Gloria Borger and JackCafferty:



On the Obama-Clinton side of the campaign, the issue of the day was: who has more experience? Well, actually that issue has been around for quite some time, but it, too, has a new twist: Now Bill Clinton himself is going on the record speaking about this topic. He is making some television rounds, saying Obama is compelling and attractive, but he is only a “symbol” of change, whereas Hillary is the “agent” of real change.


All in all, just another day in the life of the 2008 campaign, wouldn’t you say? Have a great one and see you soon!



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