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Philly, Vegas, Wisconsin, Oh My!

04.16.08 Posted by Millie

Here’s a little hump day jingle to get us started off today. Just click on the image below.

Here are some pictures of the NAB-RTNDA conference from Las Vegas yesterday. You can just barely make out where John is:

I drew a yellow arrow indicating where I think he is standing on the right side of the picture, just in front of the other guy. Here is an additional image from the conference, although it looks like some type of reflection on a large screen.:

Thanks AC for passing on that TVNewser link yesterday! Some of you might have already checked that article out, but if not, there was a mention of funny quote from John about his luggage having been lost on this trip.

“At the start of the discussion, John King made note of his attire: a new sport coat, shirt and tie and jeans. ‘To celebrate the Delta-Northwest merger they sent my bags somewhere else.’ A CNN staffer convinced the hotel to reopen the men’s store around 11pm last night so King could buy the shirt and tie. Before leaving Las Vegas for Wisconsin (to cover the McCain campaign), King sat down for an interview with TVNewser. We’ll have that on Friday.”

(Hint, hint Mebz, they said they would have an interview posted to their site on FRIDAY.)

John has been doing quite some criss-crossing lately… From Philadelphia to Las Vegas to Wisconsin all within a week. And of, course, as we all know the Pennsylvania primary is less than a week away, so we should be seeing him back in their neck of the woods soon.

I missed having our primary parties…. I think I will be good and ready for AC’s Italian-themed event.

AC do you live near any canals, rivers or streams? We could take Cardboard Anderson out for a ride in the Gondola I am going to rent for the occasion.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!



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Q&A With All Things Anderson And A Pre-Debate Roundtable

Thursday, 11.15.07

John recently agreed to do a Q & A session for All Things Anderson! I’m really looking forward to reading what the questions are and what his responses will be. Click here to read ATA’s announcement of this upcoming feature at their blog. There, Phebe posted a really swell slideshow of JK pictures! Nice!

Also, don’t forget to tune in tonight to the Presidential Debate in Las Vegas!

John was there last night and he appeared on AC360 along with Wolf Blitzer and Gloria Borger.


During their roundtable, he discussed the perception that Hillary Clinton “makes choices by polls and not by principles.”

Anderson asked, “John, Hillary Clinton’s camp has said that now she doesn’t support driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. How vulnerable in Iowa and New Hampshire is she to the criticism that she makes choices by polls and not by principles?”


He responded, “Well, Anderson, among Democrats, the criticism — and we will have it here tomorrow night — and I suspect Wolf will say that he’s going to bring this issue up — among Democrats, the issue is more that she’s changing her position, in the view of her rivals, and now has evolved from saying she generally supported Governor Spitzer giving those licenses to illegal immigrants, now saying that, as president, she would not allow that to happen.


So, among the Democrats, it will be, why are you changing your position? Are you too cautious? Are you a poll-tested candidate? Among Republicans, they see a huge opening here, because they think this issue hurts Democrats with independent voters, especially older men, and especially in some of the key battleground states in the fall.


So, it’s a different discussion if we’re talking about how it plays in the Democratic Party than how it would play in a general election if Hillary Clinton, or any Democrat actually — the Republicans plan to use immigration against them in the general election, trust me.”

Anderson then went on ask if Republican voters have already decided which candidate is most electable.


“It’s interesting. When you talk to Democrats, they say Republicans are now acting like Democrats used to act. Bill Clinton became the Democratic nominee in ’92 even though he ran against his own party, if you will, on the primary on many issues, like welfare reform. Now Republicans are asking the same questions. Who is the most electable?


That is why you have a candidate who is pro-choice on abortion rights, who is viewed as pro-gay-rights, more pro-gay-rights than his rivals, leading in Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party, because they think Rudy Giuliani is most electable against Hillary Clinton. And they know, Republicans know they’re in trouble.


After an eight-year presidency, the White House tends to shift parties anyway. Plus, the war is unpopular. So, ideology, it’s usually about taxes and social issues in a Republican primary, and it is about taxes and social issues and immigration to a degree, but electability is much more of an issue in a Republican primary than we have seen in recent history, without a doubt.”


I hope everyone gets an opportunity to catch the debate tonight!! See you tomorrow with a post-debate wrap up.

Have a great Thursday!


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JK In Las Vegas, RG On Seinfeld And Quiz Answers

Tuesday, 11.13.07

John is already in Las Vegas, in advance preparation for Thursday’s democratic debate.


The debate, however, will not be held in a hotel conference room along the strip. It will be conducted on the campus of UNLV.


John appeared on the Situation Room this afternoon and instead of giving a preview of the Democratic debate, he discussed some concerns in the Republican race, namely, some of the issues facing Giuliani as the clock ticks down to Super Tuesday. Wolf asked, “Does the Giuliani camp have a strategy if he suffers three defeats in a row? [Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina]

He replied, “They do, Wolf. They have a strategy that they believe can work, although many Republican strategist who have been through this process several times find it quite implausible.

You might call this the tale of two campaigns. Look at the Mitt Romney strategy. He’s focusing heavily on Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. He leads in Iowa right now, leads in New Hampshire right now and thinks, if he can win those two, he will get the momentum necessary to sweep in and win South Carolina and essentially lock up the momentum necessary to carry on and win the nomination.

Giuliani has a very different approach. He says do as well as you can in those early states, but you don’t have to win. He’s counting much more on the big states in this unprecedented packed calendar we have on February 5. The way Giuliani champ views it, if he can win most, if not all, of Florida, California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Missouri, then the smaller states, Connecticut and Delaware, on February 5, they believe he then would be well on the way to the delegates necessary to win the nomination.

Plausible, Wolf? Yes. But those who have been through this strategy before are highly doubtful of it because they think by the time you get past South Carolina, most of the other candidates will have dropped out. You will have one or two candidates going up against Rudy Giuliani. Yes, he has the money, but most Republican strategists say they find it unlikely that the pro-choice-on-abortion, pro-gay-rights candidate from New York City can beat a Republican who is anti-abortion in a one-on-one race in those states, assuming that candidate has the resources.

But the Giuliani people say it is a different calender time and they think they can prove they can do it differently.”

This is slightly OT, but as I am a HUGE Seinfeld junkie, I thought I’d share a clip from the episode “The Non-Fat Yogurt”, which aired in November of 1993. In it, Giuliani makes a cameo appearance, discussing his yogurt-eating habits. Check out his thick glasses!!!


Next up…here are the answers to Sunday’s “johnthenewsking” quiz… how well did you do?

Part One

1. What is the name of the grammar school John attended?

a. St. Luke’s Grammar School
b. St. Joseph’s Grammar School
c. St. Mark’s Grammar School
d. St. Christopher’s Grammar School

2. What off-season sport was an interviewee playing during John’s coverage of the 2006 New England Nor’easter?

a. tennis
b. surfing
c. baseball
d. soccer

3. What topic did he moderate for the 2003 NBA All-Star Technology summit?

a. “Market Transformations: The Next Evolution in E-Commerce”
b. “Digital Transactions Come of Age
c . “The Promise of Wireless Commerce”
d. “Community Without Borders”

4. Which actor does he resemble (at least according to Millie)?

a. George Clooney
b. Brendan Fraser
c. Don Johnson
d. Brad Pitt

5. What is referred to in the blog as the “Holy Grail” of John King finds?

a. YouTube Spin Room interview with Why Tuesday
b. Video clip of John on location with soldiers in Kuwait
c. YouTube Spin Room video interview with Shelbinator
d. 2002 Daily Show appearance

Part Two

6. What kind of pest problem does John say occasionally plagues the White House basement?

a. mice
b. cockroaches
c. spiders
d. ants

7. Which news agency interviewed John right after he returned from the front lines of Kafji, Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War?

a. ABC
b. CBS
d. NBC
5. CNN

8. What piece of electrical equipment failed while he was on air recently?

a. microphone
b. teleprompter
c. screen graphic
d. camera lighting

9. Who did he interview in 2002 to discuss a pacemaker?

a. Collin Powell
b. George W. Bush
c. Condeleeza Rice
d. Dick Cheney

10. Whose program was he a guest panelist on in 1993?

a. Peter Jennings
b. Tim Russert
c. Charlie Rose
d. Ted Koppel

Part Three

11. What was the title of the song Joan (Kitten) used to highlight life on the road during election season?

a. Til We Run Out of Road
b. On The Road Again
c. King Of The Road
d. Road To Nowhere

12. What current movie is set in John’s hometown?

a. Gone Baby Gone
b. American Gangster
c. Michael Clayton
d. Lions For Lambs

13. What special assignment did he agree to be a guinea pig for? (Hint: Think “Candidate King”)

a. Secret Service protectee
b. National Guard volunteer
c. Police academy trainee
d. Marine boot camp drill instructor

14. What does he refer to as “The Bubble”?

a. Living in the Washington DC area
b. Reporting at the White House
c. Traveling on the Election Express bus
d. Guest hosting a CNN news program

15. What is his older sister’s name?

a. Janet Marie
b. Jeanne Marie
c. Julia Marie
d. Jeanette Marie

Part Four

16. What was John doing when he first heard about a plane attacking the World Trade Center?

a. Getting ready for work
b. Dropping his kids off at school
c. Reporting a story live on air
d. Attending a meeting near the White House

17. What was one of towns he reported live from during the California Wildfires?

a. Rancho Cucamonga
b. Rancho Cordova
c. Rancho Bernardo
d. Rancho Palo Verde

18. What state did he travel to, to report on President Bush’s lack of ever visiting?

a. Vermont
b. New Hampshire
c. Rhode Island
d. Connecticut

19. What is one of his favorite genres of music?

a. Oldies
b. Jazz
c. Blues
d. Classical

20. Which college did he deliver a commencement speech at in 2006?

a. Hobart and Willliam Smith College
b. University of Rhode Island
c. Yale University
d. Boston College

Have a good evening everyone!


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The Coop Back On AC360 = The King On The Road

Wednesday, 11.07.07

Yesterday, John hopped down the east coast as he headed southward from New York to South Carolina and reported live from the town of Anderson. (lol!!) His backdrop? The town’s Annual Chili Cookoff festival. We’ve got a new food to add to our discussion list!!

Since the topic of culinary delights seems to come up from time to time here at johnthenewsking, I decided to add a whole new category: Foodstuffs!


BLITZER: How is the chili, John, that you’ve got over there? Take a bite. Let us know.

KING: We are at the…

BLITZER: Our viewers are…

KING: The 9th Annual…

BLITZER: I thought it was ice cream originally, but you’ve got a little chili there. You deserve it. You’re working real hard. All right, John and Gloria, thanks.

KING: It’s the Emerson South Carolina Chili Cook-Off. It’s great.

Even though the CNN transcript reads as Emerson, I googled information about the cookoff and it is actually in Anderson, South Carolina, where John was reporting live from. He was there following the Republican candidates as they were stumping in The Palmetto State.

Usually there is a big leader that state by now, he says, but “all of the polls show pretty much a dead heat here in South Carolina in this wide-open race for the Republican nomination… As the vote gets closer, the tensions are rising, especially in the Thompson campaign, which knows it must win South Carolina. And Romney believes, if he can Iowa and win New Hampshire and win South Carolina, despite those national polls Bill Schneider was just talking about, it would all be over.”

In the next hour of the show, he came back for a roundtable discussion with Jack Cafferty and Gloria Borger.

I don’t know where exactly John is heading to next on the campaign trail, but he did mention on Monday night to Tom Foreman (who was in Iowa) that “I’ll be there soon.” Also, next week Thursday a larger debate will be in held Las Vegas, which is being sponsored by CNN. So, it may be likely we’ll see him there as well. By all means, not a bad place to travel to for work!!


Enjoy your Wednesday hump-day everyone!


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A Slam Dunk

Wednesday, 10.10.07 

Ok, so I’ve covered lots of topics about John King in the past few months, ranging from politics (obviously) to strange cuisines and heart palpitations, but here’s a subject I haven’t touched yet: basketball!

For starters, to give this post some ambiance, check out this Washington Wizards video compilation which includes some pretty electrifying, pump-you-up music. I like to listen to this with the volume turned way up!

From what I gather, John is a big basketball fan, and so are his kids Noah and Hannah. Check out this cute banter taken from a Situation Room transcript back on January 20, 2006, which aired after Jack Cafferty posed the question “Why aren’t college students better prepared?”

KING: You missed it, Jack. I had Noah and Hannah King right here in THE SITUATION ROOM a little bit earlier today. I’m supposed to take them to a basketball game. I sent them off to do some homework.

CAFFERTY: Really? You’re a tough guy.


KING: I am sometimes. Not enough.

CAFFERTY: The only reason you did that is because you had to work tonight, instead of going to the game yourself.

KING: We are going to go late. It’s a secret, though.



KING: Thank you, Jack

And, according to this Washinton Post article, John says “I splurge on vacations with my children and on Wizards season tickets — because my kids, Noah and Hannah, love basketball.”

Below is a picture of John attending an NBA All-Star Practice game in 2002:


The following information comes from the Getty Images website which credits the picture:

“Sharing some VIP front row seats at the NBA All Star practices 09 February 2002 are CNN’s White House Correspondent John King (L) and former Clinton White House Senior Advisor and current NBA executive Doug Sosnick (R) as Philadelphia 76ers guard, Allen Iverson(C), takes a shot during a practice session for the upcoming NBA All-Star Game 10 February 2002 in Philadelphia. AFP PHOTO/ Paul J. RICHARDS (Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)”

Ok, now here’s a question for ya:

What could possibly be cooler than combining the NBA, a plethora of media gurus, and the ca-ching! of Vegas?

Why nothing, really… except perhaps for an NBA All-Star Technology Summit!

John attended this event last February at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. (Hey it was a tough job assignment, but somebody had to do it!!)


Here is the press release from that event:

“This February in Las Vegas, the eighth annual NBA All-Star Technology Summit will open its doors to an invitation-only group of industry executives for a series of conversations about media, technology and our increasingly digital society. As with each of the previous seven Summits, a lively and thoughtful group of industry-leading panelists will debate the challenges and opportunities that lie at the nexus of sports and digital media.

Leading those discussions, these sessions have featured an extraordinary lineup of prominent media personalities (click here for list of Past Participants). The panels have been moderated by top names in broadcasting including Wolf Blitzer, Jeff Greenfield, Ernie Johnson, Jr., Larry King, Tim Russert, George Stephanopoulos and Anderson Cooper. This year, as the ‘lean back’ generation of viewers gives way to gaming and the ‘user generated’ movement of fans as producers and participants, industry leaders will discuss the implications of these changes for sports, media and technology companies and share their vision for what to expect from the next generation of fans. We look forward to yet another challenging and stimulating day of discussions.”

John was the moderator for the summit topic “Inside the Debate on Sports Gambling”. Here are some pictures of him while he was leading that session:




The topic was summarized thusly:

“Mainstream Americans have accepted and actively participate in sports gambling—in fact, seven out of 10 adults placed a sports wager in the past year, with $600 billion changing hands as a result. Yet sports leagues and governing bodies have maintained a long-standing industry taboo against sports betting, with historically well-grounded reasons. Where does that leave sports fans, broadcasters and leagues? How has the internet changed gaming, and what are the prospects and implications of an online betting universe that thrives without the participation or sanction of sports governing bodies? What are the differences and similarities between sports gambling and fantasy sports and how do they influence sports broadcasts and viewing? Panelists take a good, hard look at the perception, reality, challenges and opportunities behind this hot button issue.”

Of course I know that “What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas” but dang, I sure would have liked to have been a fly on the wall during that summit!

I also found out from the Summit Website that John has participated in this annual event since 2002. Here are the panels and topics he has hosted in the past:

2002 in Philadelphia: “Harnessing Content to Drive New Revenue”
2003 in Atlanta: “Digital Transactions Come of Age”
2004 in Beverly Hills: “Market Transformations: The Next Evolution in E-Commerce”
2005 in Denver: “Community Without Borders”
2006 in Houston: “The Promise of Wireless Commerce”

Have a good day everyone and thanks for stopping by.


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